New Music Friday: Emily in Paris

With “Emily in Paris” season three recently coming out, it brings us to the final crossroads between decisions, and the consequences these decisions might hold. From flying across the world to a foreign country to becoming acclimated, to making the most important choices that can change the direction of Emily’s life, season three is one that will leave fans hanging onto their seat figuring out where Emily is going with her life. Whether you are a newbie or a well-versed “Emily in Paris” fanatic, season 3 brings the theme of actions with consequences, and choices as we see Emily stuck between love triangles or choosing her work over anything! What songs would Emily use as an impetus to choose where her decisions will take her? Let’s find out with this week’s New Music Friday!

1. “The End of the World by Billie Eilish

How would you spend your last five minutes on Earth if it were coming to an end? In this soft yet powerful cover which was originally performed by Rob Dickinson, Billie Eilish contemplates just that. While many might be more familiar with Billie’s major hits such as “Lovely” or “TV”, Billie exemplifies her vulnerability in this one. With the ultimate choice of her lover staying or leaving in their final minutes, Billie sings away on a song that will leave you feeling vulnerable and touched.

2. “Diamonds” by Rhianna

There are many choices many must make in their life, and in Rhiana’s smash hit “Diamonds”, happiness is one of the most important choices one could make. With clashing melodies that scream pop, and a catchy chorus that will be implanted into your brain, Rhianna pleads with her lover stating that happiness in her relationship is all that matters. With lines such as “I chose to be happy”, or “you and I are like diamonds in the sky”, it is clear as day that the theme pinpointed here is the choice in a relationship to share each other happiness.

3. “Never Worn White” by Katy Perry

Ah, marriage marriage marriage. The one thing in this life that can be forever-lived, or shortly ended. It is safe to say that in love and lust, marriage is the ultimate choice one could make in this world. Here comes Katy Perry’s heartfelt message from her song “Never Worn White” a song that dictates the harsh realities, and tough choices that come into play when getting married to someone. In this one, Katy depicts her excitement, yet nervousness about getting married to the man that she loves. Should she go all in and say “I do”, or should she walk away from marriage preventing the possibility of it ever failing? With Katy Perry getting engaged in 2019 to actor Orlando Bloom, it is safe to say that thoughts were bouncing around in her head while writing this one.

4. “Should I Stay or Should I Go” by The Clash

Who doesn’t love a catchy rock classic that will leave listeners contemplating a very important question? Should I stay, or should I go? Yes, another song about one’s love interest but, don’t let the instrumentation bouncing around in your head and the awesome melodies stop you from understanding the meaning. The Clash’s song dictates mixed messages from the singer’s love interest as he is deciding if it is even worth it for him. It’s crazy to say that this song didn’t ever crack the top 40 of the Billboard charts but, Rolling stone would name this one on the list of “500 Greatest Songs of All Time”.

5. “I’m Alright” by Sammy Ave

Producer, songwriter, engineer, and artist!!?? Sammy Ave does it all! Releasing his debut single with hit vocals from renowned artist Violyt, Sammy Ave is breaking the scene with his newest tune. The song depicts the idea of being able to trek the world by yourself as you are the only person you need to succeed. With telling the stories of heartbreaks, and choosing not to pick someone else over yourself, Sammy Ave’s Nostalgic, yet poppy song contains a hit chorus with connecting lyrics that will leave you feeling uplifted.

6. “Stand by You” by Rachel Platten

If you are still wondering about people choosing to stay or leave in a relationship, Rachel Platten makes it very obvious with her 2016 pop song “Stand By You”. By choosing to stay with her significant other no matter what happens due to her immense love and sacrifice, Rachel sings about how she will dig deep, and walk through the depths of hell with her lover staying right by his side through it all.

7. “It’s My Life” Bon Jovi

If you ever felt down in the dumps about where your life is heading, I’m sure this one by Bon Jovi with slap you across the face and send you in the right direction. It seems like Bon Jovi never gets it wrong when it comes to lyricism that will have you feeling like an indestructible brick wall! With Bon Jovi chanting words such as “it’s my life, and it’s now or never”, he is making sure to let everyone know that it is your life you are living as you are the only one driving the ship.

8. “Wasted Potential” by Lindsay Liebro

With the voice of Taylor Swift and limits of the moon, Lindsay Liebro’s single has already started to shock the world. Before this song even came out, people were posting the snippet saying it was Taylor Swift so it is clear that the talent in this one is abundant! The choice is hers in “Wasted Potential”. She expands upon the possibilities of doing many things with her life such as being a Doctor or Lawyer. Not too fast! Lindsay exclaims how it is the music she is pursuing in this catchy one that will leave you endlessly bopping your head.

9. “Papa Don’t Preach” Madonna

Trigger Warning: Sensitive Topic about Abortion

Madonna has never failed to deliver meaningful messages, heartfelt songs, and sometimes even deep stories. “Papa Don’t Preach” details the story of a girl who is pregnant but tells her father that she will not have an abortion. When it comes to Teenage Pregnancy, Madonna answers the tough choices that come with it.

10. “Molly” by Lil Dicky

For the most part, we are all used to the comical and totally not serious Lil Dicky that we all love. However, in 2015 he released his most serious song called “Molly”. His most famous songs such as “Save That Money” or “Pillow Talk” might leave you crying from the laughter but, “Molly” will most certainly leave you in tears from the heartfelt story Lil Dicky is telling. From being deeply in love with the girl of your dreams, to having to watch her marry another man, living life without your love is certainly not an easy one in this song.

11. “Before” by Eve Simpson

If you have recently had a heartbreak or just a tough time, let me tell you, “Before” by Eve Simpson might be that song to dig you out of the hole. Written just by her, this detailed song describes the ability to change as a person and be “better than before” as she states in this beautifully written masterpiece. As she is breaking off the ground, be sure to check out her other amazing songs such as “The Strangest Company” or “I Can See a Face”.

12. “Warning” by Green Day

Questions everything and break the rules!! Of course, that is what Green day advocated for in their song “Warning”. With an upbeat rock feel and meaningful lyrics, this song details how everyone should “live without warning” and live their own life. In the end, after listening to this one you will certainly feel like choosing your own path off the road.

13. “Game” by Laken Lambson

Sometimes, you can look at everything in life as a game. Relationships, your job, and just everything you do. You just have to know how to play it as Laken Lambson states in her catchy single “Game”. With such soft and calming vocals contrasting by an uprising chorus with powerful words, this song is one that will leave you feeling great.

14. “Was it All Worth it” by Queen

Did you know Freddy Mercury wrote this song based on the ideas of his bandmates? Nevertheless, the meaning behind the song is over-the-top! Let’s just say in life, you can’t go back on a decision that is made. When it comes to this song, the question is, was that decision worth it? Freddy Murcury contemplates if going down the musical realm and sacrificing many things to music was all worth it. Believe it or not, we get the answer. It was worth it!

15. “Wasted on You” by Evanescence

Hard rock mixed with some classical. The combination the world never knew they needed! Here they come again with another masterpiece about the crossroads of a relationship. When it is much easier to stay in a tough relationship, the need to get out of it is much more important as the lead singer exclaims. You can tell there is a lot of emotion and passion behind Amy Lee’s voice in her music as these lyrics certainly have deep meaning.

16. “Torn” by LeToya”

Are you starting to see a common theme here? It seems like the toughest decision people have in this world is leaving or staying when it comes to a tough relationship. I don’t know whether I should cheer it on or not because this amazing music keeps getting created from it. The title states it all. “Torn” describes the troubles that come along and the decision that must be made in a harsh relationship.

17. “Nobody Gets Me” by SZA

Straight off her hit number-one album “SOS”, this deep and intricate song penetrated the Billboard charts and, it still is! It’s not easy for everyone to admit when they are in the wrong, especially when it comes to relationships. SZA tells her story of leaving her significant other after going on the road for music. She even goes as far as stating “If I were you I wouldn’t take me back”. These lyrics are deep and one of the most heartfelt messages on her album.

18. “Consequences” by Camilla Cabello

There’s not much to be said that the title of this one can’t say for itself. Actions have consequences. In this case, falling in love at a young age for Camilla had consequences for her. By releasing a video along with it, she displays how a toxic relationship that doesn’t compare to others has harsh realities one must face.

19. “The General” by Dispatch

This indie band has been creating music with topics so unique, I couldn’t imagine it until I heard them. Specifically, I am talking about “The General”. This one really tells a story with an entire beginning middle and end. Telling the story of a general who wants his troops to leave the war to go live fulfilling lives, as he will stay to do the job he has sworn to do. However, none of the men decide to leave him. Heartfelt, strong, and meaningful, this is one you must sit down and pay attention to.

20. “Run Right Back” by Noah Andres

To cap off our wonderful New Music Friday list, we end with an upcoming artist who is making himself known in the music world. With a rising fanbase, one of his most popular singles is “Run Right Back”. With an upbeat pop chorus that will have you dancing in any setting you listen to it in, and vocals that glide right off the beat. Noah describes his true love story and the hopes of having his love “run right back to him”.