National Championship of March Madness

March has come and gone, but the March Madness at Young Entertainment Magazine remains in full force and effect.

Right now, our website’s open for television fans — like you — to vote for your first-place Ship out of the remaining two Ships: Ricky Bowen and Gina Porter from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series and Simon Eriksson and Prince Wilhelm from Young Royals.

Before you select your No.1 Ship, you might want to read our thoughts on the last two Ships standing in the National Championship. See more information below.

First Ship: Ricky Bowen and Gina Porter from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

Have you watched High School Musical: The Musical: The Series before? If not, you’re missing out on what the musical drama has to offer.

HSTMTS’s set at East High School and features one of the top television couples today. Ricky Bowen and Gina Porter are a friendship-turned-relationship at East High.

Both Ricky and Gina are labeled as outsiders given that Gina’s a transfer student from a family who moves around a lot, while Ricky’s known as a skater who dislikes musicals, but joins a musical in hopes of getting back with his ex-girlfriend. Both parties’ oddities lead them to connect on a deeper level.

Although Ricky and Gina have been in an on-again, off-again relationship, they’ve found a way back to each other. How sweet does that sound?

Second Ship: Simon Eriksson and Prince Wilhelm from Young Royals

Have you checked out Young Royals yet? You’re missing out if you haven’t checked out the queer teen drama.

Young Royals’s centered on Prince Wilhelm’s adjustment to the Hillerska Boarding School, a new and prestigious boarding school, where he meets Simon Eriksson. Prince Wilhelm initially liked Simon after seeing him perform in Hillerska’s choir. 

Unlike Price Wilhelm, Simon’s a commoner who attends but doesn’t board at Hillerska. Instead, Simon lives at home with his mother and sister. But their socioeconomic differences didn’t stop them from building a relationship, as Prince Wilhelm was reportedly Simon’s first love.

As you might’ve guessed, Simon and Prince Wilhelm had a tumultuous relationship that might be on hold at the moment. But that hasn’t stopped most, if not all, Young Royals fans from hoping and praying for the two to reconnect.

These two couples are apparently in on-and-off relationships, but which one would you choose to prevail for the 2023 National Championship title?

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