Love, Victor Tuesdays: A look back at Adrian’s storyline and his most iconic lines

With Love, Victor being renewed for a third season, it’s time to take a look back at one of the show’s breakout stars: Mateo Fernandez. Playing Adrian Salazar, this is his very first acting role and he’s already making waves. In an interview with Young Entertainment Magazine, Fernandez states that representation in media is extremely important. That “seeing yourself in the media is a great feeling”. As his character is from a half Puerto Rican, half Colombian-American family, he is glad to be apart of “two cultures that are not often represented.” Since Fernandez’s character is a bit of scene stealer, let’s take a look at some of Adrian Salazar’s most memorable quotes:  

  1. S2E04 – The Sex Cabin: “Yes! Discuss it privately! Maybe in the bedroom over a nice glass of Vino.” Apparently inspired by The Parent Trap, here he is trying to get his parents back together after they recently announced they were separating. Though kind of a funny line out of context, it shows that even though he’s young he understands that what his parents are going through is serious. It’s both amazing and heartbreaking just how much kids can know. 
  2. S2E02 – Day One, Take Two: “Burn the hat.” When Victor is about to start a new year at school, he appears to his family wearing a fedora. They tease him about it, which leads to Adrian telling him to burn it. This kid is really the master of quick and witty wisecracks. To be fair, Victor did look better without the hat.
  3. S2E08 – The Morning After: “Glad you found your French toast.” After Victor’s parents come home one night and find him in bed with his boyfriend, this leads to them finally telling Adrian about his older brother’s sexuality. True to his character, Adrian doesn’t miss a beat. He is ready with examples after they ask if he knows what being gay means. He was even ready with a breakfast food analogy after Victor said he wasn’t entirely sure about himself and that was why he dated a girl. It’s amazing how non-judgmental he was. If only adults could handle their kids coming out that easily.   
  4. S2E08 – The Morning After: “Is Victor going to Hell?” Even though Isabel didn’t react well to Victor’s coming out, no parent can ever be prepared for that kind of question. Especially when a Father at their church put that idea in their kid’s head. Another example of kids understanding difficult stuff. Miraculously she reassures Adrian that Victor won’t be going to Hell even though he’s gay. This thankfully leads her to quit the church and start on the path to acceptance.  

Since season three is on the way, that means more potential for Adrian to shine. But how could his character become more prominent? Love, Victor isn’t about about him, though he is worth occasionally focusing on. Considering he isn’t a fan of certain toys being only for certain genders, it would be interesting to see him square up against a stranger in a toy section. Maybe even call out his homophobic grandparents more bluntly. Whatever happens, he’ll continue to be iconic as always.