New Music Friday: April 5th

Curating the best and brightest and most unique music from young, rising artists of today.

Happy Friday! If you are looking for some new tunes to spice up your week, check out the songs below. This week, we have everything from pop to country to EDM so you definitely don’t want to miss out on all the latest music.

Awolnation – “Panoramic View”

From band Awolnation and creator of popular song “Sail” is this new bop “Panoramic View.” It is everything you could ever want from a elecro-pop song. If you are looking for a refresh on some of your spring songs, you should give Awolnation’s new single a listen. If you were a fan of their old stuff, you are definitely not going to want to miss out on this tune. 

Josiah Queen – “Altars Over Stages”

This single from young folk-CCM mastermind Josiah Queen is the perfect mixture of sweet words and folk musicality. It is fast paced with a deep meaning. If you are looking for a Noah Kahan meets Niall Horan meets Chris Renzema type of new artist, Josiah Queen is the guy for you. Check it out now!

CLAY – “Think of You”

This song is about when you stay up into the early hours of the morning thinking about someone that you love. The lyrics are beautifully poetic and elegantly written. If you like pop music that features striking vocal performance and sweet, lovesong lyricism, then “Think Of You” by CLAY is totally worth the listen. 

Elijah Woods – “Silver Lining”

Young Entertainment’s favorite pop prince has just released an EP of some of our favorite songs! Give a listen to our favorite “Silver Lining” now and if you like his music check out the rest of his music. Oh and tune into our interview with Elijah here:


Natalie Jane – “Can I See You Tonight?”

Pop powerhouse Natalie Jane just released her song “Can I See You Tonight?” and it is amazing. It’s giving Midnights Taylor Swift meets Sabrina Carpenter for sure. If you love female powerhouse pop, then you are going to love this song from Natalie Jane. 

KALEO – “Lonely Cowboy”

This sweet and somber song from artist KALEO (who you may know from their hit song “Way Down We Go”) is the perfect marriage of lonely words with bittersweet melodies. With an opening line like: “I could use a better friend than the one I’ve got… my shadow. Even when the sun goes down, he will leave me by myself.” How could you not be intrigued after a powerful lyric like that?! “Even cowboys do get lonesome sometimes.” Check it out today and tune into the live music video straight from the Roman Colosseum. 

Hozier – “Too Sweet”

If you haven’t heard it yet, you have to listen to Hozier’s new song “Too Sweet”. It is such an earworm and is sure to get stuck in your head, you might have even heard a snippet of it on TikTok. Also, you should listen to the rest of his EP because there are no skips!

Lauryn Marie – “Different Kind Of Beautiful”

Lauryn Marie’s song “Different Kind Of Beautiful” is so beyond beautiful it’s crazy. With stunning lyrics and catchy melodies, this song is a lovesong to end all lovesongs. If you like Folklore Taylor Swift then you’ll love this sweet new artist. Listen wherever you get your music today!

Louis The Child – “Falling”

In this EDM jam from popular DJ duo Louis the Child, we get to hear some of the sickest beat drops of 2024. This pair teams up with vocalist Djomza and Daniel Allen to create this masterpiece of a song. If you are a fan of EDM or club music or any good song with a powerful electronic music background, then you are going to be a fan of the single, “Falling” from Louis the Child. 

Little Monarch – “Sheesh”

Last but certainly not least is “Sheesh” from Little Monarch. And Sheesh, is it incredible?! This indie pop song is a creative display of lyrics and melodies that is sure to leave you asking for more from newcomer Little Monarch. Stream it wherever you get your music now!

Hope you found something you like from the latest new music round up! Follow us on social media for more great music @youngentmag