New Music Friday: June 16th

Why is Friday the best day of the week?

The first thing that comes to mind is that we made it to the weekend! We mean, who doesn’t look forward to Friday and how good it makes everyone feel?

Aside from the day before the weekend, Friday is a good day for our readers at Young Entertainment Magazine. Our weekly edition of New Music Friday helps our readers find new, lesser-known songs from little-known artists. If you’re a music fan, you should stick around to read this week’s New Music Friday for the latest music for your playlist. Here are our top 20 songs for the week ending June 16, 2023.

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1. “I Don’t Look For Trouble” by SCOUTS Original Off-Broadway Cast

SCOUTS is a comedy, thriller, and adventure musical about gender, inclusivity, and a Giant Moth. SCOUTS Original Off-Broadway Cast’s new single “I Don’t Look For Trouble” checks off all the boxes for musical fans.

“I Don’t Look For Trouble” is a memorable song with low-key vocals, highly emotional lyrics, and uber-catchy beats. The song sings, “I don’t look for trouble. Trouble finds me.”

If you’re a musical fan, you should grab your leg warmers, plug in your Walkman, and watch out for the red eyes in the sky as you join the thrilling story of SCOUTS. SCOUTS premieres this summer at The Player’s Theatre at 115 MacDougal Street between West 3rd and Bleecker Streets in Manhattan’s West Village neighborhood. For Tickets

We’re sure you’ll enjoy SCOUTS as its epic adventure begins after both troops, the Brother and Sister Scouts, decide to put aside their differences and find the mysterious beast, The Mothman, before he finds them.

2. “Promise Made” by Don’t Sleep

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania-based band Don’t Sleep dropped a new single “Promise Made” ahead of their upcoming sophomore album, See Change, release.

“Promise Made” is Don’t Sleep’s first single off of See Change. In addition, the East Coast band released a great music video for their newest single on YouTube. The band believes in the promise made — and believes you can do the same.

3. “Venom” by In Shallows

Keene, New Hampshire-based metalcore band In Shallows released a new single “Venom” on June 2, 2023.

“Venom” is a dark track that features crushing breakdowns and excellent musicianship. The metalcore band’s newest song’s versus builds perfectly to a soaring chorus and an emotional climax. The band can guarantee that you’ll feel right at home after listening to their song.

4. “Golden” by FRND CRCL

Vineland, New Jersey-based pop punk band FRND CRCL dropped their new single “Golden” to the general public.

“Golden” is an addicting pop punk song with an interesting music video, to say the least. The pop punk band takes pride in their music, and their newest song can help you see the hard work that they put in day in and day out. The band likely thinks that you’ll give their song a thumbs up after checking it out on YouTube.

5. “Watch It Burn” by Strike Twelve

Temecula, California-based melodic punk band Strike Twelve dropped their new single “Watch It Burn” ahead of their new album, Last Band Standing, release on June 30, 2023.

“Watch It Burn” went live on most, if not all, streaming platforms. The melodic punk band’s new song can help you feel your emotions — especially if you’re dealing with a toxic situation right now. The band’s song can help you navigate a tough time, whether it’s mental, physical, or both.

6. “Levitate” by FELICITY

Orlando, Florida-based band FELICITY played a sold-out show with Orem, Utah-based band The Used and refused to hold off on releasing their new single “Levitate” to the public.

“Levitate” is an upbeat pop punk song that will inspire you to hit the dance floor. By releasing this song, FELICITY marked their first release since 2021 and their first release with their new drummer, Rashid Williams, via Zodhiac Records. FELICITY’s newest song can help you remember who you are in a romantic relationship.

7. “The Standouts” by Bryan Ruby ft. Ty Herndon

Nashville, Tennessee-based singer, songwriter, and baseball player Bryan Ruby is a trailblazer in the country music scene.

Bryan Ruby’s new single “The Standouts” features Nashville-based singer-songwriter Ty Herndon. “The Standouts” is a song that showcases Ruby’s exceptional songwriting abilities. Not only that, Ruby’s newest song delve deep into resilience, self-discovery, and [embracing one’s] uniqueness. His song is undeniably good.

8. “St. Christopher’s Inn” by Reckless Son

New York-based musician Matt Butler goes by his stage name Reckless Son. Reckless Son shared his new single “St. Christopher’s Inn” off of his self-titled debut album that was released in June 2023.

“St. Christopher’s Inn” is a powerful and raw song that can’t be missed. Reckless Son’s newest song contains grit and builds to the ultimate quest that one aims for finding a home and what it means to have a home.

Butler told, “Every song I’ve ever written has been about trying to get back home, whether that’s a place, a person, God, or just a feeling. St. Christopher’s Inn is about trying to put one foot in front of the other on the road back home while knowing you may never actually get there.”

9. “GO!” by Superlove

Bristol, England-based noise pop three-piece band Superlove recently released their new single “GO!” via Rude Records. Superlove’s newest song arrived alongside an energetic music video.

“GO!” won over some, if not most, music fans, thanks to its infectious pop hooks, strong harmonies, and off-kilter songwriting.

Superlove shared in an interview with the Prelude Press, “GO! is all about how being in a band coming up and being online can feel like a massive race sometimes. We wrote the song a few months ago when we were feeling well washed out with the band and the social media dilemma. We’re not used to filming everything when we’re hanging out together so we always felt a bit left behind when it came to making content. Since writing this song and a load of new tunes we’ve had a huge burst of energy with the parts of being in our band we used to struggle with. Moving forward our focus is to really hone in on all the elements people like about our band and throw everything at them. Proper proper proper excited to be kicking off this year with GO! It’s the perfect song to showcase the new sound of Superlove in 2023.”

10. “Looking Down From Space” by OTR ft. Uffie

Atlanta, Georgia-based producer OTR unveiled a new single “Looking Down From Space” featuring Miami, Florida-born, Paris, France-based singer-songwriter and fashion designer Uffie.

“Looking Down From Space” is from OTR’s forthcoming album, Be Quiet, They’re Listening. OTR’s single pulses with joy and celebrates all the transformative qualities of music.

OTR said in an interview with the New York Style Guide, “There’s a sad and happy balancing act to this track that Uffie and I were able to harness during our session. She came up with the verse line almost immediately and I knew it was special. With that session being our first time ever meeting and me having a huge amount of respect for her, I’m excited we were able to make something unique to the both of us.”

11. “There With Me” by Sundressed

Phoenix, Arizona-based band Sundressed dropped their new single “There With Me” after announcing their self-titled album.

“There With Me” was the fourth single that was released from the band’s album, Sundressed. The band’s single shined with their classic emotion and drive. The single’s lyrics addressed existential crisis, self-reflection, and narratives interlaced with love and partnership.

The band’s lead singer, Trevor Hedges, told idobi Radio, “There’s a sad and happy balancing act to this track that Uffie and I were able to harness during our session. She came up with the verse line almost immediately and I knew it was special. With that session being our first time ever meeting and me having a huge amount of respect for her, I’m excited we were able to make something unique to the both of us.”

12. “Declarations Of The 3AM Freeway” by The Velveteins

Edmonton, Alberta-based indie rock band The Velveteins released their new single “Declarations On The 3AM Freeway” in early June 2023.

“Declarations On The 3AM Freeway” is The Velveteins’ title-track off of their upcoming sophomore album, Declarations On The 3AM Freeway.

The band’s frontman, Spencer Morphy, told THOUGHTS WORDS ACTION, “The lyrics are yearning, and more insightful than our past works. That longing sentiment is relayed perfectly on the title track “It all begins right now / It all begins in the car on the freeway.”

13. “Lavender” by Tim Young

New York City-based singer, songwriter, and producer Tim Young is a multi-Grammy certified music artist. Tim Young’s new single “Lavender” showcases his music talents. “Lavender” is an honest and personal recall of the beauty and anguish of a sudden and devastating break-up, according to Broken 8 Records.

Young confided, “I was obsessed with this guy, and let my whole world revolve him. I let him get so deep into my head that when he broke up with me on a whim, it broke my mind. I had a full-on manic mental breakdown which resulted in me seeking mental health care, where I was diagnosed with Bipolar Type II, something I had unknowingly struggled with my whole life. I learned that I was always coping with these intense polarity shifts. I thought it was normal. It took this extreme circumstance that pushed me to the brink to finally seek help. Therapy, medicine and music saved my life. I have a better sense of my identity than I ever have, and that is why I’m ready to share this music now.”


Edmonton, Alberta-based rapper ARDN is of Burundian descent and a rising star in the rap scene. ARDN’s new single “ARE U KIDDING” featuring Chicago, Illinois-based rapper femdot. raised the stakes for fellow rising rappers.

“ARE U KIDDING” is a song that definitely suits today’s culture. The chorus repeats, “Are you kidding?” And, as you might’ve guessed, “Are you kidding?” emphasizes ARDN’s disbelief at those that underestimated him.

15. “Be With You Again” by ERASE THEORY ft. Fred Mascherino

New Jersey-born, California-based ERASE THEORY is a one-man band of ex-letlive member Jeff Sahyoun. Jeff Sahyoun’s new single “Be With You Again” features Fred Mascherino, a Pennsylvania native. Mascherino’s best known for his guitar and vocal work with the American alternative rock band Taking Back Sunday. 

“Be With You Again” is a radio-ready, alternative rock track with a yearning chorus that music listeners — like you — can sing along with. Oh, and it’s emotive to the core, thanks to its echoes of both musicians’ formative years.

When asked about the song’s inception and journey, Mascherino told Broadway World, “I was out in L.A. and talked to Jeffy about writing together. What I liked was he didn’t want to put any expectations on whatever we wrote. He said, let’s just hang out and see what happens. We met up at a rehearsal spot in San Pedro. He had his Fender Telecaster that was tuned pretty low and I just picked that up and chose two chords to get started. Then he started programming the drums. I left that first day feeling super inspired and wrote all the lyrics on my drive back to where I was staying. I pulled off the I-5 a couple times to work out the lyrics on paper.”

16. “If You Tried” by TOMI

Los Angeles, California-based TOMI released her debut single “If You Tried” ahead of her forthcoming album, Late Bloomer, due in August 2023 and her upcoming West Coast tour dates starting in June 2023 to honor Pride Month.

“If You Tried” is an unfettered anthem about a person experiencing a long, drawn-out breakup, but later letting go of blame and moving on with a middle finger in the air. This track navigates TOMI’s journey into adulthood — and perhaps your journey into adulthood as well.

17. “Twenty Something” by Six Impossible Things

Italian dream pop band Six Impossible Things released two EPs as a duo. Fast forward to the future as the Italian duo took a major step and dropped their new single “Twenty Something” on June 6, 2023.

“Twenty Something” is a single that ushered in the duo’s new direction — a combination of dream pop, post rock, and emo. It was also the first single from their forthcoming EP, The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, due sometime in 2023. 

Lorenzo Di Girolamo told THOUGHTS WORDS ACTION, “I’m entering my thirties next month, so I decided to write and release a song about my twenties. It’s a tribute to the last ten years of my life, and I thought: ‘When, if not now?’. This was the only song on the record that was written before the pandemic, and the only song written entirely by me (except for an interlude), so it’s a little bit different when compared to the rest of the EP (weird choice for a single, I know). Nostalgia-soaked lyrics and emo-guitar-driven choruses, instead of the darker approach to the lyrics and melodies that characterize the rest of the songs on the record.”

18. “Mystic’ by MYSTX

New York City-based pop band MYSTX consists of 23-year-old twins, singers Riya and Sara, and their 20-year-old brother, percussionist Kavi. The former are students are Harvard College, while the latter is a dual degree student at Harvard University and Berklee College of Music.

MYSTX released its new single “Mystic” via Ditto Music. “Mystic” is a pop track that boasts lovey-dovey lyrics, super slick beats, and a wildly-intense buildup.

Pop music might sound bland these days, but MYSTX might be able to change your mind. After all, there’s a chance that you’ve been avoiding pop songs on the radio. But MYSTX’s “Mystic” has a different feel, like, say, a South Asian vibe as the three siblings are of South Asian descent.

19. “Head First” by Superbloom

Brooklyn, New York-based grunge band Superbloom shared a new single “Head First” in recent months. Superbloom also shared a new EP, Life’s a Blur.

“Head First” is a chunky and dense grunge rock song that went full-fledged pop in its chorus. Its chorus sings, “You see me when I get bored. I like to close my eyes. So I can feel the swerve. Blow on me to pick up speed. Head first kind of dream. Kind of dream.”

If you’re looking for a rock track with a pop feel, you should listen to “Head First” right now.

20. “My Weakness” by Arctic Lake

London, England-based alternative pop duo Arctic Lake consists of vocalist Emma Foster and multi-instrumentalist Paul Holliman. Arctic Lake was originally a trio of Foster, Holliman, and founding member Andrew Richmond.

Arctic Lake tapped into vulnerability in their new single “My Weakness” released ahead of their new, seven-track EP, which will be released in late Summer 2023. “My Weakness” combines Foster’s dulcet vocals and Holliman’s glistening production skills.

Emma Foster explained the song in a recent interview with Broadway World. Foster explained,

“‘My Weakness’ talks about how loving someone can become both your greatest strength and greatest weakness and how there’s a quiet beauty in that, that can take your breath away.”

“It’s a love song. There’s fear of rejection interwoven in there because that feels like a very universal fear surrounding the story of human love. But ultimately it’s a song about worshipping someone and telling them whether you win or lose because they deserve to know how special they are.”