New Book Tuesday: December 20th

Here are the new books coming out for this week on New Book Tuesday. Click each book for more information and to purchase. Which are you planning to read? Do you have a favorite of all the new titles being released this week? Tell us in the comments section below.

Heartbreak Boys by Simon James Green

About the Book:

When their ex-boyfriends get together and start Instagramming a disgustingly perfect summer of love, Jack and Nate decide to concoct a mutual Insta-worthy summer adventure of their own to prove they’re just fine and everything’s great.

Of course, it’s hard to have an epic summer road trip when they’re stuck in a van with Nate’s mid-life crisis-bound parents and his annoying younger sister. And it’s been years since Jack and Nate have said more than a few sentences to each other. But their followers don’t have to know any of that.

How hard could faking the high life be? Posting as @TheHeartBreakBoys, the duo stumbles into one hilarious situation after another—and each discover that maybe the cure for heartbreak has been the boy riding next to him all along.

About the Author:

Simon James Green is the Carnegie nominated author of young adult novels You’re the One That I Want, Alex in Wonderland, Noah Can’t Even and Noah Could Never. Before becoming an author, Simon worked in theater and film in the UK. He lives in London.

So, This is Love by Tracy Andreen

About the Book:

Finley and Arthur are back at boarding school and neither quite knows where the other stands—are they couple? Are they not a couple? What does one magical Christmas Eve kiss in Oklahoma mean for their relationship status? This confusion isn’t helped by the re-entry of old enemies into their school lives, especially ones that may or may not be crushing on Arthur. Finley is at a loss when navigating the complexities of her new (maybe) relationship, which could very well turn into love. . . if she doesn’t blow it.

So, This Is Love is a perfect read for the Valentine’s Day season, or for anyone looking for a delightful romantic comedy that has just a dash of drama. Once again, Tracy Andreen has proven that no one writes a holiday rom-com like her.

About the Author:

Tracy Andreen was born in Southern California but raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BA in journalism and professional writing then promptly moved to Los Angeles, where she spent many years in the world of film development, employed at Amblin/DreamWorks and Mandalay Pictures, among others.

She began her paid writing career when she took it upon herself to revise some properties in development at Mandalay and ultimately left that side of the film world to pursue writing full time. Since then she has written twenty-four movies for the Hallmark Channel, Lifetime, and UPtv, which have been seen by millions of people and earned her mother’s approval.

The Fury of Kanta by Marlena Frank

About the Book:

It didn’t matter that Mercy found a cure for lycanthropy or fended off bloodthirsty werewolves in Crowsmirth. Oscar the hunter still found her. Finding herself in a place she never wanted to return to again, her captor insists she play a twisted game.

Oscar wants to be the father she never had, and Mercy his doting daughter. Refusal is not an option. Plotting to escape while playing along is dangerous, but Mercy is determined to get home.

She must unravel the mystery of her parents’ past and conceal her growing fury if she hopes to see her friends again.

About the Author:

Marlena Frank has always been fascinated by monsters, and now gets to write about them.

She is the author of young adult fantasy and horror novels, short stories, novellas, and epic series. Many of her books have hit the Amazon bestseller charts, including her debut novel, Stolen, and her latest book release, The Impostor and Other Dark Tales. In 2022, she will be kicking off her young adult dark fantasy series The Wolves of Kanta featuring mad scientists, hunters, and werewolves.

Although she was born in Tennessee, Marlena has spent most of her life in Georgia. She lives with her sister and two spoiled adopted cats. She is an affiliate of the Atlanta Chapter of the Horror Writers Association and is an avid member of the Atlanta cosplay community.

She is also an INFJ, a tea drinker, and a wildlife enthusiast.

Void and Valor (Althuria Chronicles Book 4) by Ryver Knight

About the Book:

Althuria is in chaos.

With the power of both Eternos towers in her hands, the Queen of Althuria is unstoppable. Every moment is an inevitable step toward her world domination. Asha is no match for her, even as her void magic grows stronger.

The rebellion is crushed. Hiding in the Academy, they can only wait and weather each new attack. Their only hope is to sever the Queen’s connection to the Eternos towers and restore peace to the land. If—and only if—they succeed, they have a chance at defeating the Queen’s army.

Is Asha destined to fail against an unbeatable foe? Or will she rise to face the Queen while her comrades fall?

About the Author:

Ryver Knight is a YA Fantasy author from Ontario, Canada. When she’s not studying alchemy with goblins or drinking tea with elves, you can find her crafting nonsensical stories in her writing cave.

She’s an avid reader (duh) who eats an unhealthy amount of sugar, loves listening to rad tunes, and may or may not be lacking vitamin D.

Smoke and Spells is her debut novel.

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Her greatest joy is knowing that people are reading and enjoying her work. Every single purchase, review, and download she gets makes her day a little brighter. You’re the best! 😊

Stalwart: A story of Stripling Warriors by Anela Braun

About the Book:

The fathers of the Ammonite tribe have made an oath that they’d never take up weapons of war again. However, their protectorates and allied tribe, the Nephites, are at war, and are in need of more troops. The Ammonites have always given a portion of their food to the Nephites to help support their army, but the fathers feel it might not be enough and consider breaking their oath, though the Nephite general Helaman does not wish them to.

Brothers Mahalaleel and Elijah convince their fellow young men to volunteer in their fathers’ place, despite their youth. They are accepted by Helaman’s army and leave their village for the first time to join the fray. Back in the village, their friends Tashir and Sarai’ha navigate the new dynamic of their war-depleted village and what lies in store for them as the war continues to wage and they worry and care for families at home.

About the Author:

Anela Braun is the author of Stalwart: A story of Stripling Warriors