Top Ten Things That Happened in the HSMTMTS season 3 Finale

(Beware of spoilers)

The season 3 finale of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series was finally released. We finally got to see the play of Frozen and how everything wrapped up. Without wasting any more time, here are the top 10 moments from the finale.

Number 10: We got a 50 minute episode!

Usually, episodes for HSMTMTS only run for less than 30 minutes. So getting a 50 minute episode was a real treat. It gave us more time to wrap up East High’s summer at Camp Shallow Lake. And while you are catching up with everything, check out these interviews Young Entertainment Magazine did:

Saylor Interview by YEM

Ben Interview by YEM

Joe Interview by YEM

Frankie Interview by YEM

Number 9: Big Red comes out as Bi!

While this was a pretty big deal(go Big Red), it was very random and came out(no pun intended) of nowhere.

Ashlyn and Big Red Talk!

Number 8: Kourtney’s anxiety attack and Alex opens up about her personal anxiety situation and how she sees a therapist

Alex helped normalize the fact that anxiety is ok and seeing a therapist isn’t the end of the world. Also, have Kourtney show the realities of what an anxiety attack looked like was super cool and that even though Kourtney looks put together most of the time, there are times when she isn’t and that’s ok!

Number 7: Kourtney Sings Let It Go Without Music

What a way to be resilient and not only conquer her anxiety, but sing a powerful song in the musical production of Frozen that is being filmed and continuing to sing even without music. Shows how strong Kourtney is and how she doesn’t need music in order to perform.

Kourtney’s Performance of Let It Go

Number 6: Emmy played by Liamani sings “This is Me” – which gave us all a Glee moment

Emmy, an 8th grader playing Young Anna in Frozen pulls a classic Glee moment. Catch Liamani, share what it was like working on HSMTMTS Liamani Interview by YEM and if you have yet to see this amazing scene, This is Me by HSMTMTS

Number 5: EJ wanting to slap Ricky but calls him “his brother” instead

Matt Interview by YEM

The love triangle between EJ, Ricky, and Gina finally gets mentioned and talked about. The rest of the wildcats heads out of the room leaving EJ, Ricky amd Gina alone to talk about the elephant in the room. You’d think after how EJ reacted in the past he’d get mad, but instead, showed his character development by remaining calm and calls Ricky his brother.

Number 4: Ricky sings Kristoff Lullaby

We all loved the fact that Nini appears in the audience during Ricky’s performance of Kristoff’s Lullaby, yet there seems to be an underlying question of who Ricky was singing it to. Was Ricky singing it to say goodbye to his first love, Nini, or was he singing it to a new relationship to Gina?

Kristoff’s Lullaby

Number 3: Nini gives Ricky a scratch off for his 18th birthday

When opening his card from Nini, he laughs and finds a lottery ticket and makes the assumption that Nini remembered and got it for his 18th birthday. Just like with number 4, do we think it was really Nini?

Number 2: EJ calls his dad and his dad hangs up on him, Val’s there for moral support

I think we all cried at the moment when EJ got the courage to call his dad and his dad still keeps the rough relationship they have by hanging up. Luckily, Val is there for moral support to help EJ deal with the fact his dad hung up without a word.

EJ Calls His Dad

Number 1: The Rina Kiss

The chemistry and anticipation all the way from Season 1 of HSMTMTS finally gave fans what they wanted: Ricky and Gina getting together! Ending the season off on a good note, we get the big kiss and it sends fans screaming of happiness that the feelings brewing between them were brought to attention.

Ricky and Gina Kiss