YEM Exclusive Interview | with Samuel Arnold from “Emily in Paris”

Today at YEM we are revisiting our exclusive interview with actor Samuel Arnold. Samuel plays Julien in the hit Netflix original drama series Emily in Paris. In our interview with the star, we asked him several questions about his acting career, his preferences on various topics, Julien, and Emily in Paris. YEM also had Samuel play a fun game with a connection to Emily in Paris and its location. Samuel’s full-length interview and game are linked at the bottom of the article. But first, let’s kick things off by giving some background information on Emily in Paris, including Samuel’s character Julien. Then we will relay more information about the super-talented Samuel Arnold.

Emily in Paris is currently in its second season on Netflix. Actress Lilly Collins plays the title role. In season one of the series, audiences witness Emily leave her hometown of Chicago, Illinois, and relocate to Paris, France, to pursue a position as a marketing executive for the French firm Savoir. After landing her dream job, the series focuses on Emily as she navigates between her professional and personal life as a young woman in a foreign city. In season two, Emily’s life becomes more complex when she involves herself with not one but two men. Her first French-based love interest is her apartment neighbor Gabriel who just so happens to be the boyfriend of her best friend, Camille. Emily’s second love interest, Alfie, is a British banker whom she meets during one of her French class lessons. The second season ends with Emily torn between Gabriel and Alfie, her job at Savior, and a new job offer from her former boss.

Samuel Arnold plays Julien in Emily in Paris. Julien is Emily’s fun-filled and fashionable friend and co-worker at Savior. In real life, Samuel Arnold is an actor who was born and raised in Paris, France. In his youth, he danced professionally and acted in dozens of plays during his stay in London, England. In adulthood, he decided to take on acting roles on screen. While Emily in Paris is Samuel’s first American acting credit, his resume has many other notable parts. Recently, he had a role in the French series Platane about a comedian on the cusp of television stardom before a freak accident left him paralyzed for two years. Samuel also lent his voice to the animated series Pandemica

In our interview with Samuel, we wanted to find out as much as possible about him and Emily in Paris. We began by asking what the Emily in Paris audition process was like for him. Samuel relayed that he was living in London when he got a casting call for Emily in Paris. He had to go to Paris to audition for the role of Julien. Samuel added humorously that after the audition process, he went back to London only to return to Paris to audition again. He repeated this process another time before he got the role! We also asked Samuel what it was like to film season two of Emily in Paris shortly after season one and if the show’s success altered how he played Julien. Samuel said that he and the rest of the cast wanted to portray their characters similarly to season one. He added that the only difference in filming season two was that fans would frequently stop the cast in the street as they were filming to ask for an autograph or to voice their excitement at seeing them. Of course, we couldn’t resist asking what’s in store for season three of Emily in Paris. You will have to watch the video to find out what spoilers Samuel gave us.

Before Samuel left, we asked him to participate in a game in which he had to guess the name of a movie based on a description. Every one of the movies described to Samuel had some connection to Paris because Emily in Paris is, of course, set in the beautiful city of Paris! Watch the video at the end of the article to see the results of Samuel’s answers and to play along yourself!

YEM wants to thank Samuel Arnold again for taking the time to speak to us. You can follow him on Instagram at @superssama. YEM readers, remember to watch seasons one and two of Emily in Paris on Netflix. Be sure to look out for season 3 as well. Please also watch our interview and game with Samuel at the link below. While you’re there, like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for the latest in young entertainment updates.