Movie Casting Call

It would seem that casting news for Young Adult Hollywood revolves around just a few hot and very in-demand names, and what a busy bunch they are! But because things change in showbiz faster than it takes them to fast track another superhero movie into production, the names on that list are changing all the time. So to that end, we here at YA Mag will undertake the hefty task of keeping you up to date each month on who’s playing what, who’s not, and who should. The roles and stars everyone can’t stop talking about are all here…

Question: how much does this sound like Mean Girls? In The Outskirts, two outsider geeks in high school seek their revenge against an evil and domineering Queen Bee by uniting the outcasts of the school against her. The cast includes Ashley Rickards (Awkward), Eden Sher, Victoria Justice, Katie Chang, Jazmyn Richardson, Jeanette Diloné, Claudia Lee, Will Peltz, Avan Jogia (the just canceled Twisted), Peyton List.

 Left to Right: Ashley Rickards, Eden Sher, Victoria Justice, Katie Chang, Jazmyn Richardson

Charlie CarverTeen Wolf’s Ethan, aka Charlie Carver, is joining an exciting project on the big screen – Michael, which has James Franco already attached. The movie tells the story of a gay man who is picked on so much it causes him to renounce his lifestyle and join the church. Emma Roberts and Zachary Quinto have been cast as Franco’s love interests, while Charlie will play a man who gets involved with both men.

On the Marvel superhero front, we are hearing that Dominic Cooper, Hayley Atwell and Toby Jones are all in talks to join the Cinematic Universe’s Phase III film Ant-Man starring Paul Rudd. They would reprise their Marvel roles Howard Stark, Peggy Carter, and Armin Zola, respectively.


Journey 2 posterHunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson is considering a return to the Journey to the Center of the Earth franchise alongside star Dwayne The Rock Johnson, for not one sequel but two. Both JTTCOTF 3 and 4 are being developed.

Jack Huston, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies coverKill Your Darlings’ Jack Huston is on track to appear in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, the imaginative undead mashup between Jane Austen and flesh-eating period dead people. Huston will play the playboy George Wickham, who elopes with Lydia and hatchs a plan to teach zombies to fight. Bella Heathcote, Lilly Collins, and Sam Riley also star.

Sophie Turner, Mary ShelleyIn a casting upset, it seems that Elle Fanning is not the only one set to portray Mary Shelley, legendary authoress of Frankenstein. Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner has been cast as the lead in Mary Shelley’s Monster, which at first look seems more like a straight biopic (Fanning’s film, A Storm in the Stars, seems more like a romantic historical drama).



A couple of things we’re saying YES to very excitedly, and one thing we can’t believe is happening:

Aquaman sketchBetty BoopThey are finally talking about a big screen entry for DC’s Aquaman! We have been waiting with bated breath for an aquatic superhero to come to life. YES!

There is also talk of a project built around Betty Boop! All we can say is YES! again!

…And they are apparently greenlighting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, after the first reboot did surprisingly well in the last few weeks. All we can say is NO.

TMNT reboot