Love, Victor Review: Favorite Quotes


YEM’s Favorite Quotes of “Love, Victor” Season 3

Season 3 of Love, Victor gave us countless quotable moments this year. As a show known for its memorable dialog, this season certainly didn’t disappoint! What are our favorite quotes though? With so many great lines to choose from, you can’t go wrong with highlighting something from every episode. However, what lines are the best of the best? Here are YEM’s favorite quotes during Season 3 of Love, Victor:

Season 3, Episode 1: (6:59)

Felix to Pilar: “Fun fact, did you know your tongue print is as unique as your fingerprint? So you shouldn’t go committing crimes with your tongue.”

Felix and Pilar are making out in Pilar’s room when Felix says this line. When the Salazar parents knock on the door and come in, they announce they are getting back together. Pilar tells them Felix is waiting for Victor to get back home, justifying why he’s there. Armando and Isabel have no reason to think otherwise, despite Pilar acting nervous because she doesn’t want to tell her parents about her new relationship with Felix yet.

Season 3, Episode 1: (9:58)

Lake to Lucy: “But not in an Olivia Rodrigo, write a whole album, wishing I could castrate him kind of way.”

Lucy and Lake are drinking champagne at a random person’s house with their feet in the pool after the wedding of Harold and Veronica. Lake opens up about Felix, whom she just broke up with, stating she is upset about the way their relationship ended, but not on the same level as Olivia Rodrigo, who detailed her hurtful breakup in her smash-hit album, “Sour.” Lake assumed it was Lucy’s house they were at until it’s revealed someone they don’t know is home and Lucy fesses up. This leads to them both quickly running away before they get caught trespassing.

Season 3, Episode 1: (15:08)

Lake to Lucy: “But you are like next-level gorg(eous) and way cooler than I am. Like ‘Twilight’ era Kristen Stewart but capable of smiling.”

Lucy bears a little bit of a resemblance to “Twilight” actress Kristen Stewart in Lake’s eyes, and this is a way of paying Lucy a compliment after Lucy talks about how pretty and popular Lake is, with Lucy stating she wants to leave Creekwood as soon as possible. This comment happens shortly before the two nearly kiss for the first time, but Lake suddenly backs off.

Season 3, Episode 1: (21:17)

Felix to Victor: “If you’re half as good as kissing as your sister…” Victor: “Dude!” Felix: “I regretted that as soon as I said it.”

Felix and Victor’s bromance is alive and well despite Felix dating Victor’s sister, Pilar. However, Victor warns Felix that his parents are very protective of Pilar, stating their Dad even once removed her bedroom door back when Pilar had a boyfriend in Texas.

Season 3, Episode 2: (8:18)

Group conversation: “Great”

The whole group (minus Benji) meets together on the first day back at school and Mia announces the party she’s throwing at her house that weekend. However, by this point, there is a lot of tension between numerous members of the gang. In fact, this is when Felix and Pilar reveal their new relationship, while Lake reveals her new relationship with Lucy. Unfortunately, Felix asked “who’s the lucky guy?” right before finding out that Lucy is in fact who Lake is dating now. Then Felix accidentally implies both Felix and Lake’s new relationships are “rebounds,” which leads to even more awkwardness. Mia breaks the tension by confirming everyone will be at her party on Friday night, to which a chorus of “great” comments are shared by multiple members of the group. They all quickly disperse from one another afterward.

Season 3, Episode 2: (27:48)

Benji to Victor: “It’s not about what I want, it’s about what I need.”

One of the most heartbreaking moments this season was when Benji broke up with Victor after coming back from rehab. This line sums up how Benji isn’t in control of his addiction and needs to take care of himself, despite him wanting to be with Victor.

Season 3, Episode 3: (0:46)

Pilar to her Mom Isabel: “(Victor) didn’t even put product in his hair today. If that doesn’t say gay depression, I don’t know what does.”

Shortly during the aftermath of Victor and Benji’s breakup, Victor was still understandably upset. This comment occurs outside the new church the Salazar family begins attending because it’s more accepting of gay people than the previous church. Going to a new church is part of Isabel’s attempts to reconnect with Victor after initially having a difficult time accepting him when Victor came out as gay.

Season 3, Episode 3: (8:25)

Lake and Andrew – Lake: “Stop picturing it.” Andrew: “I am only human.”

Things quickly start getting more intimate between Lake and Lucy. Even though Lake wants things to proceed in the bedroom, being with another girl is still all very new to her. At school that day, she talks with Mia (who’s with her boyfriend Andrew). Andrew is very intrigued at the thought of Lake and Lucy getting intimate later that night.

Season 3, Episode 3: (9:21)

Adrian: “I’m sensing a lot of tension right now, so…I’ll take dinner in my room.”

When Isabel invites another family over to dinner from the new church because they also have a gay son (Nick), this upsets Victor. Victor’s already made it clear to his parents that he’s still not over Benji and he doesn’t like the idea of being set up on a date of sorts just because another family they met just happens to also have a gay son. Pilar leaves the house. However, Victor and Pilar’s younger brother Adrian says this in order to get away from all the family drama.

Season 3, Episode 3: (25:17)

Mia, Lake, and Lucy –  Lucy to Mia: “I should be thanking you, I heard you and Lake used to practice kissing in the 7th grade. Mia to Lake: “You said to the grave!” Lake to Mia: “No, we promised not to tell any boys!”

This conversation takes place the morning after Lake and Lucy hook up for the first time and Mia stops by with breakfast for them.

Season 3, Episode 4: (19:05)

Mia to Lake: “I’m always on your side. I just got swept up in our day, because she was fun and nice, and it felt good to have a Mom take interest in my life.”

Mia apologizes to Lake after telling Lake she should try to hang out with her own Mom more, especially when Lake’s Mom is interested in what Lake is up to all the time, unlike Mia’s own Mom. This leads to Lake revealing how often her mother’s criticism affects her and because of it she stopped coming to her about the things she likes the most, especially now that Lake is dating Lucy. However, Mia and Lake’s talk here not only put them back on good terms but also leads to Lake telling her Mom how much her negative comments affect her, which Lake’s Mom had never considered and she vows to correct her behavior towards Lake.

Season 3, Episode 4: (21:14)

Benji and Rahim – Benji: “First Victor and now me? You got to stop trying to seduce people!” Rahim: “Shut up.”

While Benji is trying to help Rahim look more straight, Rahim has to find a passable shirt in the lost and found at Brasstown because Rahim doesn’t have enough time to go home to change before going out to dinner with his Mom and Uncle. Rahim’s Uncle does not know Rahim is gay and wouldn’t approve if he did, hence why Rahim is trying to make the effort to come across otherwise. Rahim takes off his shirt in front of Benji in order to change and that’s when this comment takes place.

Season 3, Episode 5: (17:38)

Benji to Victor: “We are a lot of things Victor, but I’m not sure simple is one of them.”

Much like when Benji first broke things off with Victor, this line sums up Venji’s relationship well. This moment occurred on the way home from drag queen bingo. Minimizing stress and uncomplicating things in Benji’s life is a big part of his recovery from alcohol addiction.

Season 3, Episode 6: (00:57)

Felix to Victor: “We’re bad boys now Victor. Should we start a club, the daddy don’t like me squad?”

With Benji’s Dad telling Victor to stay away from Benji and Armando telling Felix to stay away from Pilar, both have fallen out of favor with the fathers of the people they want to be with.

Season 3, Episode 6: (06:36)

Rahim to Pilar: “Ugh, these abs are a hellscape. Why can’t I have an old-fashioned meet-cute where a hot stranger reaches for the same kombucha in the grocery store? Is that so hard to ask?”

Rahim is complaining to Pilar because he feels he has to work out a lot in order to look a certain way so guys will be interested in him. Later in the same episode, Rahim gets the “meet cute” moment he was looking for when out to dinner with his Mom and Uncle (with Pilar acting as his fake date no less) to give his Uncle the impression he wasn’t gay. Their waiter Connor spills water on Rahim, which was a call back to when Rahim once spilled water on Connor at a party. The two get a moment alone when Rahim excuses himself to dry himself and the two hit it off.

Season 3, Episode 7: (4:42)

Victor to Rahim: “Why do I always have to be gay Victor? Why can’t I just be Victor?”

While Victor is grateful for all the support he received after coming out (at least the support he eventually received), he wants to be recognized for more than just his sexuality. This quote occurs at school after Victor gets word he’s going to receive the bravery award.

Season 3, Episode 7: (12:39)

Andrew to Mia’s Dad Harold: “Mia is my future, everything else comes second.”

Andrew goes to California alongside Mia at a detriment to himself because he misses playing in a high school basketball game that college recruiters from Northwestern University are at. Mia has no idea Andrew’s missing an important game to be there with her. After overhearing Andrew’s call with his coach, Harold talks with Andrew about how Mia would not want Andrew to be making these sacrifices for her, especially if they potentially negatively impact his future.

Season 3, Episode 7: (16:50)

Lucy to Lake: “Not going to lie, this whole 1950s housewife roleplay is surprisingly hot.”

Lucy is looking to leave town as soon as she is able and move to Portland. Lake takes it hard. When Mia is not available to discuss it with her, Lake speaks with her ex Felix who tells her to just enjoy the next few months together as much as possible before Lucy leaves. Lake attempts this, even planning to have them make pies together (with Lake dressed as a 1950s-era housewife), but quickly realizes she’s unable to put up a strong front and decides to break up with Lucy instead so they don’t get even more attached to one another before Lucy leaves town.

Season 3, Episode 8: (14:47)

Victor to the students at Creekwood High during his bravery award speech: “You embrace the scary. Because a lot of the time, the scariest things are the most important.”

Victor tells his classmates that in order to be brave, it often means they have to confront their fears. This speech inspires Victor and his friends who are there to do brave acts in their own lives: Victor with Benji, Mia with Andrew, Lake with Lucy, and even the Salazar parents take a brave step by starting their own electrician business together.

Season 3, Episode 8: (29:50)

Benji and Victor’s conversation on the Ferris wheel in the final episode:

Benji: “I want us to be together, Victor. But I still have to work on myself, like, a lot. Do you ever wonder what would have happened if we went to that Ferris wheel together back when you moved here?”

Victor: “Not really. Because that isn’t our story. This is, and it’s perfect.”

Benji decides not to go to boarding school and instead wants to get back together with Victor, which Victor wants too. This ends up being the final scene in Season 3, as well as the entire series.