Love, Victor’s Rahim Takes Over Young Entertainment’s Instagram

Anthony Keyvan (plays Rahim on Love, Victor) does an Instagram Takeover for the Young Entertainment account. He takes the fans on a luncheon with some of the other cast members and even answers a few of the fans’ questions along the way!

Keyvan packs the perfect day to take over YE’s Instagram account. that’s right, it was on the day of the Love, victor premiere. So, some of the other cast members were featured throughout the Takeover. It’s always lovely to see the cast of Love, Victor together in public.

Micheael Cimino (plays the main character in the series, Victor)  was seen in some parts of the Instagram story. Also, Mason Gooding (plays Andrew on the show) and Rachel Hilson (plays Mia) were also spotted.  Hilson was seen giving him beautiful flowers and Keyvan was getting comments on how handsome he looked. 

It didn’t take the fans long before asking where’s George (A.K.A. Benji from the show). He didn’t take too long to show him off to the fans. It also didn’t take the fans long to start asking if they were “Team Rahim” or “Team Benji”. Keyvan wrote in one of the story’s posts “The world may never know”. Guess, fans will have to watch the show to find out. 

Keyvan answered some of the fans’ questions too. He was asked if Victor was a good kisser, to which he gave mixed replies. At first, he gave a “meh” face. Then, he gave a kissy-face, and rated him an 8/10. Not too shabby, Cimino!

He was also asked if he had watched the first season of Love, Victor before auditioning. He replied by saying: “I actually auditioned for the show in season one and, you can hear about that in some of the interviews I’ve done in the past where I talked about the audition process and what role I went out for but yeah”. Another question asked was how long it took Keyvan to learn the Dance at the Pretzel store with Isabella. He replied: “Too long. A choreographer “may” have been hired”. That’s ok, not everyone is a natural dancer.

At the end, he was asked what his favorite line was. He replied: “After 6, it sticks!” How cute!

Overall, the fans got to see a little into the life of Keyvan, see some of the other swonderful cast members, and ask whatever dying questions they wanted to the dashing actor. Don’t forget to watch the YouTube recap of the Takeover here , in case you missed it!