New Music Friday: December 29th

This Friday, check out the newest songs from the hottest artists. You are not going to want to miss out on this new music Friday lineup. 

1) Blaine Holcomb – “Make It To Mexico”

Calling all country music fans, Blaine Holcomb’s new song “Make It To Mexico” is the perfect vibe going into the new year. It is light and catchy with lyrics that will make you feel like you are soaking in the sun on a sunny beach. If you are looking for additions to your new year’s playlist, this tune in a must-listen.  

2) Vince Freeman – “Imposter”

In this sweet new single from Vince Freeman “Imposter,” listen as he takes you on a beautiful journey through life and overcoming challenges. It’s a catchy and uplifting tune that is sure to leave you smiling. If you like artists such as NEEDTOBREATHE or Zach Bryan, you are going to love this song from Vince Freeman. 

3) Johnny Manchild – “Oh, Songbird”

Johnny Manchild and his band have released their new song together called “Oh, Songbird” off of their album Rapture Waltz. This song is everything you could ever want. It describes the pain of loss and isolation. It is a beautiful story of overcoming adversity in the darkest times. If you are looking for a pick me up, you should check out this song. 

4) SkyDxddy – “Pretty Distraction”

SkyDxddy’s new song “Pretty Distraction” is the perfect story of a woman who can’t just get a minute to herself without being on her guard while going out or even just walking in the street. It will surely tug of your heartstrings and make you feel something with its powerful lyrics including, “What a terrible life for a woman, who just wants to be left alone. What a horrible world for all of the girls, getting cat-called as they’re walking home.” This song is real, raw, edgy and devastating. 

5) Raegan – “Waltz”

In this pop song from pop super-princess Raegan, listen along as she takes your heart and breaks it slowly with lyrics like “Mommy don’t like what she sees, if the corset’s not tight and I can’t breathe.” If you are looking for a bittersweet love song, you should check out this song from Raegan. 

6) S/J and Liv Wallace – “Never Win”

In this epic rootsy collaboration from S/J and Liv Wallace, they create the most beautiful acoustic feel with intense bluesy feel that will knock your socks right off. If you like bluesy americana grooves, check this song out now. 

7) Imogen Clark – “Not Christmas Here”

Creative genius and talented artist, Imogen Clark has released a Christmas reminisce tune that is appropriate for any time of the year. With lyrics like “Lennon sings, ‘So This Is Christmas’ but it still feels like it’s June,” this song is a winter masterpiece. 

8) Jenna DeVries – “RIP”

Jenna DeVries’ song “RIP” is such a creative take on death and life. If you are looking for a catchy and unique pop song to take you to the end of the year, give “RIP” a listen and check out the music video above. 

9) Nikhil Bagga – “Sorry Not Sorry”

In honor of the 14-year-old guitarist Nikhil Bagga playing the national anthem at a recent sports event, we are bringing back his single from earlier this year “Sorry Not Sorry”. Check it out for a beautiful guitar-based masterpiece and a display of pure talent from this young Rockstar. 

10) Fletcher – “Eras of Us”

Pop icon and talented musician Fletcher, has released this powerful not-so-lovesong “Eras of Us”. With lyrics like “Sometimes I re-run those sixteen seasons for the rush, these are the eras of us,” this song will cut you deep and tug on your heartstrings.

11) Davis Mallory – “Fa La La La”

If you are not ready for the Christmas season to end or more importantly, for the Christmas music to end, you are definitely going to want to give one last listen to this Christmas tune from Davis Mallory. Who says it’s too late to listen to holiday music? Prove them wrong.

12) Death Cult – “Flesh and Bone”

This aggressive song from Death Cult is deep and powerful and will have you reevaluating your whole life. If you are looking for some powerful and real lyrics that will have a chokehold over you, you should give this song a listen when you can. 

13) Hello Sister – “Things You Never Said”

Hello Sister has done it again and this song from their latest EP is a masterpiece in every sense of the word. With beautiful lyrics that echo the sweet and sad title “Things You Never Said”. 

14) Jerrod Neimann – “Jingle Bell Rock”

Jerrod Neimann’s rendition of “Jingle Bell Rock” is so worth the listen while you still can and even if you are looking to make a Christmas playlist for next year. His rugged vocals and beautiful musical hooks will leave you wishing it were still Christmas. 

15) Queen Naija – “Truth Is”

The trust is, this song form Queen Naija is absolutely incredible. With beautiful vocal melodies and powerful lyrics, this song will be sure to leave an impression on you. 

16) Blowfuse – “Move On”

New from the band Blowfuse is this epic breakup tune “Move On.” Experience wild lyricism and aggressive attitude as he tells a past lover to “Move On.” Combining musical aspects of classic 60s rock and aggression from early 2000s Green Day type of sound, Blowfuse is an epic conglomeration of the edgy pop-rock sound. 

17) Charli XCX – “In The City”

Charli XCX and Sam Smith team up in this exclusive mashup to make this epic pop ballad. If you are a fan of either of their music, you are going to want to check out this epic collaboration. 

The Spout Podcast’s final episode of the season is concluded with an exclusive interview with Charli so if you want to know more about her music and behind the scenes facts, you are going to want to check out this season finale.

18) Cindy Sterling – “Red Lights”

“Red Lights” off of Cindy Sterling’s new album Roxbury Romance has stopped listeners in its tracks. If you are looking for a popping new song to drive you right into the next season, listen to “Red Lights” now. 

19) Xdinary Heroes – “PLUTO”

This Korean pop-rock single from Xdinary Heroes is the perfect vibe for your new year playlist. It is high energy and is a powerful display of melodies and intergalactic magic. Listen to “PLUTO” now! 

20) The Intersphere – “All We Need”

And last but certainly not least, we have the new song from the band The Intersphere. This some is light and beautiful and the perfect song to kick off your new year. If you like a song with uplifting lyrics about appreciating what you have. You are definitely going to want to listen to this song with that classic 2000s rock feel.  

As this year comes to a close, throw some of these new songs on for some good vibes and catchy tunes. Check back next year for more.