New Music Friday: February 2nd

Curating the best and brightest and most unique music from young, rising artists of today.

With new songs from pop-country to punk-rock, this list has got all of the hottest musical releases of this week!

 MacKenzie Porter – “Pay Me Back In Change”

Canadian pop-country sweetheart MacKenzie Porter just released a bundle of new music. One of the most unique songs off of the project is her song “Pay Me Back In Change.” This song is sweet and elegant. With creative lyrics that are so relatable, this tune from MacKenzie Porter is sure to be a new fan favorite. If you like this song and want to check out more of her creative lyricism and beautiful pop-country melodies, listen to the first four songs off her new record Nobody’s Born With A Broken Heart – out today!

Benjamin Ingrosso – “Kite”

This song from upcoming pop artist Benjamin Ingrosso is an absolute must-listen. If you want a upbeat song with a catchy melody that is sure to be stuck in your head, you should definitely check out this song. Make sure to watch the music video on YouTube to get the full effect of this new banger! Benjamin Ingrosso’s song “Kite” will have you soaring so make sure to give it a listen today.

Natalie Douglas – “You’ll Never Know”

In this jazzy female power-ballad, listen along as Natalie Douglas takes us on a beautiful musical journey. With angelic vocals, this sweet love song will have you soaring. If you are looking for a love song that feels like it could be in a Disney Princess movie, this song is perfect for you. Along with the most beautiful lyrics and the hook of the song, “You’ll never know if you don’t know now,” this song also has a beautiful piano solo that is backed up by an incredible jazz band. Get your jazz on and listen to this song from Natalie Douglas.

Asher Angel – “Flip The Switch”

Asher Angel’s “Flip The Switch” is a great song to kick off your February! With a pop bass and backbeat that you can feel in your bones, this song is sure to be a new favorite. With clean and polished pop vocals, Asher takes us on a musical journey with this one. With a little bit of rap in the lyrics, this song sure keeps listeners on their toes. Check out ”Flip The Switch” today.

 Fletcher – “Lead Me On”

Fletcher’s song “Lead Me On” off of her newest project Antidote is an elegant pop ballad about being led on. This song is sad, soft, and relatable. After the first chorus, this song picks up speed and makes you feel the message of the song: “Lead me on because something is better than nothing at all.” Check out the music video for an incredible visual representation of this pop tune.

Bayside – “Castaway”–mCj

Pop-punk band Bayside has just released their song “Castaway.” This song is everything you could need out of an intense rock/metal-esque song. With layered vocals that drive the lyrics into your brain, this song is sure to get stuck in your head. If you want a high-energy song with aggressive rhythm guitars and bold electric guitar solos, you should give this tune a listen. 

 Morgan Wallen – “Spin You Around (1/24)”

Bro-country superstar Morgan Wallen has just re-released his song “Spin You Around” and it is absolutely beautiful. If you like the original, or even if you are just looking for a new soft country tune, you are sure to like the acoustic, stripped-down version of this classic country tune. 

Ethan Tasch – “Good News”

Ethan Tasch’s song “Good News” is an emotional and relatable masterpiece. It is soft and sweet and a chill vibe to throw on in the background OR cry to! Totally up to you. With a nice and easy backbeat and slow tempo, this song is sure to make you feel some type of way. Check out this song from Ethan Tasch today and with these heart-wrenching lyrics, you’re going to want to make sure to have some tissues handy… 

Gracee Shriver – “Yodel-Ay-He-Hoe”

Check out this brand-new sassy song from country princess Gracee Shriver. After her musical debut on The Voice, Shriver has been working on some original songs including her latest release “Yodel-Ay-He-Hoe.” This song is packed full of sass and humor and is a female power anthem that is sure to make any girl who’s trying to get over a guy feel a little less alone. This tune is high-energy and hilarious. If you are looking for a relatable and funny little song to put on your country playlist, give this song a listen.

Papooz – “TOO YOUNG”

This pop duo Papooz has just released their album Resonate and their Beach Boys meets Harry Styles style of indie pop production has got us in a chokehold. With creative and enchanting guitar licks and beautifully arranged harmonies, this song starts in a very upbeat and sweet spot that makes you feel like you are on the beach in the 60s. It’s groovy and fun and the perfect anthem for all young people. Make this song from Papooz the soundtrack of your next beach vacation and if you like this song make sure to check out the rest of their album today!

Thanks for tuning into this week’s new music Friday! Check back next week for more of the latest releases from today’s unique, up-and-coming artists!