New Music Friday: December 15th

Happy Friday everybody, hope you are having a great week! If you are wanting to add some new music to it, check out the top 20 songs below:

1) Lauren Spencer Smith – “Santa Baby”

As we are amidst the Christmas season, this song from Canadian superstar Lauren Spencer Smith is the perfect tune to fill you with the Christmas spirit. 

2) Tiny Meat Gang – “Washed”

From Cody Ko and Noel Miller’s hit media outlet Tiny Meat Gang is this newly produced tune “Washed”. This song is catchy and funny and a groovy upbeat tune that is sure to spruce up your week.  

3) Cadet Carter – “Lift Me Up”

From the band Cadet Carter is their new tune “Lift Me Up” and it is sure to lift your spirits this season. It’s upbeat and catchy and sure to pull in every listener; check it out wherever you get your music now!

4) Bad Mary – “It’s All Trash”

If you like a little bit of an aggressive and edgy rock tune, you are sure to enjoy this tune from Bad Mary. 

5) Paige King Johnson – “I Thank God”

This sweet song from rising star Paige King Johnson is a beautiful ode to life and higher love. If you are looking for a good song to celebrate the reason for the season, check out this song from Paige King Johnson “I Thank God”. 

6) Ladytron – “All Over By Xmas”

New from the band Ladytron is their song “All Over By Xmas”. This song is deep and a little eerie while also being a spirited Christmas tune. 

7) Save Ferris – “Xmas Blue”

Speaking of Christmas songs, this song from the band Save Ferris is the perfect addition to your Christmas playlist. If you are looking for new songs to spruce up your holiday season, this song is perfect for you. 

8) Laufey – “Serendipity”

Pop icon Laufey’s new song “Serendipity” off of her new album is everything! If you are looking for a new female pop power ballad, this is definitely worth the listen. 

9) Nervous Kids – “Back to the Start”

New from the Nervous Kids is their song “Back to the Start”. Check it out today, it will have you coming ‘back to the start’ of the song, that’s for sure.

10) Mia Van De Loo – “match”

In this new album from Mia Van De Loo, we have a definite front runner and that is her song “match”. If you like artists like Lizzy McAlpine and Gracie Abrams, then you are sure to like this song from independent artist Mia Van De Loo. 

11) Caroline Romano – “Tell Her I Said Hi”

New sassy song from Caroline Romano just dropped! If you are looking for a song with a little bit of an attitude but also a good vibe then you have to give this single a listen. 

12) Fabled Mind – “Algorithm”

Fabled Mind has just released their new song “Algorithm” and it is a melodic masterpiece. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this one!

13) Jessia – “One Before the One”

Pop icon Jessia just released her new song “One Before the One” and it is so relatable. If you are in love, ever have been in love, or ever want to be in love then this song is sure to strike a chord with you. 

14) Caravan Palace – “Reverse”

Caravan Palace’s new song “Reverse” is everything and more this holiday season. It is funky and fascinating and definitely worth the listen. 

15) Bella White – “Rhododendron” (Alt Version)

Bella White’s new alternate version of her song “Rhododendron” is perfect. If you like a good americana or singer-songwriter ballad, this song is totally worth checking out. Make sure to check out the live performance video above.

16) Letters Sent Home – “Elements”

New song from the band Letters Sent Home is their song “Elements”. This song offers up lyrical and musical ‘elements’ that we cannot get enough of. Check it out now!

17) The Weird Sisters – “WAITING SO LONG”

We’ve been ‘waiting so long’ for this new song from The Weird Sisters. It is a vibey indie song that is the perfect vibe for the season.

Check out the nostalgic vintage music video above. 

18) FELICITY – “Last Christmas”

Band FELICITY wants to wish you a Merry Christmas with this festive take on “Last Christmas” and it is definitely a gift. Add it to your Christmas Playlist now!

19) Faith Richards – “Good Girl”

This new tune from rising star Faith Richards “Good Girl” is the perfect pop tune with just a little bit of edge. You are sure to love this ‘good girl’ and her great song!

20) Coco Quinn – “Better Type”

This new song by Coco Quinn is a beautiful, melodic masterpiece. If you are looking for an elegant song with a little bit of spunk, this is the perfect addition to your pop playlist. 

Thanks for tuning into this week’s new music, hope you found a couple songs that you like – check back next week for more!