New Music Friday: Creed lll

Where are my Rocky fans at? How about people who have joined Adonis Creed on his journey through the first two movies and are ready for the continuation in Creed 3? It is about time! Creed 3 has officially been brought to theatres as Adonis takes on a new worthy opponent. The only thing with this opponent is that it is his childhood friend! Much like the other movies, we see struggle, accomplishments, and fighting as Creed 3 is a must-see for boxing fans. On this week’s New Music Friday, we look into songs that Adonis would listen to on his journey to his big boxing match. Let’s get right into it!

1. “Till I Collapse” by Eminem

A classic if you are thinking about songs that will get you up and running. Trying to win something big? Put this on and energy will pump through your system until you have no choice but to succeed!

2. “I Am the Champion” by B.O.B

They say if you have a dream, you must be that dream every day of your life. When it comes to becoming a champion, the same thing applies. From nothing to something, Adonis once again has a chance to prove he is the champion.

3. “Dangerous” by Lex Leosis

Boxing is one dangerous sport. But, for it to be dangerous, the boxers must be dangerous themselves. To win his big fight, Adonis must be the more dangerous man.

4. “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

A fight so big that the ceiling will not even be able to hold the power behind it. That is how crazy this main event will be. A champion vs his old friend. Who will come out victorious?

5. “Smoked Away the Afternoon” by Rokko Ca$h

We all need that one feel-good song in our lives that can help us power through the day. Overall, it’s not always about the end goal but about the journey of growth. Let Adonis smoke away the afternoon and get on his path to glory.

6. “Pump It” by The Black Eyed Peas

The playlist must be filled with songs that will help Adonis go 20x harder in his workouts. A song like “Pump It” might allow him to go that extra distance, or do that extra rep that will allow him to become that much better and take home the championship.

7. “The Show Goes On” by Lupe Fiasco

On the road to victory, the ups and downs are pivotal to the success of the athlete. However, no matter what occurs during the journey, the show always goes on. A loss, an injury, or a tragedy never stops the show from continuing.

8. “Thanksgiving” by Armani White

Thanksgiving is all about what you are thankful for. Armani White not only details his journey but everything that he is thankful for so far. For Adonis Creed, there is a lot to be thankful for whether it is rising to fame or becoming a champion in his circumstances.

9. “I Did It” by DJ Khaled

“Stayed down until I came up”. That’s what Adonis did. Coming from the very bottom, the odds of him ever becoming the champion were almost 0 to 1. However, he did it in the end, and his saga continues.

10. “Now or Never” by J. Davis

Such a great motto to take initiative and get the job done. If you don’t do it now, it won’t be done ever. Putting all the work in has to happen now!

11. “The Greatest by Futuristic

The cover art says it all! Being the greatest is one heck of an achievement! Futuristic depicts being the greatest in the sense of feeling like Muhammad Ali knocking out Frazier. Will Creed do the same?

12. “Last Breath” by Future

From Futuristic to Future we bring a real classic. This song was made for the original Creed playlist but, it was such an inspirational and energetic song that it had to come back! Husting until your last breath is nothing short of insane! However, if that’s what it takes, that’s what Creed will give.

13. “Ballin” by Logic

Imagine having no option but to be a baller. That is sure what Logic is talking about. You cannot let your friends and family down, so it is the only option. To ball until the end!

14. “Good Life” by Nick Kandler

It’s not always about the grind, despite what they say. Sometimes you just have to appreciate life in itself and the blessing to be here. It is all about the good life in the end, and for Creed, life sure has been good for him!

15. “Numb/Encore” by Jay Z and Lincoln Park

Not only will this song get you ready to run through your wall, but it actually has some motivation in it too. Once again, we wrap back around to this idea of the Journey. You can almost look at this new fight on Creed’s plate as his encore.

16. “Icon” by Jaden”

Isn’t it the goal for everyone to be an icon in this world? Well, even if it isn’t, it sure is for Creed. He not only wants to represent his father but, represent his people and where he has come from!

17. “Breathe Slow” by Reina Subramanian

Quite the switch in the mood. Something calmer to help Creed get through the hard days. It is not always about going crazy and working out 24/7 but, appreciating your emotions and working through them during a hard time.

18. “Wins and Losses” by Meek Mill

Believe it or not, the intro to this song was taken from a motivational speech. It gets you ready to start moving full force into your day and accomplish everything you set out to do!

19. “Trophies” by Drake

Trophies directly correlate to Boxing in the best way possible. The true symbol of achievement or losing. To achieve this, Adonis has to keep his mind on the vision and become his goal.

20. “Dashstar” by Knock2

Do I hear a montage coming, or do I hear a bunch of people going crazy at the club? Regardless, both could easily happen in the new Creed movie. Let’s end this new music Friday with this fun song that will get you going crazy in multiple settings!