YEM talks to Michael Bishop about becoming a DJ character in Disney Channel’s Original Movie Spin

“I had no DJing experience whatsoever coming into this It was absolutely a challenge to figure out the technicalities of everything.” Disney’s Spin star Michael Bishop said in an interview with Young Entertainment Magazine. “But every time there’s a challenge like that, I’m just so on board for it.”

Michael Bishop, who plays DJ and music lover Max, said that he had two weeks before filming started to gather information and do research about what it took to be a DJ.

“All of it was just so much fun to you know be able to DJ in a Disney movie. The main thing that I took away about DJing that I didn’t necessarily know is that there’s so much technical things going on, but I think the biggest thing is the persona that the DJ has,” Michael said. “The main thing about DJing is how you affect the crowd, and you do that through the music, but you also do that through the persona that you bring as a person.”

Michael’s character Max shares his love for music and DJing with the main character Rhea (portrayed by Avantika Vandanapu). Max is also Rhea’s love interest.

“Working with Avantika was just so easy, and finding our chemistry was just so simple. I just remember looking at Avantika and just being like, ‘yeah, I think we’re going to have fun, and I think we’re going to do well together.’ I was just intrigued to see what she’d be like off camera, and she’s just as great off camera as she is on camera,” Michael said.

The Disney Channel original movie Spin not only has music and romance, but Michael said that there was an important message to all its viewers.

“The main thing that viewers can take away is that everyone does have a voice and everyone has sounds of their life and everyone’s voice deserves to be heard,” Michael said. “I think that’s a really special message to be sending out, and I couldn’t be more proud of that.”

Spin premieres on August 13, 2021 on Disney Channel.