New Music Friday: February 9th

Curating the best and brightest and most unique music from young, rising artists of today.

This week’s latest single releases are full of powerful lyrics and beautiful melodies. Check out some of these unique tunes below.

1. L.A.B. – “Casanova”

This groovy track from the band L.A.B. is a sweet love song that pours out the honesty of being in love into one song. With a steady drum beat with a reggae influence, the rhythm of this song is enough to get your toes tappin’. With a rhythm guitar intro paired with tasteful synths, this song is well-produced, catchy, and has an unmistakable uniqueness that flows so naturally. This song is an undeniable vibe that will be stuck in your head all day long.  

2. Jacob Collier – “Witness Me (feat. Shawn Mendes, Stormzy, and Kirk Franklin)”

In preparation for his new album Djesse Vol. 4, Jacob Collier has released this sweet tune with legendary collaborators Shawn Mendes, Stormzy, and Kirk Franklin. With lyrics that will inspire you and give you new life, this song is packed full of R&B influence and uplifting lyricism. These powerful lyrics echo that of “Lean On Me” by the Beatles. If you want an uplifting tune with musicality that exceeds all others, then this song is perfect for you and your next playlist. 

3. Austin Sexton – “Don’t Tell Your Friends”

Austin Sexton won the Gibson guitar contest and collaborated with Orianthi to create this absolute banger of a pop song. We know the title is “Don’t Tell Your Friends” but you definitely should let them know about this melodic masterpiece. With lyrics that center around love and regret and overcoming the odds to be in love. Check out this pop song today.

4. Muscadine Bloodline – “Have Faith In Me (feat. Drayton Farley)”

This new country release from the band Muscadine Bloodline, “Have Faith In Me” is incredible.

This track has unique-sounding vocals that invoke so much emotion that it might just bring you to tears. This song is everything you want out of a sultry country ballad. Listen as Muscadine Bloodline pairs up with Drayton Farley in order to bring their emotions to life in this powerful tune, “Have Faith In Me.”

5. Spanish Love Songs – “Haunted”

The band Spanish Love Songs has just released their newest album No Joy. One of the top songs off of this project is their tune “Haunted.” This song is elegant and enchanting while also being a little bit haunting. It discusses what it would be like to be haunted by a former lover. The lyrics are deep and emotional and will leave you thinking about lost love. This song is perfect for your sad playlist so check it out today.

6. Logan Freevol – “Blame the Planets”

“Blame the Planets” the breakout single from rising indie pop artist Logan Freevol is a beautiful combination of humor and emotion. This unique tune takes listeners on a journey through a relationship that doesn’t work out because of differences in opinion. It talks about astrology and pokes fun at the differences in values. It’s catchy, a bit sad, but most of all creative. Check out this self-produced masterpiece from Logan Freevol today.

7. Passion and Landon Wolfe – “The Lord Will Provide”

Freshly released from this year’s Passion 2024 conference, “The Lord Will Provide” is the perfect tune for those looking for a good background track. This song has energy and witty lyricism that fits so well with the feel of the song. It is a love recording but is so well crafted that you would think it was recorded in a studio setting. If you are looking for something sweet to toss into the background, this uplifting new song from Passion and Landon Wolfe is for you.

8. Becky Hill – “Never Be Alone”

This powerful pop ballad from Pop Princess with intense vocals is the perfect new addition to your playlist. If you are looking for an elegant and well-produced song from a female powerhouse, then this song is a must-listen. Check you “Never Be Alone” by Becky Hill today.

9. Aimee Carty – “2 days into college”

This song from rising Irish artist Aimee Carty is blowing up on TikTok. It is an extremely catchy and relatable song that is sure to be stuck in your head after listening. This song is an anthem for anyone going through school (particularly university). If you are currently in school, thinking about going to school, or even if you have been to school – this song is sure to strike a chord with you.

10. Newmoon – “Crazing”

“Crazing” by rising band Newmoon is a creative tune that encompasses the world of modern pop-rock music. This song is a single that they have released off of their new album Temporary Light. This song is packed full of energy and a powerful drum display at the beginning opens the song with an energy that sets the scene for the rest of the song. Check out “Crazing” by Newmoon today and if you like what you hear, check out the rest of their album Temporary Light.

Hope you enjoy these fresh new releases. Make sure to check back next week for the hottest releases of today!