New Music Friday: August 18th

Friday is a six-letter word that can signal a lot of fun and exciting things. For example, this week’s “New Music Friday” feature at Young Entertainment Magazine.

From “Consider Me A Winner” by Emma Ogier to “Bit Late” by GRAYtheband, we’re sure that you’ll find at least one little-known song by a namesake artist. Here are all 20 songs for this week’s “New Music Friday” for August 18, 2023.

1. “Consider Me A Winner” by Emma Ogier

Emma Ogier tackled life head-on in her sophomore single. Ogier’s latest single “Consider Me A Winner” is about being forced to lean on yourself.

“Consider Me A Winner” proves that Ogier may be a newcomer, but the singer-songwriter proves she’s diving into her lane head first.Can you relate to this song?

2. “Contemporary Love” by Rêve

Rêve dropped a new dance-pop single in recent weeks. Rêve’s “Contemporary Love” is from her debut album, Saturn Return.

“Contemporary Love” is Rêve’s tip of the hat for her great love for disco. Rêve told Exclaim!: “It explores the struggle of being a hopeless romantic in the modern dating world which at times can feel pretty transactional and cold.”

Do you like this new song?

3. “BLINK” by Telly

Telly’s new single “BLINK” actively resists FOMO (fear of missing out) and digital overload. Here’s how. 

Telly told Wildfire Music + News: “‘BLINK’ is a tongue-in-cheek response to relentless digital overload and an ever-looming sense of FOMO. It’s an energetic pop track that utilizes elements of distortion and synthetic elements to amplify the message. We want the song to feel like you’re tripping over yourself to avoid feeling any kind of FOMO, and failing.” 

Are you ready to listen to this song?

4. “Still There” by PÆRISH

PÆRISH released their new single “Still There” taken from their new album, You’re in both dreams (and you’re scared), released on August 18, 2023.

“Still There” is accompanied by an interesting music video of the Parisian indie rock band throwing a summer house party, all caught on an old-school camcorder.

PÆRISH explained: “There’s a such a summer vibe to this song, which is why we decided to make the video reflect that. It was the last song written before going to the US to record with Will, so we went all out.”

5. “one last time” by senses

senses dropped a new single “one last time” in recent months.

“one last time” is a song about wanting to be with someone before moving on from them. Its chorus emphasizes the sentiment of wanting to call someone theirs for a final time while not wanting to be left behind. Its verses show the pain of heartbreak and the trapped feelings in a cycle of hurt.

Are you in a similar situation to this song’s meaning?

6. “GO!” by PEARL

PEARL created a wonderful sonic experience for her listeners in her new song “GO!”

“GO” creates a whimsical yet grounded space in a listener’s mind. Its instrumentals can make listeners — like you — feel akin to nature. Its vocals are propelled by the instrumental forces behind it.

Are you ready to hear an unforgettable song?

7. “How To Run” by Izzy Mahoubi

Izzy Mahoubi released her new EP, How To Run, and title track “How To Run” via Rude Records.

“How To Run” is about an expression of pushing the limits. Mahoubi told Broadway World: “The first time you realize your strength. The first time you start believing your voice has a space in the world. The first time you start to do the things that scare you. I believe that realization reveals how to grow, and that confidence teaches you how to run.”

Are you going to watch the song’s accompanying music video?

8. “Blue Collar Blues” by 3LH

3LH released their new single “Blue Collar Blues” via My Grito Industries.

3LH frontman Rafa Heredia told thoughts words action: “This is a song about self reflection after having maybe a pint too many at your favorite divey hole in the wall, it’s a callback to tracks like ‘Alabama song (Whisky Bar)’ by The Doors – the song lends itself to telling a fun twisted story while not taking itself too seriously.”

3LH drew inspiration from 1960’s surf, fuzz, punk, and reverb-filled guitar tones to write and perform this song. Now, how excited are you to hear this song?

9. “Changing” by FINISH TICKET

FINISH TICKET released their new single “Changing” to all streaming platforms.

“Changing” comes just months after FINISH TICKET signed a record deal with Better Noise Records. “Changing” features an irresistible melody, nostalgic guitar riffs, and affecting self-questioning lyrics.

The Bay Area-based alternative pop trio told thoughts words action: “This song is about the fear of aging and feeling that you haven’t accomplished as much as you thought you would by now … By letting those pressures get to you, you lose sight of why you chose this path and start making decisions from a place of desperation and not for the love of what you do. Pair that frantic disappointment with a pressing drum beat and nostalgic guitar riffs, alongside a languid halftime outro, and you’ve got ‘Changing'”.

10. “Circa ’99” by Wilmette

Wilmette gave up a glimpse of the good old days with their new single “Circa ’99” and their single’s accompanying music video.

Did you play Guitar Hero back in the day like we all did? If so, you’ll probably like “Circa ’99” as it’s a combination of cliché nostalgia and old-school pop punk music.”Circa ’99” is the second of two singles that the Chicago-based pop punk band dropped ahead of their full-length album, Hyperfocused, which was released on August 4, 2023.

11. “Party Crashers” by SUCKERPUNCH!

Are you looking for a breath of fresh air in the pop punk scene? If so, look no further.

SUCKERPUNCH! plays an apparent line between 2000s golden era pop punk and nu-wave pop punk to please both old and new pop punk fans. Since their first release in 2022, SUCKERPUNCH! has quickly gained popularity around the world, thanks to their uptempo melodic signature style. Their newest release “Party Crashers” can be described as a love child of the 1980s teen comedy, Revenge of the Nerds, and 2000s pop punk you never knew you needed. That said, they’re ready to break and make pop punk a fun genre again!

12. “Freefall” by Myrne ft. Joyia

MYRNE dropped a brand-new single “Freefall” featuring Joyia.

In his new song, MYRNE expanded on a vulnerable side that his fans have come to expect. In addition, Joyia, a Canadian singer-songwriter, performed stunning vocals with shades of jazz, R&B, and soul.

Do you associate “Freefall” with a state of unwinding?

13. “Don’t Get My Hopes Up” by Chace

Chace is a music artist on the rise.

Chace’s new single “Don’t Get My Hopes Up” shows how he has been closing himself off on love. The Asian singer, songwriter, and producer has combined his skills to create fascinating music for his listeners, mostly in the younger generation.

Are you ready for the EDM sound in “Don’t Get My Hopes Up”?

14. “Rhinestone Cowgirl” by Jenna DeVries

Jenna DeVries shines brighter than ever in her new single “Rhinestone Cowgirl” available on all streaming platforms.

“Rhinestone Cowgirl” blends sparkling disco pop and country over sparkling and trippy beats. DeVries sang: “Say her name three times, just appears in the night. Oh, she’s a dangerous woman … I gotta fuel that fire, gotta let her shine.”

Are you ready for the ultimate, sapphic love story?

15. “Athene” by The Velveteins

The Velveteins released their new single “Athene” ahead of their upcoming sophomore album. “Athene” is the third single from their upcoming album. The single was inspired by the war goddess Athene in Homer’s Iliad.

The Velveteins’ frontman Spencer Morphy told thoughts words action: “I was exploring through the Iliad at the time, so the lore was fresh in my mind, but I imagined a tale about a woman sort of mirroring Athene in modern life. I drew from great women that I know, and crafted a song that explored developing a relationship with her, and falling under her influence and just being along for the ride.”

16. “How to Lie” by St. Humain

St. Humain appears to be a great singer and person after releasing his new single “How to Lie” to the general public.

St. Humain told Moosic Entertainment: “‘How To Lie’ is a true story of escaping Sydney for a bit some time ago, to visit my homeland Singapore with two of my good friends, which was very good for me to clear my headspace. It also includes a story where I surprised a fan when I hand-delivered her the merch she bought from my store! This song is dedicated to that fan (KF) for their continued support through all these years up to now.”

How do you feel about St. Humain now?

17. “Girls On SSRIs Don’t Cry” by zzzahara

Zzzahara shared her new single and music video “Girls On SSRIs Don’t Cry” ahead of their new album, Tender, due on September 22, 2023.

In a press release, Zzzahara said: “Watching someone you love in and out of SSRIs is difficult but even more challenging for them and their life. All you can do is give space and respect that they are going through a hard time… never taking anything personal. Withdrawal is chalk filled with evil surprises like brain zaps, depression, loss of appetite, dizziness … you get the picture.”

Do you get the picture or no?

18. “Emo Trash” by FELICITY

FELICITY pre-released a new single “Emo Trash” to the public.

According to The Pop Punk Dad, “‘Emo Trash’ is as sarcastically tongue-in-cheek as it is whole-heartedly genuine, the anthem for a generation of music listeners caught between the good old days and tomorrow’s great unknown. Zane and FELICITY vocalist Damien Fagiolino trade lines (and references, from genre mainstays Taking Back Sunday to cult classics like Every Avenue), distilling your local emo night into a two-and-a-half-minute sugar bomb set against a backdrop of classic pop-punk spit-shined with modern flair and boisterous gang vocals.

So, how excited are you about this song on a scale of one to ten?

19. “Puppy” by Birthh

Birthh’s new single “Puppy” stands as a testament to the intoxicating thrill of newfound love.

“Puppy” depicts the Brooklyn-based, Italian-bred alternative pop singer’s exhilarating and dizzying highs of her own love story. The alternative pop singer met her current lover at the end of a two-month business trip in New York.

Does this song depict your love story as well?

20. “‘Bit Late” by GRAYtheband

“Bit Late” featuring Edmonton-based rapper, K-Riz, is the second released ahead of GRAYtheband’s debut album, All Done.

“Bit Late” offers listeners a taste of alternative R&B, neo soul, and hip-hop and captures the allure and comfort of love in the face of anger with the world.

Do you think “Bit Late” can be a force in the music world?