New Music Friday: February 16th

Curating the best and brightest and most unique music from young, rising artists of today. 

Happy new music Friday, here are this week’s top songs to listen to containing everything from out-of-the-box indie artists to top songs of today.

1. Sydney Sherrill – “Kiss and Tell”

“Kiss and Tell” from rising pop-country queen Sydney Sherrill is a hilarious display of lyricism that is the perfect mix of sweet and sassy. If you like a good early Taylor Swift inspired pop song, this tune from Sydney Sherril might be perfect for you. With vocals that will blow you away and the subtle country production, this song is totally worth the listen.

2. Luke Levenson – “Cold in Amarillo”

This song from folk-pop artist Luke Levenson is the perfect mix of acoustic indie vibes and witty lyricism. With his elegant melodies and the acoustic guitar-picking motif that plays throughout, this song will have you in a trance from start to finish. “Cold in Amarillo” is an emotional yet catchy single that is sure to be stuck in your head all week long.  

3. Lizzy McAlpine – “Older”

Released this Friday as the first single off of her new album is Lizzy McAlpine’s song “Older.” This song will take you back to when you were younger and will put growing up into a perspective that you have never seen it before. This song is sad, and poetic and will surely make you feel some type of way. Check it out today.

4. Natalie Jane – “Tattoos”

This new tune from Natalie Jane is sure to leave a mark on your heart and maybe even your skin. “Tattoos” is a beautiful, pop-R&B single that showcases the metaphor of love and tattoos. It takes the listener on a journey of what it’s like to have something permanently etched into your life. If you are looking for a song with a beautifully catchy melody, this song is perfect for you and your new playlist. Oh and make sure to check out her amazing music video above.

5. Noah Kahan – “Forever”

The newest release from the folk superstar Noah Kahan, “Forever” is the perfect way to kick of the spring season. It is light and airy in production, yet deep in lyricism. This is the perfect way to introduce the deluxe edition of his album Stick Season (Forever). If you like Noah Kahan or even just alternative folk, then you should check out this new tune “Forever” which is sure to be stuck in your head… forever

Check out his take on the lyrics with Genius in their video below:

6. The Dead South – “Completely, Sweetly”

This southern roots, bluegrass-rock song is a beautiful display of instrumentation from The Dead South. If you are looking for a new edgy band with a unique sound and eerie melodies, this group might be worth diving into. Check out their new album Chains and Stakes today!

7. Garrett Bradford – “Keep On Drivin’”

Calling all country fans, breakout artist Garrett Bradford just released his new song “Keep On Drivin’” and it is a banger. With its musical style that echoes that of classic country, this song is the perfect windows down, backroad driving song. With a stellar guitar solo in the middle, this song is produced well. If you are a fan of country, this song is worth the listen. 

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