Never Have I Ever Season 3 | Interview with Benjamin Norris – *Spoiler*

Have you been wanting to hear more about your favorite funny-guy and Adele fan, Trent Harrison from Never Have I Ever? Well, you’re in luck! YEM got the chance to interview actor Benjamin Norris and talk all about his experience acting as Trent while on the show. Trent’s character had such a big role this season, so it was great to go into what it was like for Benjamin to play as a character who goes through such development. If you haven’t finished season 3 yet, there are some light spoilers in this interview, so you might want to finish the season and then check back in when you’re done!

We got right into all of the cool details about the audition process and how Benjamin prepared for the role. Trent is such a unique character, so it was really interesting to hear about how Benjamin brought his own flair to the role. We all know Trent’s iconic long hair and backwards hat combo, but did you know that Benjamin came up with it himself? Be sure to watch the full interview to find out some of the ways that Benjamin made Trent’s character super unique. We also talked about how Trent’s character developed quite a lot, which was really interesting to talk about. Trent was mainly a comic relief character in the show’s first season, so hearing Benjamin talk about Trent’s evolution was such a treat! 

Trent has some really fun and interesting relationships on the show, and Benjamin dove right into his thoughts on those different dynamics, both on and off camera. Specifically, Trent gets close to Eleanor, played by Ramona Young, and obviously has a close friendship with Paxton, played by Darren Barnet. Benjamin talks about how Trent is such a loving character and what it was like to convey that when acting with his costars. If you want to hear everything about the behind-the-scenes and on-screen chemistry and relationships Trent has, be sure to tune into what Benjamin has to say.

It was so great to talk with Benjamin, and we hope you love hearing all about Never Have I Ever season 3. Be sure to click the link below to tune into our interview with Benjamin and find out more about his experience acting as Trent. Don’t forget to leave any questions and comments down below and check out Benjamin’s work in Never Have I Ever, which is streaming exclusively on Netflix. If you enjoyed getting to know more about Benjamin and Never Have I Ever, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay tuned for more exclusive content and interviews on the show!