New Music Friday: July 7th

Do you struggle to find new music? If you answered “yes,” you aren’t alone.

At Young Entertainment Magazine, our talented staff can fill you in on the latest songs by little-known artists. So, whether you lean towards catchy pop singles or emotional rock songs, we’ve got you covered. Here’s this week’s edition of New Music Friday for your reference.

1. “Oh Well” by Jay Wood

Western Australia singer Jay Wood can inspire listeners — like you — with her new single “Oh Well” and help boost spirits in the process.

“How so?” you ask. “Oh Well” was written after she was involved in a devastating car accident seven years ago. Wood’s new song holds a deep significance in her heart as she not only sustained injuries, but also faced LGBTQ+ struggles.

“Oh Well” is a prelude to Wood’s September 1st release of her EP, Respire, which also showcases her strength and determination, despite her life-altering car accident in 2016.

Woods explained to Broken 8 Records, “[The song] began as a cute upbeat song professing heartfelt intentions toward her but morphed into more of an optimistic song with a lament of the love gone by, hence the weaving of the phrase “oh well” throughout.”

2. “Here For The Drama” by Rachel Bochner

New York-based singer-songwriter Rachel Bochner returned to the alternative pop scene with her new single “Here For The Drama” on June 23rd.

“Here For The Drama” is as dramatic as the song title implies. The song contrasts Bochner’s sweet melodies with deliciously distorted guitars.

Bochner emphasized, “When people hear these songs, I want them to know it’s okay to feel their feelings, to find humor even in the darkness, and to remember that we have the power to define our own self worth.”

“Here For The Drama” follows Bochner’s recent singles “Sucker Punch” and “If I’m Gunna Be Sad (I Might As Well Look Hot Doing It)” and offers a sample of what listeners can expect from her upcoming EP, It’s Not Me, It’s U, later this summer.

3. “Paris Tropical” by Sabina Sciubba

Italy-born singer, composer, and actress Sabina Sciubba is best known as the founding member of the New York-based electronic band Brazilian Girls.

Sciubba released a new single “Paris Tropical” and a new album, Sleeping Dragon.

The music video for “Paris Tropical” illustrated the contrast of an odd juxtaposition of cultural elements that fused into something new.

Sciubba recounted, “Renaissance paintings, gray zinc roof, etiquette and aloofness, sophistication and classical culture clash with the bright mix of colors and languages, youth, nightlife, social unrest, rage and effervescence.”

“The tension between an antique society and their more recent colonial past, the energy and friction which is generated by different cultures cohabiting has always fascinated me. There seems to be an abyss between the one and the other, but somehow it melts into one chaotic abstract painting.”

4. “Crybaby” by VOILÀ ft. phem

Los Angeles-based artists VOILÀ and phem collaborated in a new single “Crybaby” for the general public.

“Crybaby” was co-written by their friend LØLØ. LØLØ’s a Canadian singer-songwriter who gained popularity on TikTok for reimagining influential music hits.

LØLØ said, “We wrote Crybaby the first time we met and it was an immediate connection and the most fun day ever! The song is a warning to future love prospects about what it would be like to love us.”

5. “U SAID!” by Ray Laurél

London-based singer-songwriter Ray Laurél is a rising artist you need to know.

Laurél’s new single “U SAID!” shows how determined to redefine the boundaries of British pop music by speaking to one’s inner child. The chorus of “U SAID!” stated, “You want the world. I wish you were another girl. You want a man. Maybe I’m just too feminine.”

After reading our description, how excited are you to hear “U SAID!” on a scale of one to ten?

6. “Little Old Paint Horse” by Benjamin Dakota Rogers

Canadian singer-songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Dakota Rogers hails from his family’s farm in southwestern Ontario.

Rogers’ new single “Little Old Paint Horse” shows that the simple life has been evident from the start. “Little Old Paint Horse” showcases an accomplished storyteller’s sensibilities, while steeping in a rising singer’s folk music roots.

The chorus of “Little Old Paint Horse” sang, “I ride a little old paint horse she carries me on my way. She sure a foot in sturdy wild is the rain. All the cattle they are lowing as I’m singing them to sleep. And the stars are like a blanket god hung over me.”

7. “Cabin in the Woods” by Brit Taylor

Hey, guess what? Brit Taylor’s new single “Cabin in the Woods” is available now.

Born and raised in eastern Kentucky, Brit Taylor created the not-so-bluegrass and somewhere-left-of-country song with Grammy-award winners Sturgill Simpson and David Ferguson.

Taylor told Grateful Web, “‘Cabin in the Woods’ was written with a light, happy heart and deep gratitude that I had survived some rough times and my house was finally my own.”

8. “ENERGY” by Siergio ft. Hundo

Los Angeles-based singer, screenwriter, and actor Siergio teamed up with fellow LA-based artist Hundo and put out a new single “Energy” available on all streaming platforms right now.

“Energy” is a song that revolves around the idea of providing emotional and physical energy to a romantic partner.

Hundo’s third verse in “Energy” slaps. Hundo rapped, “To be honest, baby we ain’t gotta be on the low. Communicate what you want, and I’m keeping the code.”

9. “New York, New York” by Anna Uzele

Delaware-raised, New York City-based singer, dancer, and actress Anna Uzele is a star on a new Broadway musical New York, New York. Uzele’s take on the musical’s iconic title number “New York, New York” has amazed the masses.

“New York, New York” is one of the 29 songs on the musical’s full track list. Are you ready to listen to the song in the immediate future? Let us know in a comment!

10. “Pin-Up Daddy” by Rett Madison ft. Katie Pruitt

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rett Madison partnered up with Nashville-based singer-songwriter Katie Pruitt to create a new single “Pin-Up Daddy” for the public.

“Pin-Up Daddy” is a unique new single, to say the least.

According to, “Pin-Up Daddy” is a single that reflects Rett Madison’s upbringing going through the motions of gender roles with parents who understood her tomboy ways, while combing her hair for beauty pageants. Madison reportedly wrote “Pin-Up Daddy” after she felt more confident with her sexual fluidity and her range in gender expression.

Can you relate to Madison’s feelings? Let us know in the comments!

11. “The Stolen Kiss” by Sabrina Sciubba ft. Dhani Harrison

Italian singer, composer, and actress Sabina Sciubba collaborated with British singer-songwriter and composer Dhani Harrison to concoct “The Stolen Kiss” and its accompanying music video.

“The Stolen Kiss” is one of the top singles on Sabina Sciubba’s new solo album The Sleeping Dragon. The Sleeping Dragon was named after Zhughe Liang, a Chinese military statesman and philosopher, and his book of oracles, which was nicknamed The Sleeping Dragon.

“The Stolen Kiss” follows Sciubba’s previous song releases “Adam” and “Paris Tropical” in recent weeks.

12. “Big Yellow Taxi” by Izzy Mahoubi ft. Sydney Sprague

Phoenix-based singer-songwriter Izzy Mahoubi partnered with fellow PHX-based singer-songwriter Sydney Sprague to cover “Big Yellow Taxi” by Joni Mitchell.

In case you didn’t know, Mitchell is a Canadian singer-songwriter who wrote, composed, and recorded “Big Yellow Taxi” in 1970.

Mahoubi and Sprague’s cover of “Big Yellow Taxi” was released through Rude Records. Most, if not all, of Rude Records’ artists record cover songs of environmental topics to raise their voices for more sustainable environments. Are you ready to listen to “Big Yellow Taxi” ASAP?

13. “My Love Is Sick” by Madds Buckley

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Madds Buckley shared her new single “My Love Is Sick” on June 23rd. “My Love Is Sick” is a unique song as it opens with delicate vocals and meandering guitars, but later unfolds into a crescendo that evokes one’s pain of a love that’s better left alone.

When speaking about the song, Buckley said, “‘My Love is Sick’ delves into the ugly sides of love, comparing it to an infection that slowly takes over. Its dark imagery pulls at the overbearing emotions that come from love that hurts: be it unrequited, toxic, or doomed. Almost everyone can relate to a love that has left us feeling wounded, but what happens to us when we let that hurt consume us whole?”

14. “Loner Of The Year” by Micky James

What if we told you that you don’t need to be a loner to enjoy Micky James’ new song?

Micky James, a Philadelphia-raised, New York City-based artist, released his new single “Loner Of The Year” via Shelter/BMG. “Loner Of The Year” is about one’s complicated relationship with their mental health and the acceptance of loneliness.

If you’re dealing with mental health issues, you should listen to “Loner Of The Year” to boost your spirits. It’s free, and if you like it, you can purchase it for a fee.

15. “Leave” by Sophia Petro

Are you looking for an exciting emerging talent? If so, look no further.

Sophia Petro is an indie pop singer from Melbourne, Australia. Petro’s new single “Leave” is an uplifting indie pop song contains lyrics such as, “She’s one of the bravest people you’ll ever meet. She’s not afraid to tell you what she really thinks. And you can’t get away with pulling the wool over her eyes. She’ll catch you before you’ve even tried.”

16. “Lovestruck” by Gabrielle Vaughn

Gabrielle Vaughn is a rising star for a reason.

Vaughn, an Ohio-raised, Nashville-based glam rock singer, is a solo artist and a member of the all-female supergroup ElectraQueens. Vaughn’s new single “Lovestruck” shows how she quickly mastered her craft. “Lovestruck” opens with a catchy, deep bass riff that draws in listeners before coming to two abrupt stops.

As Vaughn enters the chorus, she electrifies the scene with the lyrics, “I’m always lovestruck, lovestruck. I can never get enough!”

17. “This House” by Carolina Romano

Carolina Romano is a Nashville-based singer by way of Mississippi.

Romano’s new single “This House” is about one’s struggles with a lack of love in their life. “This House” addresses the pain that comes with trying to make a relationship work, but ultimately watching it fall apart.

In an interview with The Daily Beacon, Romano described the song’s feelings, “It’s painting the walls just to have them draw all over it, and building a house just for them to burn. I guess it’s not really about unrequited love, but about just not having quite enough of it.”

18. “Stay” by NEVRLANDS

Hey, guess what?

New York City-based alternative pop/rock trio NEVRLANDS released their lead single “Stay” from their debut, full-length LP due this fall.

“Stay” is a song that captures the true essence of the perfect moment and being present during life’s core moments. For NEVRLANDS, “Stay” is a beautifully-painted portrait about moments that people wish would last forever.

19. “Midwest Summer” by Homes at Night

Nashville-based duo Homes at Night presented their new single “Midwest Summer” via Hazel Street Records. “Midwest Summer” follows the presentation of “Texaco” as Homes at Night goes on back-to-back tours with Saint Motel and Arts Fishing Club.

Homes at Night elaborated on their new song, “‘Midwest Summer’ really feels like two different songs melded into one. It’s an approachable, nostalgia-bomb in the indie-alt vein that feels perfect for late night drives on a humid Summer night. But it’s also a melancholic song that follows the story of two former lovers visiting their hometown at the same time, seeing if they can reignite their high-school flame through the lens of nostalgia. As we are on tour in the Midwest currently, this song has become the soundtrack of our travels and we can’t wait to share it!”

20. “Damage Control” by Pearl Earl

Pearl Earl is an all-female psychedelic rock band from Denton, Texas. Denton is about 35 miles northwest of Dallas.

Pearl Earl’s new single and music video “Damage Control” blends spacey progressive rock and golden era glam rock that invokes the past’s cosmic nostalgia while carving a new territory of a neo-psychedelic universe.

“‘Damage Control’ was written during a time where a close friendship of mine was severely strained and the world was in extreme disarray during the onset of a global pandemic,” says frontwoman Ariel Hartley. “I like to think the hidden theme is the repairing of trust and coming out to the other side, despite whatever damage has been done.”