Mystery Incorporated Comes to ‘Riverdale’

Riverdale is the hot new CW series that everyone’s talking about. Who would have thought an old comic strip that your parents used to read would be so popular? To celebrate, Young Entertainment Mag decided to pair the series with another old cartoon fave: Scooby Doo! Let’s take a look at how Riverdale’s main characters pair with the Scooby Doo gang.


Kevin Keller (Scrappy Doo) – Casey Cott

Scrappy was a much-welcomed addition to the show whenever he was on the screen. He was always there to help, and he did so rather well (we don’t count the live action film interpretation). It’s a rather fitting classification for Kevin. He says what’s on his mind, fun to watch, and always focused on helping out his bff (Betty). He’s not always on screen as much as the other characters, but he’s always welcomed.

Cheryl Blossom (The annoying guest character that sometimes ends up being the villain in a mask) – Madelaine Petsch

Many Scooby Doo episodes have these characters. A random guest character that is involved in the mystery. Either they’re evil and they’re actually good or vice versa. Cheryl is this character right from the start. She’s a walking personification of the annoying popular girl that is a little shady. Just as with Scooby Doo, the narrative suggests Cheryl is the one wearing the mask, but it doesn’t look like she is at this time.

Elizabeth “Betty” Cooper (Velma) – Lili Reinhart

Betty is the smart and kind character everyone loves (everyone except Cheryl). However, she still has a quiet personality, and can’t bring herself to raise her voice. Like Velma, she isn’t the most confident girl when it comes to her looks, and she’s shy when it comes to flirtation. However, she’s a talented investigator, and working harder than anyone to put the together the murder of Jason Blossom.

Veronica Lodge (Daphne) – Camila Mendes

Veronica is clearly the hot and sassy girl with the expensive fashion taste. That has Daphne written all over it. Veronica has all the makings of terrible person (she even admits she was one back when she lived in NYC). However, this is the “new Veronica”, as she puts it. The one that has a heart of gold, but will still fights for what she wants.   She values her new friends, and is trying to do the right thing for each of them and herself.

Jughead Jones (Scooby Doo) – Cole Sprouse

The CW’s personification of jughead is drastically different from the graphic novel. His crown is realistic, and he’s less worried about food. He’s focused on the mystery of Jason’s murder and through journaling he’s writing his story. Jughead is a very eccentric character, and many people don’t give him the respect and caution he deserves. He’s like the character in a horror film everyone thinks is crazy, but ends up being smarter than anyone in the bunch. As the audience watches he becomes a better investigator episode-to-episode. In all this, he will find the truth (even if he didn’t plan on it when he started out) and reluctantly save everyone. For that reason, the honor goes to everyone’s favorite dog, Scooby Doo. Scooby dooby doo!

Archie Andrews (Shaggy/Fred) – KJ Apa

Archie was the hardest character to pair up, so I cheated. It’s evident that the writers of the series added much of their own spin into these characters. Archie has more angst, where in the comic book he was goofier. However, when the series kicked off many people alluded to how Archie changed over the past summer. So for that reason Archie is actually two Scooby Doo characters in one. Before the series starts he’s considered Shaggy, the scrawny, quirky, and funny-looking guy with weird hair. Now Archie is more Fred. More robust, confident, and everyone wants to get to know him. He may not be aware of his handsomeness the same way Fred was, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up wearing an ascot by the end of the season.