New Music Friday: Ginny and Georgia

Ginny and Georgia season two will leave you hurling toward your television screaming “what the heck is happening next!”. From family troubles, to dating, to having a lack of self-identity, we see Ginny’s character reveal a lot in this new season. While digging into the dark troubles that not only Ginny faces, as self-harm and depression are major themes of the new season, we see her boyfriend Marcus come out with very similar troubles that are very well leading to both of their downfalls. While the sad and depressing overtones of Ginny’s life are quite dark in the new season, we can still see light in the darkness at times. With that being said, this week’s New Music Friday is music that Ginny would be listening to in the brand-new season two!

1. “Never Let Me Go” by Florence and The Machine

I’m not giving up, I’m just giving in. With the downhill stream of negative emotions and sadness that “Never Let Me Go” brings, it can very well relate to the difficult life of Ginny. With not only having difficulty in her relationship but being on the edge with her mother through it all, this one matches her mind state.

2. “Breathe Me” by Sia

Coping with depression, and sadness are things Sia hopes people can relate to with one of her first hits “Breathe Me”. Much like the constant turmoil that Ginny’s life brings, she is on the edge of breaking through season two but is not alone in the journey.

3. “How to Save a Life” by The Fray

Although Ginny goes through her deal of issues through this season, we also see her significant other, Marcus, come out with severe depression as he goes on a downward spiral. Guidance might be what Ginny looks for in this song as she is the one who needs to not only learn, but put into action how to help, and save Marcus from his own darkness.

4. “I Wanna Be With You” by Chris James

We see Ginny’s Boyfriend, Marcus, being a major part of her life throughout the show, despite them having serious issues. Although they part away from each other, we get a glimpse towards the end of season two that Ginny and Marcus might be coming together again. No thinking is necessary as Ginny can use this song as the guide to what she truly wants.

5. “Lose You to Love Me” by Selena Gomez

The pain and hurt you feel after a breakup are nevertheless, extremely impactful on a person. With Ginny already having depression and self-harming, the split between her and Marcus is an unnecessary additive to her sadness. From the things we don’t understand about ourselves, we can learn through other people’s stories as this song can be what Ginny needs to cope.

6. “For Hours” by Megan Burke

Sometimes, we must learn to focus on ourselves before we can focus on others. This is what happened with Marcus and Ginny when they officially split up. With their problems encompassing both of their lives, Marcus could not weigh down on Ginny any longer. Minutes, hours, days, years. It might feel like a long time but being apart from each other might be of benefit.

7. “Family Portrait” by Pink

Much like Pink’s description of her family dysfunction in her song “Family Portrait, Ginny’s situation is one that is very similar. Turmoil between her mother and soon-to-be stepdad, family abuse, to self-harming to cope with it all, there are a lot of issues in Ginny’s family.

8. “Fix You” by Coldplay

At times, it seems as if Ginny is all Marcus has through the tough times. Even through their breakup, Ginny is there as a friend to have a shoulder to lean on. Whether it is being there mentally, or physically helping Marcus through his dark days, the song is one that can motivate Ginny to do something bigger than herself, and guide Marcus to the light.

9. “Oh Father” by Madonna

“Oh Father”, the start of a prayer to God. It just so happens that this prayer is about the emotional burden taken from a dysfunctional family. However, despite all of this, this song portrays how the narrator is stronger now because of it. Likewise, it is clear Ginny goes through family issues throughout her progression. Through it all, she may ask herself what that turmoil has made her become.

10. “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman

I wonder what Ginny would want if she can point her life in any direction. Much like Tracy singing about how her life isn’t like she imagined, Ginny could be going through the same thing. From early on she witnesses tragedies, depression, and crises. Much like the song, she could relate as she wishes for a better future even though it might not be possible.

11. “Final Song” by Jesse Justin and Wendy Lucas

This anthem is blasting in Ginny’s head screaming “Don’t let this be our final song”. Of course, when it comes to her and Marcus, that is just what we might be thinking in the beginning, but signals show that it might not be their final song after all.

12. “1-800-273-8255” by Logic

A song that is exactly about what Ginny is going through. Unfortunately, not only what she is going through but Marcus as well. With her deadly tendencies wearing down on her, this sad song connects to her inner self through season two. Let’s just hope she can get to the end of this song and learn that life really is worth living, and people need her in their lives.

13. “Gets Better” by Benzvi

Although we catch Ginny down in the dumps a lot, she might be finding herself wanting to get out of it at times. Maybe a make-yourself-feel-better anthem like that of Benzvi’s song is just what she needs? I’m sure we all know that Ginny needs one like this in her ears.

14. “Love Yourz” by J cole

A song about accepting your situation and realizing that no life out there is better than yours. A feel-good song for Ginny. Maybe just what she needs to get out of her slump. Just what she needs to become a better person and come out on the other side.

15. “Hello How Are, You” by Natty Paynter

While apart from Marcus, this is exactly what Ginny was listening to. Now we don’t quite know what the end of the story is going to look like for these two, but it doesn’t mean that Ginny isn’t thinking about him when they are apart. They were together in the first place for a reason, and they might end back up together in season three for a reason as well.

16. “Listen Before I Go” by Billie Eilish

The title should explain it all. We don’t really know what the future holds for Ginny at the end of season 2. We see her go through horrible things with her family and herself, but she still hangs on to her life strongly. It is sad to say that this is a song that might be in Ginny’s playlist when her darkness takes over.

17. “Save Myself” by Ed Sheeran

Hurting yourself to cope with the pain is something we see quite often from Ginny in the newest season. A rabbit hole that opens and leaves her plummeting through. As Ed Sheeran talks about abusing his body to cope with his life struggles, we similarly see Ginny connect to this through her life.

18. “A Day Without Me” by U2

Ginny must sometimes think, “how would a day without me impact the people around me?”. With demons not only fighting inside of her but fighting around her, her mellowed struggles and sad expressions connect to the inner meaning of this song.

19. “Secrets” by One Republic

Secrets secrets aren’t no fun unless you tell everyone! Well, I can be the first to tell you that this isn’t the case with Ginny’s secrets. Withholding the truth that she knows about her mother, and withholding the inner truth about herself, it feels like her secrets are bursting up into a ball ready to explode. Let this song guide her secrets to where they need to be! Unfortunately, the season finale might have done that for her!

20. “Diary” by Alicia Keys

A diary, the very thing where the truth is there but hidden from the world. As we see all of Ginny’s secrets, maybe it is better that they are locked up in a Diary. Or better, a figurative diary like that of Alicia Keys. I’m sure this song can help Ginny cope with what she has locked up in her brain!