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Original author: Amanda Grace


Olivia’s twin brother, Liam, has been her best friend her whole life. But when he starts dating, Olivia is left feeling alone, so she tries to drive away Liam’s girlfriends in an effort to get her best friend back.

But she meets her match in Zoey, Liam’s latest fling. A call-it-like-she-sees-it kind of girl, Zoey sees right through Olivia’s tricks. What starts as verbal sparring between the two changes into something different, however, as they share their deepest insecurities and learn they have a lot in common. Olivia falls for Zoey, believing her brother could never get serious with her. But when Liam confesses that he’s in love with Zoey, Olivia has to decide who deserves happiness more: her brother or herself?



This may be the romance a lot of us have been waiting for.  At least, those of us of the LGBT persuasion. There are plenty of “accidentally stole my brother’s girlfriend” or “torn between two brothers” stories. But it’s nice to see a bisexual twist on things. Hopefully the love triangle can have an ending that lets Olivia find happiness!

How cute is this cover?  Again it takes the tried-and-true romance cover, young lovers seen from behind with the third wheel holding hands with one of them.  What’s interesting, too, is how it almost looks like Zoey and Olivia hands could have casually ended up touching… but they just decided to let them stay.

Amanda Grace is a pen name for Young Adult author Mandy Hubbard–of PRADA AND PREJUDICE and YOU WISH fame.  In addition to writing young adult novels, she also represents YA and middle grade fiction with D4EO Literary.  She lives near Seattle, Washington, with her husband and young daughter.  Find Amanda online at!





YA LGBT Romance

Paperback & ebook, 240 pages

Published on September 8th 2014 by Flux (ISBN 0738736252)


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