Mykal Kilgore talks music and new album

Mykal Kilgore is a rising young music and stage star in New York. He is featured on the new album of the landmark musical “Songs for a New World” by Jason Robert Brown, writer of the hit musicals The Last Five Years and Honeymoon in Vegas.

Mykal has headlined NBC-TV’s Jesus Christ Superstar Live In Concert, Postmodern Jukebox at Radio City Music Hall, and Motown on Broadway. He is currently developing his debut solo album. YEM spoke with Mykal about his career and the new “Songs for a New World” album.

Young Entertainment Mag: So how did you first get involved in music?

Mykal Kilgore: To be totally honest, when I was growing up my parents made it clear that I’d have to be involved in at least one of activities at church. I could chose to be in the choir or an usher that hands out programs and takes mellow to their seats. I chose the choir only because I was too lazy to stand all service! That laziness is the main reason why singing became a thing in my life.

YEM: You’ve been a part of acts such as Postmodern Jukebox, “Jesus Christ Superstar,” and “Motown” on Broadway. What have those experiences been like for you?  

Mykal: It’s hard to fully describe how amazing it was to be involved in projects like those. I got to work with artists and creatives who are interesting, talented, and imaginative. It is a blessing that I keep getting invited to be in rooms where collaboration matters and where there’s a celebration of uniqueness and excellence. I pinch myself when I think about all of these experiences.

YEM: You are also featured on the new “Songs for a New World” recording. How did you become involved in this project? 

Mykal: I basically used The Secret to get into Songs. I have wanted to be in this show for years. A few years ago I even created a video with a group of singers (who are WAAAAAAAAY coolor than me) to celebrate how much I love this piece. When I found out that it was happening I went straight to my managers and anybody else who I thought was attached and said that I HAD TO BE IN THIS! Then… I auditioned! I felt like I got the golden ticket when I was cast and the day they announced that we were getting a cast album I had a mini freak out. This is like living a dream. Being on that cast album is a gift to teenage Mykal.

YEM: You are also working on a solo album! What can listeners expect from your upcoming album? 

Mykal: My solo album is coming this summer and I really excited to show the world my original writing. I’m very proud to have written this project and for the world to get to know me better. It’s a soul album. It’s grown up. I took my time in creating it, because I felt like it was important to have a real point of view and a true reason for everyone’s attention when I released something. I feel like I’ve got an album that’s worth playing at full volume. Even the title of the album is a statement. It’s titled A Man Born Black

YEM: You have a lot of musical theater experience. Is there a role on Broadway that you would consider as your ultimate dream role? 

Mykal: There are so many roles that I’d love to play, but the “ultimate” role for me hasn’t been written yet. I’m looking forward to someone writing something new that would allow for me to bring all of my goods to the table and push me to grow even more. I hope some composing geniuses are reading this!

YEM: Finally, what is ahead for you? More live performances in the works? 

Mykal: My fingers are still crossed that I’ll get to reunite with my Songs for a New World family to perform this work again. The next big splash is that I am making my Carnegie Hall debut on March 15th! I’m really excited for that and for the release of my project, A Man Born Black.

The”Songs for a New World” album is currently available from Ghostlight Records. For more on the ablum, visit: