New Music Friday: Discover the Love, Victor Theme Song and Soundtrack

Love, Victor has become an increasingly popular TV show and today we’re here to bring awareness to the Love, Victor theme song and soundtrack of the popular TV series. While many of the songs in Season 3 of “Love, Victor” may not have been the main focus of the scenes they appear in, these tracks helped set the atmosphere and the mood of each episode. Each song here is by a different up-and-coming artist and the tracks deserve to be spotlighted in their own right. We wanted to share more about the Love, Victor theme song and talk about some of our favorite songs off of the “Love, Victor” soundtrack:

Love, Victor Theme Song

Tyler Glenn – Somebody to tell me

The first track on the “Love, Victor” soundtrack is the “Love, Victor” theme song, “Somebody to tell me.” The lyrics perfectly capture the feeling of being in love and not quite knowing what to do with those feelings. It’s a beautiful track that sets the tone for the entire series. Check out the Love, Victor Theme Song below if you haven’t done so already.

The Love, Victor theme song isn’t the only great song from Love, Victor soundtrack. There’s more!

Mehro – “Chance With You”

This song plays while Victor is texting Benji in Episode 1 of Season 3. The night before, Benji told his parents about his relapse with alcohol and Victor is following up with him because he hasn’t heard from him since. Benji is not responding.

Lyrics excerpt:

“You’re so beautiful / I don’t want to turn away / You’ve been here before / Make me feel like you’re a wild animal / Shaking I am your prey / I’m all you want / If I could go back in time / I’d shoot my shot / I’d risk it all / If I could go back in time / I’d shoot my shot / Just so I could have a chance with you / With you”

Gordi – “Can We Work It Out”

You may recognize this as the song playing when Benji tells Victor he needs to go to rehab for his alcohol addiction. Victor leaves with one last glance and Benji does the hand kiss gesture from Season 2.

Lyrics excerpt:

“Won’t you just open your eyes? / And see that we are failing at our clever disguise / Can you pick a point that we can choose to rewind to / Or know there are better days ahead than behind you / Cause I can’t see anything ahead of me now / Can we work it out? / Can we work it out? / Cause every fiber of my being’s agreed / That what you want can become something you need / Can we work it out?”

George FitzGerald & Lil Silva – “Roll Back”

In a pivotal moment this season, Benji breaks up with Victor after coming back from rehab. This is the song playing as Benji leaves and Victor is left staring out his front door.

Lyrics excerpt:

“Is it cold when you’re dreaming? / Is it cold when you’re under? / And wanna roll back / Roll back to yesterday / Wanna roll back / Roll back to yesterday / Wanna roll back / Roll back to yesterday”

Day Wave – “Something Here”

Here’s the song playing when Victor is regularly receiving “you up?” text messages from Nick during the time they were having a friends with benefits relationship.

Lyrics excerpt:

“There’s nothing to say / Should keep them away / I feel / That nothing’s real / I’m turning around / To touch the ground / I feel / That nothing’s real / There’s something here / And my head feels heavy / There’s something here / And my head feels heavy”

Hazel English – “Never Going Home”

This track was playing during the episode where Pilar’s Mom Isabel finds her birth control pills hidden in a sock in her room when Isabel’s picking up dirty laundry. This leads to Pilar’s phone being taken away from her and Felix being barred from visiting the Salazar home.

Lyrics excerpt:

“There is no wait / I’ve got to satiate / This burning feeling in my throat / I’m not playing it safe / And it’s getting late / Wasted on this feeling / Helpless to this call / Never going home again / Turn the lights out when you’re leaving / Never going home again / Don’t wait up for me, I’m not leaving”

COINN – “Youuu”

When Nick comes to Victor’s house with flowers and asks to take him to dinner, this is the song playing. This song plays at the very beginning of Victor and Nick actually going on a real date for the first time.

Lyrics excerpt:

“Back when we started / I was a fighter / I kept my guard up / But I took it down for you / Oh, what a thing to do / What do you tell your friends / The ones I’ll never see again / What are you filling in their heads / I found another ex, some temporary settlement / To kiss the heartbreak off my lips”

T Scarlett – “Falling For You”

You will likely remember this song from the scene where Lake is dressed in a 1950s-era housewife dress in an attempt to gloss over how upset she is with Lucy planning to move to Portland. Lake had recently gotten advice from Felix to just enjoy the next few months with Lucy as much as possible. However, Lake is unable to do this, so she and Lucy break up instead.

Lyrics excerpt:

“Feels like I’m back from the dead / Finally I will, I want to make out dreams instead / I just want to shout out from my apartment window / I want to walk with you through stars in the shallows / Every time I look into your eyes I can’t help but fall a little more / I am just waiting for your call / The only thing that’s keeping me awake / Is the thought of what you said to me”

Luca Fogale – “Half-Saved”

This song is from the goodbye scene where Benji tells Victor he saw him kissing Nick when he stopped by Victor’s house unannounced and is leaving for boarding school where his aunt is the Dean.

Lyrics excerpt:

“I held close the hands I used to know / Suspended in the altar’s glow / Dissolved in harmony and grace / Hidden in that stranger’s face / But still, I can’t escape the sounds / That keep me held down to the ground / Their voices have all become too loud / No, no / To be half-loved / Or half-saved / Still means something but it’s / In a form I can’t explain / To have half-gone / Or half-stayed / Maybe I’ve never really found / Or really lost my way”

Jonah Mutono – “Only You”

This cover version of the 1980s pop song by Yazoo plays after Benji and Victor kiss on the Ferris wheel, seemingly getting back together and ending three wonderful seasons of “Love, Victor.”

Lyrics excerpt:

“Looking from a window above, it’s like a story of love / Can you hear me / Came back only yesterday / I’m moving further away / Want you near me / All I needed was the love you gave / All I needed for another day / And all I ever knew / Only you”

Does the Love, Victor theme song and soundtrack set the right tone?

We think the Love, Victor theme song sets the perfect mood for the show. In addition, we believe a lot of the tracks that make up the Love, Victor soundtrack were a perfect choice. We’re sure these songs have gained a lot of popularity due to the show and we hope to hear more from the artists behind the music as they progress in their careers.