Miracle Reigns shares how she learned to always trust her gut while filming Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!

Miracle Reigns is an actress and singer. She is in Netflix’s upcoming comedy Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! created by and starring Jamie Foxx inspired by his real-life relationship with his daughter Corinne Foxx. Miracle plays Zia Williams on the show who is the best friend of Sasha Dixon (The daughter of Jamie Foxx’s character). YEM was able to speak with Miracle about her audition process for the show, her character Zia Williams, and how she plans to combine both singing and acting into her future projects.

Young Entertainment Mag: How did you get into acting?

Miracle Reigns: My Dad started working with me very young, at 4, doing PSA’s, commercials, print work, improv, and it’s always been my passion and I’m happy to say, budded into a career!

YEM: What was the audition process like for your new show Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!?

Miracle: There was alot of levels to the audition process. Just when I thought I might not have booked it, I got blessed and called in to read for the role of Zia and then come to the table read and the rest is history!

YEM: What was it about this show that made you want to be a part of it?

Miracle: I knew it was going to be a blessed opportunity to work with such a legendary cast, such as Mr. Jamie Foxx and Mr. David Alan Grier and a chance to be a part of comedy history!

YEM: What is your character Zia Williams like?

Miracle: Spunky, fun, loving, a little unpredictable at times with a heart of gold and a friend that everyone should experience in their lifetime, a friend to keep forever!

YEM: How are you and Zia similar, and how are you different?

Miracle: We’re alike in the way that we want the best for our friends and family, our bright outlook on life and hopes to bring a little laughter to everyone and so much love for everyone around us!

We’re different in the way that I would execute plans differently than Zia, a little bit more thought out!

YEM: Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! Is inspired by a real life relationship, what does it teach about relationships to the audience?

Miracle: It’s very important to have father figures in your life. Keep your family close and even though they can be embarrassing, it’s all from a place of love. Families should be able to work through anything.  Cherish the moments and the ones around you because life is unpredictable.

YEM: What is the energy like being on the set of a comedy show?

-What was it like working with Jamie Foxx. Were you able to reach out and get any suggestions about your acting? What did you learn?

Miracle: Very high energy, fun, alot of laughter, a family atmosphere and it was amazing to work side by side with Mr. Jamie and have him teach us so much throughout the experience!

YEM: What are some of the most fun moments that you have had on set?

Miracle: All of Sasha’s and Zia’s  capers and trying to get out of them smoothly. All of Mr. Dixon and Zia’s banter.

YEM: Was there anything in particular that you learned on the set of this show that you will continue to take with you to other sets?

Miracle: Always trust your gut, have patience, constantly listen and bring a little bit of you to every character. And most of all HAVE FUN!

YEM: You also sing, who are some of your musical inspirations?

Miracle: There are so many amazing people to choose from in our generation and older generations, I literally have no lines when it comes to music and what inspires me! A few I love, Aretha Franklin, Dolly Parton, Whitney Houston, Hayley Williams(Paramore).

YEM: Do you hope to combine both singing and acting in a future project?

Miracle: OF COURSE! That will be a dream come true to bring both of my passions into one project and prove that you can be and do anything you want to in your lifetime! Don’t let anyone deter you from your dreams!!

YEM: How would you describe your music taste?

Miracle: Like a game of Twister, there’s something different at every turn!

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