New Music Friday: April 21st

What day is it? Friday.

What does this Friday mean? It’s New Music Friday at Young Entertainment Magazine.

This week, we take a closer look at 20 brand-new songs from 20 little-known artists. Take, for example, “Tom” by 49th & Main. “Tom” is one of the 20 songs that can immediately attract your attention, so you can craft a more diverse playlist. Read on for the remaining 19 songs!

1. “Tom” by 49th & Main

“Who is 49th & Main?” you ask.

49th & Main are a rising Irish indie pop duo consisting of Ben O’Sullivan (producer) and Paddy King (vocalist and multi-instrumentalist).

The Irish duo dropped their latest project, Must Be Nice, and latest track “Tom” in recent months. “Tom” is a track that can pleasantly catch you by surprise, as its light and serious, self-depreciating lyrics can get stuck in your head. 

2. “Steve Jobs Ft. Kwame” by 1300

“Who’s 1300?” you ask.

1300 (pronounced one three hundred) are a Korean-Australian rap group that brings different skills to the table. 1300 consists of Rako, Goyo, Dali Hart, Nerdie, and Pokari.sweat. Three of the five were in a unit known as aisleland before meeting the other two at a mutual friend’s EP listening party.

“Steve Jobs ft. Kwame” by 1300 is a thriller for fans of both artists. “Steve Jobs” also serves as a welcome return for the Ghanaian-Australian rapper. Now’s the perfect time to feed off of the great energy between the two!

3. “Man On A Mission Ft. SL” by A1 x J1

Hey, guess what? SL, a British rapper, teamed up with A1 x J1, a British hip-hop duo. Together, the two parties produced the new track “Man On A Mission.”

“Man On A Mission” followed A1 x J1’s feature on Russ Millions and French The Kid’s “One Of A Kind” and featured SL. The new track was accompanied by a music video directed by Yukki.

4. “Come 2 Brazil” by Alice Longyu Gao

Guess what? Alice Longyu Gao, a Chinese-born American artist, dropped her second EP, Let’s Hope Heteros Fail, Learn, And Retire, and a new music video for her brand-new song “Come 2 Brazil.”

“Come 2 Brazil” opens with the smooth lyrics, “I’m humble, I’m chill. I’m coming to Brazil. I got money in the bank. I’m a really big deal. Live a rockstar life in my house on the hills. I’m a really big deal when I come to Brazil.”

5. “Praise” by Anish Kumar

In case you missed it, Anish Kumar posted a new track “Praise.”

Kumar, a British-Indian artist, described “Praise” to Live4ever Media as, “very much the prelude to the next chapter of music.”

Kumar added, “It is a collage of horns, organs and vocal harmonies driven by a live bass guitar. It samples a gospel piece and explodes with exuberance right off the mark – a promise of what is to come from me this year.”

6. “Bubblin Up (Get Fizzy)” by Babyface Mal

In case you didn’t know, Babyface Mal is arguably Melbourne’s most mischievous rappers. Babyface Mal, a fast-rising Australian rapper, has a love for older music.

Babyface Mal’s new song “Bubblin Up (Get Fizzy)” showcases his range and his consistency. Oh, and it’s his first solo song of the year. It doesn’t get any better than this.

7. “SOS” by Balming Tiger

Did you know? Balming Tiger is an alternative K-pop group that has been disrupting the South Korean music scene since 2018.

Balming Tiger has recently returned with a new single titled “SOS.” According to hypebae, “SOS” marked the third pre-release track from the 11-member collective’s first studio album set to drop this summer. Now’s the right to watch the music video for “SOS!”

8. “pressure” by BAYLI

Did you hear? Bayli Mckeithan, also known as BAYLI, is an American pop and R&B singer.

BAYLI’s currently signed to Warner Chappell Music. BAYLI’s new song “pressure” can relate to most, if not all, individuals. “pressure” goes, “I‘m calling from the road. ‘Cause sometimes it gets so lonely. I got some pressure on me, and I need you to be there for me.”

9. “Smoke and Mirrors” by Beckah Amani

Have you heard? Beckah Amani, a Tanzanian-born, Australia-based indie folk storyteller, has shared a clear and beautiful message in “Smoke And Mirrors.”

“Smoke And Mirrors” serves as the opening track in Beckah Amani’s debut EP, April, a nine-track collection of some of the most honest music from a new artist this year. The track was a tale of caution delivered effortlessly by Amani.

10. “Manhattan Youth” by Been Stellar

Haven’t you heard? New York City-based alternative and indie band, Been Stellar, released their self-titled EP through So Young Records.

Been Stellar’s brand-new single “Manhattan Youth” ponders the ways the city shapes the child’s worldview, according to DIY Magazine.

Been Stellar told DIY Magazine, “Musically, the song started with a looping drum pattern Laila came up with. At the time we were experimenting with sounds and rhythms that felt outside of our usual pallet, like Talking Heads and Jorge Ben Jor. For a long time we thought of the song as an instrumental jam, but began to lean into the poppiness of the track as it developed.”

11. “Garden” by Bellah

By the way, there’s a new song titled “Garden” by Bellah. Bellah, a British R&B singer-songwriter, dropped her EP, The Art of Conversation, and it was impressive, to say the least.

“Garden” is a whimsical song with meaningful lyrics, such as “Just want your love. I won’t take advantage. Like Serena wanna be your champion. Honesty ain’t choice, I demand it. Can you keep it candid? Meet me in the middle if you leave me stranded. I might panic.”

12. “The Phone” by Bingo Fury

“I just want to try to make it harder to tell where you end and I begin.”
— Bingo Fury

Bristol-based Bingo Fury’s new EP, Mercy’s Cut, starts with an opening track titled “The Phone.” “The Phone” can be described as a beautifully wistful love song. So, if you’re interested in love songs, you should hear this song and watch this song’s music video on YouTube.

13. “Boppin” by Blazer Boccle

Bradford-based rapper Blazer Boccle came through with his new song “Boppin” and a new set of visuals. Boccle provided the public with an upbeat offering with “Boppin” where he speaks playfully about the police.

“Boppin” is Boccle’s second song release of the year and his second single since signing to Northern Quartz, a Manchester-based record label. Now’s the time to listen to “Boppin!”

14. “Salad” by Blondshell

Sabrina Teitelbaum, who goes by Blondshell, is an American singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Blondshell grew up with a rich father, Doug, who’s an executive chairman of the e-cigarette company NJOY, but her new self-titled album is really good, like one of those “don’t hate the player, don’t hate the game” situations.

Blondshell’s new song “Salad” is a murder-fantasy rock track with a big, surging chorus. Blondshell recently made her television debut, performing “Salad” on The Tonight Show. How about that?

15. “Wake Up (Mixed)” by Bloody Civilian and Rema

Bloody Civilian, who was born Emoseh Khamofu, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and record producer signed to Def Jam Recordings. Bloody Civilian’s best known for two singles: “How To Kill a Man” and “Wake Up” featuring Rema. Rema is a Nigerian singer.

Bloody Civilian shows how gifted of a female singer she is in her single “Wake Up.” If you haven’t already heard “Wake Up,” you should check it out right now.

16. “BOOM” by Cassyette

Cassyette has come a long way. Last year, she released her debut mixtape, Sad Girl. This year, she released her new single “Boom.” “Boom” is an explosive single with rock influences.

Cassyette’s tour in the UK and Europe was a success. Her tour began in Liverpool on March 10 and will end in Milan, Italy on April 6. She’ll make an appearance at Boardmasters in August 2023.

17. “L.S.D. (Love So Damaged)” by Charlotte Plank

Charlotte Plank is a newcomer to the indie electro-pop scene.

Charlotte Plank, who’s from the UK, shared an energizing new single to the public. “L.S.D. (Love So Damaged)” combines garage, drum n’ bass, and hyper-bedroom pop into a reflective and personal heartbreak track, while balancing melancholy and party-energy in the intoxicating new release.

Plank told Dusty Organ, “This was written about the turbulent, habitual, addictive cycle of being in a toxic relationship … Whereby you know that it’s bad for you, you continue to hurt each other out of spite and lose respect for each other, yet it’s like you both subconsciously crave the problems and toxicity within one another and keep the rose-tinted glasses on yet another last chance despite your views of love being distorted and forever damaged.”

18. “gmaps” by cowboyy

cowboyy, a new art-pop collective from the South Coast, just delivered their first track “gmaps” through Nice Swan Records.

cowboyy consists of Stanley Powell, Reubin Yarnold, Kai Smith, and Rhys Teal. The art-pop collective established a fanbase through their live shows and teased the upcoming discography. Are you a fan of them?

19. “That Time Of Year Always” by Crawlers

Do you enjoy your younger self? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Crawlers’ new single “That Time Of Year Always” encompasses the feeling of envying your younger self before the trauma hits in your early 20s.

Crawlers, a British rock band from Liverpool, were formed in 2018. But they didn’t become viral until 2021 when their song “Come Over” went viral on TikTok.

Can you relate to “That Time Of Year Always?” Let us know in the comments.

20. “Cotton Wool” by Cucamaras

Nottingham-based inside and pop-punk quartet Cucamaras dropped a new song “Cotton Wool” and a new music video. “Cotton Wool” was taken from Cucamaras’ new EP, Buck Rogers Time, set to be released on May 19 through Exag’ Records.

When asked about the track, vocalist and guitarist Olly Bowley told Kool Rock Radio, “Cotton Wool is a story of admiration, whilst feeling like you’re in someone’s shadow. There’s this clumsy individual who’s running into all sorts of problems, whilst the other is sleeping peacefully – the former isn’t ready to lose that persons influence on their life.”