Movie Casting Top Teen Films

It would seem that movie casting news for Young Adult Hollywood revolves around just a few hot and very in-demand names, and what a busy bunch they are! But because things change in showbiz faster than it takes them to fast track another young adult series into production, the names on that list are changing all the time. So to that end, we here at YA Mag will undertake the hefty task of keeping you up to date on who’s playing what, who’s hot, and who’s not. The roles and stars everyone can’t stop talking about are all here…

Awkward’s Brett Davern has been tapped for a role in The Stanford Prison Experiment, based on real life experimentation by psychologist Phil Zimbardo in the 70s. The film will recount the scientific exercises in which students role-played prisoners and guards, which led to unsettling results. Davern joins Billy Crudup, Ezra Miller, and Jesse Plemons as Hubbie Whitlow, a young participant who plans a failed escape and suffers unspeakable humiliation.


emma-greenwell-douglas-boothThe cast of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies keeps growing. Shameless’ Emma Greenwell and Noah’s Douglas Booth will play Caroline and Mr. Bingley, respectively, joining Lily James, Sam Riley and Jack Huston as proper English folk in Austen’s classic, but with a zombified twist: they must fight the undead.

Ben Affleck is rocking and rolling post Argo. Elle Fanning and Zoe Saldana will star in the writer-director’s Live By Night, a Prohibition-era crime drama based on the novel by Dennis Lehane.


alden-ehrenreichBeautiful Creatures’ Alden Ehrenreich is in talks to star in the Coen Brothers’ Hail Caesar, which already features Channing Tatum, George Clooney, and Josh Brolin. The comedy centers around a 1950s Hollywood “fixer” who works for the studios to protect the secrets of the stars of the day.

Me Before You, adapted by TFIOS power duo Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber from Jojo Moyes’ popular novel, have found their romantic leads. Game of Throne’s Emilia Clarke will play a girl in a small town who forms an unlikely bond with a paralyzed man, portrayed by THG’s Finnick Odair himself, Sam Claflin.


A man goes back and time over and over again in hopes of finally making his first date with his dream girl go right.

chad-michael-murrayOne Tree Hill’s Chad Michael Murray is now part of spinoff series Marvel’s Agent Carter for ABC. Murray will join lead Hayley Atwell, who plays the titular agent Peggy Carter, a Strategic Scientific Reserve agent Jack Thompson.

zac-efron-robert-deniroFinally, some Zac Efron news. The studly young actor is considering taking part in Dirty Grandpa, about an overachieving law school kid who takes his wildly inappropriate grandfather on a road trip after his grandmother passes. And the dirty grandpa will allegedly be played by none other than Robert de Niro!




we-all-looked-up-tommy-wallachBased on the novel by Tommy Wallach, We All Looked Up explores the lives of four very different high school seniors and how they intertwine just months before a meteor passes near Earth, with a 66.6% chance of ending all life.

hansel-and-grettle-neil-gaimanFor those who love fairytales with a major twist, this adaptation of Neil Gaiman’ upcoming graphic novel will surely be gold: Hansel and Gretel. Fantasy at its best!

Nick Sparks fans can get officially excited for the next novel to be nicholas-sparks-the-choiceturned into a film: The Choice. Upstart director Ross Katz (of Adult Beginners, starring Rose Byrne) will direct the film about neighbors who embark on an unexpected ten year love affair.

All About Eve goes to high school in Jemma Gold: Teenage Has-Been, a catty comedy about a “legendary star” of elementary school who feels past her prime in high school at 16. She transfers to a low-income neighborhood school in Queens in hopes of mounting a phenomenal comeback, obviously against the odds.