New Music Friday: Bestest-to-Best Original Songs from Season 3 of HSMTMTS

There’ve been a lot of catchy tunes throughout this final season of High School Musical: The Musical- The Series. As graduation looms ahead for the East High gang, it’s an ideal time to look back at your favorite characters’ best ORIGINAL tunes throughout season 3 of this amazing series.

1. ‘Rising’ by Ashlyn (Julia Lester), Episode 3

Saving best-est for first here. This  ballad was the most memorable moment we had with Ashlyn, as she belted out about not letting obstacles stop you from figuring out who you are, and pursuing your goals. It’s confusing and sometimes scary, being young and figuring out your identity. ‘Rising’ is perfect for motivating anybody experiencing doubt about sorting out their identity.

2. ‘Here I Come’ by Kourtney (Dara Renee)- Episode 7

This one is more about combating the internal obstacles of anxiety and fear, rather than external adversaries keeping you from your goals. Going after something we really want can be the most frightening thing in the world. But we always have a choice to fight past it, and grow for the better, rather than give in to them and run from our dreams, which this song captures beautifully.

3. ‘Right Place’ by Jet (Adrian Lyles)- Episode 7

‘Right Place’ touches on themes of redemption for mistakes we didn’t mean to make. Sometimes in life, we do things with noble intentions, but they still have terrible consequences. Jet captured that tough, loving sentiment wonderfully, and it’s a beautiful, somber tune that teaches you to think before you act.

4. ‘You Never Know’ by Nini (Olivia Rodrigo)- Episode 2

Performed by Nini, this is a perfect example of how it feels when you turn eighteen and you’re starting to come of age. Whether you know what you want to do with your life or not, that free will to do whatever you want can be daunting. Like the lyrics say, “You never know what place you’re gonna end up/Even better than you dreamt of, where you’re meant to go.” Life is unpredictable, and this shows that that’s okay.

5. ‘Balance’ by Gina (Sofia Wylie)- Episode 2

‘Balance’ perfectly conveys what the title suggests: keeping yourself emotionally balanced in the face of conflict or challenge. Gina’s powerful belting-out from episode 2 showed just how far she’s come in her true confidence. And it’s a great reminder of how confident anyone can become; to be able to weather the storm, no matter what.

6. ‘Finally Free’ by Ricky (Joshua Bassett)- Episode 1

This one, in addition to being about following your dreams, proves that you can’t figure out who you are or what your destiny is, by staying in the place where you’ve lived your whole life. You have to go out into the larger world in order to find your place within it.

7. ‘Ballad of Susan Fine’ by EJ (Matt Cornett)- Episode 3

Less motivational and more fun and spooky, this one tells the tale of a legend named Susan Fine, a former camper from Shallow Lake. With lyrics like ‘Don’t get caught by Susan Fine… She’ll drink your blood like it’s werewolf wine’, pushing the lore even farther by suggesting a more paranormal fate for the doomed camp guest.

8. ‘Shallow Lake’ by Maddox (Saylor Bell Curda)- Episode 1

‘Shallow Lake’ is an interesting and more dynamic song from the series, ‘Shallow Lake’ starts off as a welcoming song for Maddox and her fellow newcomers at Shallow Lake Camp. But it also warns of the dangers of leaping headlong into new connections, and embracing new places, neither of which may be what they seem, the lyrics ranging from “We dive right into every friendship we make/At Shallow Lake, at Shallow Lake” to “At Shallow Lake (there is no lake), at Shallow Lake (it’s all a fake)”.

9. ‘Different Way to Dance’ by Corbin Bleu- Himself-  Episode 6

A blast from the past, this cameo song from HSM alum Corbin Bleu is all about digging down when you feel you’ve lost your way on the path to your ultimate goal, and remembering why you want it in the first place. What’s more, it conveys that that moment when you first got inspired to pursue a certain goal, can be what gets you through tough times.