New Music Friday: December 1st

Hey there! Are you looking for any new music to jam out to this week? Check out these top 20 new releases below:

1) John Vincent III – “Bluebird Singing”

Check out this new sweet little indie tune from artist John Vincent III. It is off of his new album Songs for the Canyon. If you are looking for a vibey little tune that takes you back to the good ole days, this is a beautiful song and is totally worth the listen. 

2) Taylon Hope – “Picket Fence”

Check out this new song from rising country sweetheart Taylon Hope. This song is sweet and paints a beautiful landscape of. A house with a “Picket Fence” that you definitely don’t want to miss out on. 

3) The Moving Stills – “Westside”

This Australian indie rock band has just dropped their new collection of songs Wabi Sabi that captures the last few years of their band’s experience together. Their new song “Westside” off of the project is such a vibe and is definitely worth the listen.

4) Don Broco – “Birthday Party”

New from the band Don Broco is their tune “Birthday Party”. Even if it isn’t your birthday, this song will still make it feel like you have something to celebrate.

5) Lauren Spencer-Smith – “Broke Christmas”

In this totally relatable new Christmas ditty from Lauren Spencer, she takes you through what it feels like to be out of money but not out of holiday spirit. Definitely a new song for the casual Christmas playlist. 

6) Michael J. Woodard – “Ruined”

Artist Michael J. Woodard has just released his new tune “Ruined” and it is an absolute must listen. Check it out wherever you get your music today!

7) Andy Thorn – “The Bells of Boulder”

Off of his new album High Country Holiday, Andy Thorn’s song “The Bells of Boulder” is a country jam band masterpiece. If you like a good holiday tune reimagined, this is the perfect song for you. 

8) James Mastro – “Right Words, Wrong Song”

In this witty and upbeat tune from James Mastro we get to experience what it’s like to sing the “Right Words” to the “Wrong Song”. 

9) Liz Cass – “Map of a Human Heart”–

In this pop ballad laced with beautiful synth and elegant melodies. Check this song out if you are looking for a sweet tune to add to your winter playlist. 

10) The Goodies – “Around the World”

This acoustic and classic rock with tiny notes of reggae placed throughout is a beautiful song from the band The Goodies. If you are looking for something sweet and uplifting that also takes you back to your younger days, this song is perfect for you. 

11) Grace Leer – “Star On Top Of The Tree”

In this Christmas tune from artist Grace Leer, we get to see a beautiful holiday scene playing out right in front of us. With her angelic voice, Grace takes us back to decorating the tree with our families. 

12) Glassio – “Grand Central”

In his new tune “Grand Central” Glassio takes us on a trip to NYC. It is definitely worth the listen so check it out now!

13) The Jellybricks – “Monday’s Never”

In this new song from the band The Jellybricks, we can totally relate to “Monday’s Never” being our favorite either. Check out this song right now for a relatable jam to bop out to.

14) Cassadee Pope – “Almost There”

In this crazy new tune from Cassadee Pope – the artist who sings “Wasting All These Tears”, we get to see a new more aggressive and edgy side of her. Check out her new song “Almost There” today.

15) Donny Van Slee – “When We Swiped Right”

In this new tune from rising country icon Donny Van Slee, we get to hear a beautiful story about an online love blooming. Definitely a sweet song and totally worth the listen.

16) AUTOGRAMM – “Born Losers”

Check out this new song from the band AUTOGRAMM. It is a timeless tale of a bunch of buddies thinking that they are born a little bit lame. It’s catchy, it’s funny and it’s the perfect add to your new releases playlist. 

17) T.S.O.L. – “Looking In”

In this new soundtrack from T.S.O.L. we get a tune that is crazy good and worth three minutes of your time. Check out “Looking In” off of the Ignore Heroes soundtrack now!

18) Lovetta – “Aude Lang Syne”

In this reimagined nostalgic New Years classic, we get to hear one our favorite artists, Lovetta, sing this sweet ode to the end of 2023. You are definitely going to want to have this on your holiday playlist. 

19) Chin Up, Kid – “Incubus”

New from the band Chin Up, Kid is the song “Incubus” featuring Danny Rose, and it is an absolute banger. Check it out wherever you get your music today. 

20) The Backseat Lovers – “Slowing Down”

In this crazy good song from band The Backseat Lovers we get to really slow down and take a good listen to this song. It is sweet and beautiful and a total vibe for the holiday season. Make sure to give “Slowing Down” by The Backseat Lovers a listen today!

Thanks for checking out this week’s latest bangers! Come back next week for more tunes and subscribe to Young Entertainment Mag for more hot new releases.