New Music Friday: Black History Month

It’s February everyone, and that means it is time to not only acknowledge but celebrate Black History Month. A month in which our beloved communities and people from all over come together to celebrate the contributions that African Americans have brought to the United States. We not only look at history and the present, but we look towards a bright future of unity and a sense of togetherness that this world desperately needs. Here at YEM, we gather to acknowledge people’s stories and empowerment through music. This week, we praise and acknowledge music by African American artists, and overall songs that contribute to the success and power that this month holds for us all. Let’s get into this week’s New Music Friday!

1. “Better in Color” by Lizzo

We see Lizzo once again make a notable appearance on our New Music Friday playlist. Whether it is standing up for women of different kinds, or representing her community with the color of her skin, it shows how Lizzo is proud of who she is in this song emphasizing true empowerment.

2. “Black Spiderman” by Logic

Logic seems to be consistent with making music that changes people’s lives. This is surely one of them as he emphasizes his love for who he is, and how no one should be ashamed to be black. In the end of the song, his emphasis on how spiderman should be black has propelled to the present as this is the change we look forward to in our world.

3. “Want You Bad” by Kid Travis

You might not know you want it, but you will know after you hear this masterpiece. A true figure for all black music artists as Kid Travis is breaking the musical scene.

4. “Rooted” by Aisha Badru

It’s not about the end, but it is about the journey to the end. While listening to this song, hints of calmness and positivity should encompass your body. The perfect song to add to this month.

5. “Feel Good” by Cydnee with a C

The name of this song should be feeling amazing, because you feel a lot better than good when diving into this musical pool of emotions. With a star feature from Trippie Redd, Cydnee is surely doing it right.

6. “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys

The best New York Anthem of all time? It very well could be. This well-known song is one that everyone can recall the words of and sing at the top of their lungs this month.

7. “Do What I do” by Lady Bri

The things that I love so much about all this music is that every single one brings you the power to complete you day with a smile on your face. A true impetus to power through life doing you and only you.

8. “Yes, It Do”

Answer this simple question. Does the rhythm in this song make you want to move? Your answer should be, yes it do!

9. “My Power” by CHIKA

True motivation at its finest. Everyone has their own power whether you believe it or not. Through the rough and the good times, our power is the thing that propels us back up. A song that is well needed in the month of February.

10. “Banter” by Dante Knows

Dante is running the show on every level. Let’s not only celebrate this month as a whole, but the fabulous and euphoric music that comes across our plates. I’m talking about the music of Dante Knows.

11. “Love Yourz” by J. Cole

This is a song that everyone needs in their lineup, no matter where you are or when you listen to it. One of the most inspirational and motivational songs I have ever had grip my ears. There really is no such thing as a life that is better than yours, and I hope that this song can convince you just as it did to me.

12. “GOD.” By Kendrick Lamar

You cannot talk about Black History Month without acknowledging the success and amazing music that Kendrick has brought to communities all over. God is the perfect addition to this playlist detailing a masterpiece of a song made by an artist many feels is the best in the industry.

13. “Punk” by FRIDAY*

From the intricate melody and production to the softly fitting vocals on top, this song is a solid listen. It clearly should be celebrated in the month of February.

14. “SWITCH” by Yawdoesitall

Let’s introduce a rapper who absolutely delivers on this track. This Australian artist is not only versatile but knows what the people need with his catchy toons. Forget about making a scene in Australia because he has caught the attention from people elsewhere as well!

15. “King St” by Ashli

Despite not being her top-streamed song, I feel as if this one deserves a lot more recognition. With an emphasis on RnB and Pop, the beauty comes alive to your senses when taking a listen.

16. “Playlist” by Chanel Loren

Finally, we get to add playlist to our playlist! I’m sure Chanel is surprised, because she actually did end up on our playlist, and most likely many more from her many fans.

17. “Savage Vibes” by Savage the Girl

Savage claims to take inspiration from music like Jazz, reggae, and even classical music. This has got to be the truth as you can hear little pieces from each in her tunes. Her craft is truly a valuable contribution to the world of music.

18. “Sunny Day” by Akon and Wyclef Jean

Sometimes in music, we go back to the past to rejoice and celebrate the present. With Sunny Day comes acknowledging the past struggles, but being proud that today, and the next days will be Sunny.

19. “We Found Love” by Rihanna

Not only has she delivered some of the world’s most relatable and biggest hits but, she just performed at the halftime show for the Superbowl! For her people, it is crucial to acknowledge the success Rihanna has brought to the world. She is a figure that has brought power, and smiles to Black History Month.

20. “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson

Let’s end this New Music Friday with one of the most notable, and successful black artists of all time. Michael Jackson’s music has lived through many decades, and its impact will continue to reign well into the future. He is a figure that has success written all over it. Let’s look back and appreciate all the amazing contribution these music artists have brough to the world, and let’s celebrate them with high praise this month!