New Music Friday: December 22nd

Happy Friday everyone! If you are looking for some new music to throw on this holiday weekend, you are not going to want to miss out on this week’s top new music!

1) Annabel Gutherz – “Eclipse”

New from rising indie pop icon Annabel Gutherz is her song “Eclipse”. It is a beautiful arrangement of lyrical genius and musical masterpiece. With lyrics like “You have another story to share – Stilettos, speeches, boys with beautiful hair” you are sure to fall in love with this elegant tune.

2) L.A.B. – “Oh No (Pt. 2)”

In this new single from the band L.A.B., check out their beautiful arrangement of pop music with a little bit of a funk edge. If you like funky vibey tunes, then check out this song from L.A.B. today!

3) Miranda Joan – “Bada Bing!”

This elegant R&B pop song is sure to resonate with you. If you are a fan of soulful melodies and beautiful lyrics, you are for sure going to want to check out Miranda Joan. If you like what you hear, go ahead give the rest of her album Overstimulation now. Make sure to check out the music video featuring Cartoons in the above link!

4) Monsta X – “Beautiful Liar”

If you are looking for a new K-pop rock banger, this is the perfect song for you. Off of their hit 2023 album release Reason, this song is a definite front runner. You are not going to regret listening to these insane guitar licks and powerful melodies. 

5) Gale Forces – “Barbarossa”

In this new song from the band Gale Forces, check out the dark guitar and nostalgic feel of the lyrics. If you are a fan of 90s and early 2000s music, then you will love this song from Gale Forces. 

6) Toosii – “Suffice”

New from rising hip-hop star Toosii off of his album Jaded is the song “Suffice” if you are looking for a good rap/hip-hop song to add to your playlist, you are sure to get a kick out of this new song and its powerful lyrics and driving beats.

7) Rlyblonde – “Girl in Your Story”

In this creative pop song from stunner Rlyblonde, check out the beautiful and happy/sad lyrics of a girl who wants to move on, but keeps seeing him everywhere and feels like she’s being led on. Check out the video above to see the display of this pop princess putting her heart on her sleeve in this vibey tune.

8) Lion Babe – “Love Another Time”

In this funky upbeat dance tune, listen as Lion Babe releases the best dance song of 2023. You are sure to love the lyrics and the catchy chorus will be stuck in your head all day!

9) Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit – “Look What You’ve Done to Your Brother”

Talented songwriter and musician Jason Isbell and his band The 400 Unit have just released this new single on December 15th and it is truly amazing in every way. If you are looking for a nice rock song with country/americana elements, then you are definitely going to want to give this song a listen. 

10) Blackout Problems – “Funeral”

This pop love song from Blackout Problems, the elegant musical elements and the catchy chorus with lines like “you make me laugh when I want to cry, you make me smile at my own funeral” are sure to have you dancing and shouting along with the lyrics. Oh, and check out the music video to watch an elegant funeral scene come to life. 

11) Cybr – “Life Without You”

After her grandpa went viral on TikTok, Basia Mallet (aka Cybr) followed closely in his footsteps and was persuing TikTok fame. When her grandfather passed away, Basia released this tune in honor of his life. If you are looking for a sweet story of life and love and aren’t afraid to shed a few tears in the process, then give this sweet song a few minutes of your time today.

Check out some of her grandpa’s TikTok here:

12) Dillon Francis – “Goodies”

Off of his new album This Mixtape is Fire Too Dillon Francis has dropped this banger called “Goodies”. This song is the perfect mix of EDM and musical genius. The beat is infectious and is sure to make you want to get up and dance.

13) Lulu Simon – “Stay”

This pop ballad from Lulu Simon is a beautiful display of lyrical love notes and marvelous musical melodies. With devastatingly deep lyrics like “In Montreal, I watched you call and let it ring” you are sure to be pulled in by the powerful message of a love that will never be. 

14) Laetita Sadier – “Through Your Hands Love Can Shine”

This ethereal vibey song from band Laetita Sadier is perfect for your chill vibes or background vibes playlist. If you want to freshen up your chill music library, add this song to your list. 

15) Stefan West – “Happily Ever After”

In his new song “Happily Ever After” listen along to Stefan West as he releases this beautiful love song where he lives happily ever after with his love. It is sweet and soft and everything you want out of a love song. 

16) Silverstein – “The Wind Shifts”

Band Silverstein release their song “The Wind Shifts” off of their album This is How The Wind Shifts. This early 2000s punk rock band is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat with a Green Day type of vocal style that also echoes songs like “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers. 

17) Cindy Sterling – “Kids Back Then”

In this nostalgic song from Cindy Sterling, listen as she takes you back to what it was like to be a kid. Listen as she takes you on a journey of growing up and getting older and honors the memory of what it was like to be a young girl.

18) Ardn – “Shine” (with SiR)

In this new R&B song from rising artist Ardn, catch a powerful performance and deep lyrics that will cut you deep. Check it out now!

19) Time Spent Driving – “Intents and Purposes”

In this new release from band Time Spent Driving, catch the nostalgic feel of soft rock. If you like artists like John Mayer, 5 Seconds of Summer or even the 90s classic Nirvana, you are going to love the vibe of this new release from Time Spent Driving. 

20) Glassio – “Will You Still Come Back Tomorrow?”

In this sweet new single from Glassio “Will You Still Come Back Tomorrow?” take a look at what love means. If you are looking to find a song that has a soft and sweet musical vibe paired with a desperate and deep love song, then check out this song from Glassio. 

Thanks for tuning into this week’s new music. Happy holidays and happy listening!