New Music Friday: August 11th

Friday marks the end of the work and/or school week. And, at Young Entertainment Magazine, our talented staff would like to present you with the New Music Friday for the week ending August 11, 2023. Here are our 20 little-known artists and songs for your reference.

1. “A Bowl of Unripe Fruit” by Matilda Lyn

Matilda Lyn has a knack for placing concise and wry words to aches and pains associated of coming of age. Lyn dropped her brand-new single “A Bowl Of Unripe Fruit” as an apparent attempt to prove she’s a bold new artist to watch.

Speaking about her new track, Lyn said: “I wrote ‘A Bowl of Unripe Fruit’ in my bedroom 1.5 years ago with the feeling of always wanting something else. Playing with the thought of ‘what if all my dreams stood in front of me?’ would that really make me happy and fulfilled?”

Lyn’s music showcases her own brand of ethereal and intricate pop. Her music is introspective and relatable, thanks to her ability to juxtapose her sugary sweet vocals with dissonant and surprising instrumental elements. She’s about to make her mark in the coming months.

2. “I’m Just Ken” by Mason Olshavsky

Mason Olshavsky is one of theater’s rising stars.

Olshavsky recently posted his cover of “I’m Just Ken” on Instagram. Olshavsky’s cover wasn’t only awe-inspiring, but also dramatic due to his pout in the start of the video.

If the Barbie movie goes to Broadway, we might see Olshavsky perform as Ken, as the aspiring artist and singer is handsome, energetic, and talented.

3. “Make a Movie” by Virgin Miri ft. Young Thug

Virgin Miri is a burgeoning pop princess. Virgin Miri’s new single “Make a Movie” featuring Young Thug was co-produced by T-Minus.

“Make a Movie” blends Miri’s enchanting vocals with sleek electronic flashes and ominous bass lines. Miri presented a flawless fusion of memorable pop hooks and high-tech futurism. In short, her unique blend helps her propel herself to the spotlight in the pop music scene — a rise that has been noticed by both fans and musicians alike.

4. “Miss California Moon” by Strvmm

Strvmm is a singer-songwriter who sings for his career and also performs vocals for producers. TuneCore provided Strvmm’s new single “Miss California Moon” to YouTube.

“Miss California Moon” is as beautiful as it sounds on paper. Strvmm’s new song comes with gorgeous cover art, which is presumably a California sunset, that showcases a hot summer in the Golden State.

If you’re looking for a spicy summer banger, you should listen to “Miss California Moon” as soon as possible. You won’t regret listening to this song at all!

5. “Salad” by Blondshell

Blondshell shared a bone-chilling revenge fantasy ahead of her self-titled debut album.

Blondshell’s new single “Salad” is about a vengeful fantasy about going after a sinister abuser that was released with a slap on the wrist.

Speaking about her latest project, the indie rock musician told FLOOD: “It’s hard to summarize what this album means to me … I was able to work through so much by writing and singing these songs. In a way I was also able to find my voice by finally saying these things out loud. I wasn’t intending to write an album as much as I was just trying to get relief from an intense and difficult time in my life. My biggest hope is that people can see the album for what it is: there’s no happy ending or ‘message,’ it’s just a window into what it’s like when you’re trying to figure out who you are and what you want.”

6. “Crazy For You” by Ashlie Amber

Ashlie Amber’s latest single “Crazy For You” appeared on Apple TV+’s new television series, My Kind of Country, earlier this year.

Amber isn’t your atypical country singer, and that’s alright. Amber’s unique appearance, including her “fro-hawk”, and vocal talent has put her in the spotlight as one of country’s rising stars.

Amber told American Songwriter: “Nobody is going to tell me that I am not authentic enough to exist in this space that I have loved and adored for so long … I deserve to be here.”

7. “Eastside (Remix)” by North Ave Jax ft. Lil Tjay

North Ave Jax released a new single “Eastside (Remix)” featuring Lil Tjay. North Ave Jax and Lil Tjay’s remix arrived alongside four other singles for the deluxe version of the former’s debut album, LaZy, but I have goals (Banned From Vermont).

Speaking of his new track, North Ave Jax said: “I am really bringing the whole city up with me. ‘Eastside’ remix with Lil Tjay and ‘LaZy, but I have goals’ is just the start of it all.” 

North Ave Jax is just starting his music career, but he plans to make more announcements in the near future. Stay tuned!

8. “Cold” by Mike Archangelo ft. Cale

Mike Archangelo teamed up with Cale in their new release “Cold” in recent months.

“Cold” can be described as a deep electronic house song with a steamy and sultry music video. Mike Archengelo’s vocals are the top highlight of the track, especially when he sang: “I don’t understand why you’re so cold.”

Right now is the perfect time to listen to “Cold” and let us know what you think of this summer track!

9. “Dreams” by Nicole Marie

If you’re looking for a new cover song, you’ve come to the right place. Nicole Marie’s cover of “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac. Fleetwood Mac originally released “Dreams” in 1977.

Nicole Marie isn’t on Stevie Nicks’ level yet, but she has the potential to make it in the soft rock scene. Her voice is angelic yet strong. Now’s the time to hear her cover!

10. “Lost With You” by Volunteer ft. Carly Bannister

Volunteer partnered with Carly Bannister to create a new indie and singer-songwriter song “Lost With You” that uses electric bass and ambient sounds to emote its chill and love moods.

“Lost With You” is an exciting song, to say the least. Volunteer has been a big fan of Carly Bannister for years. That being said, this song was the perfect opportunity for him to work with one of his idols.

11. “Rough Edges” by Joshua Burnside

“Who is Joshua Burnside?” you ask.

Joshua Burnside is an experimental folk singer-songwriter. Burnside’s new single “Rough Edges” is an intimate yet universal track that exposes and irritates the raw nerves of the heart of a deafening silence.

“Rough Edges” might be the track that you’ve been looking for.

12. “Whatever It Takes” by Andrew X

Andrew X shared his new single “Whatever It Takes” in recent days.

“Whatever It Takes” is from Andrew X’s forthcoming album, Driving At Sunset, due on September 20, 2023. It’s a 1980s-inspired synth pop track that motivates and empowers listeners to chase their dreams and to be fueled by their passions to achieve whatever they want.

If you’re looking for new melodic pop rock, Andrew X’s new single has got you covered for the time being.

13. “Still Scared To Go To Sleep” by Carobae

Carobae is “Still Scared To Go To Sleep” tonight.

Carobae’s new EP, S2g2s, is a short and sweet introduction to what she has to offer. Her new single “Still Scared To Go To Sleep” is a lullaby-like track. Her single also showcases her insane artistry, and you won’t regret listening to the track. You’re welcome.

14. “Initial Pulse” by Jay Wood

Jay Wood released a heartfelt single “Initial Pulse” to the general public.

“Initial Pulse” puts Wood’s passionate vocals and skillful lyricism on display. Overall, “Initial Pulse” provides listeners with a reminder of the power of love and the importance of embracing fresh starts. So, what are you waiting for?

15. “Consequences” by Brooke Sause

Brooke Sause is a rising singer-songwriter with a new single “Consequences” available now.

“Consequences” is an upbeat summer anthem. Unlike previous songs, Sause showcased a more upbeat and pop sound in this song.

Speaking of the track, Sause told Broken 8 Records: “‘Consequences’ is a fun, flirty song about being young and living in the moment … It’s about using your brain less and your heart more. It’s for those moments when you consciously decide to do something chaotic, knowing it could end badly, but just having a good time anyway.”

16. “Under a Southern Sky” by Ian Flanigan

Ian Flanigan celebrated campfires and backroads by releasing his new single “Under a Southern Sky” to the public.

“Under a Southern Sky” is a feel-good song perfect for the summer months. In the track’s accompanying music video, Flanigan embraced the power of freedom over open roads and endless highways — and you should do the same. 

17. “Silver Pendant” by Arctic Lake

Arctic Lake returned to the music scene with an ode to love with their new single “Silver Pendant” available now on all streaming platforms.

“Silver Pendant” is a song about infatuation in general. Singer Emma Foster told uDiscover Music: “We started writing it together with our friend Will Leong and the lyric you hang me around your neck like a silver pendant came straight into my head and I wrote the first verse.”

“Silver Pendant” is one of two singles from Arctic Lake’s forthcoming EP, How Do You Make It Look So Easy. “My Weakness” is the other single.

18. “Blanket” by Jayacara

Jayacara dropped a new single “Blanket” in recent weeks. “Blanket” was produced by Melanie Moncrieffe and recorded and mixed by John-Paul Sutton.

“Blanket” features a lot of ethereal vibes, especially at the beginning of the track. Jayacara’s vocal and songwriting abilities shine throughout the track. Jayacara definitely went all-in when singing and writing this song.

All in all, “Blanket” has a mystical feel to it that would intrigue you, even if you’re uninterested in mystical tales, creatures, etc.

19. “COME WITH ME” by Babebee

Babebee shared her new single “COME WITH ME” as a way to announce her new signing with Epitaph Records.

“COME WITH ME” features gentle, atmospheric vocals that float along a bass line groove as well as lush synths and radiant guitar tones for a refreshing blend of bedroom pop and alternative rock. The single’s music video is warm and inviting, thanks to its ethereal cinematography and stunning landscapes.

The Atlanta-based singer-songwriter and producer told the Prelude Press: “This song encapsulates the journey of finding myself … It’s like a coming-of-age story, reflecting on my childhood. Through this song, I’m expressing the importance of unconditional love — something that I once experienced like trauma in my childhood which is now redefined as healing and growing. In the music video, Irene portrays my inner child but also my childhood best friend. I believe there’s multiple soulmates we meet in our life through kismet to teach us lessons.”

20. “The Hills Are Alive” by Eleri Ward

Are the hills alive and well? Yes.

Eleri Ward recently posted a cover of the “The Hills Are Alive” from the Broadway musical titled The Sound of Music.

Eleri Ward’s cover has racked up 2,578 views on TikTok as of August 9, 2023. Ward chose “The Hills Are Alive” because The Sound of Music was her very first musical at age eight. Ward’s choice was the right one, as her followers loved it so much!