New Music Friday: June 23rd

Are you unsure how to find new music? If so, you aren’t alone as we’re in this together.

Of course, you can discover music on radio stations, streaming platforms, and social media sites, but who has time for that? If you’re busy, you’ve come to the right place.

Feel free to browse our weekly New Music Friday listicle for little-known songs from lesser-known musicians and bands. Oh, and don’t forget to visit the “Music” section of Young Entertainment Magazine’s website next Friday for our next listicle. Happy reading (and listening)!

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1. “Amsterdam” by Acid Snot

Acid Snot is based in Barcelona, Spain, but they’ve released a new single “Amsterdam” aka the second single from the tech melodic punk band’s forthcoming second full-length album.

“Amsterdam” is a breakup song with emo and melancholic lyrics, catchy vocal harmonies, heavy guitar riffs, a devilish djent breakdown, and an anthemic half-time chorus. That said, you can visit Amsterdam, Netherlands by listening to Acid Snot’s new song. How about that?

2. “You” by Alyssa Scott

Alyssa Scott is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but she has been making waves in the country music scene in Nashville, Tennessee.

Alyssa Scott’s new single “You” can transport you to a disco cowgirl dance party in Nashville. “You” can be described as a dreamy country disco happiness song with alluring vocals and a grooving guitar and bass. Are you ready to get into a dance pop groove?

3. “Shadows” by Myles Lloyd

Myles Lloyd is an R&B singer-songwriter from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Myles Lloyd fought his inner demons with his first release of 2023. “Shadows” is an empowering and uplifting song with soft, falsetto vocals and sensual, mellow R&B beats. So, if you need a moment of self-love, you can count on “Shadows” to become the best version of yourself. Does that sound good?

4. “Fool’s Gold” by Cade Hoppe

Cade Hoppe is a singer, songwriter, and producer from New York City.

Cade Hoppe may not be an astronaut, but he can flip the script with his latest single “Fool’s Gold” and transport you to the future. “Fool’s Gold” can show listeners — like you — that the future and uncertainty can go hand in hand. Are you ready to fall in love with this new song?

5. “Lies Are Your Truth” by Samantha LaPorta

Samantha LaPorta is a singer-songwriter from Boca Raton, Florida.

Although Samantha LaPorta began her career with Disney, she eventually branched out to perform her songs for radio and television stations and live events. LaPorta’s new single “Lies Are Your Truth” is a fresh, new pop rock song that resembles the vibes of Evanescence and Paramore. Are you prepared to get some goosebumps?

6. “If I’m Gunna Be Sad (I Might As Well Look Hot Doing It)” by Rachel Bochner

Rachel Bochner is another New York City-based singer-songwriter you need to know.

As an emerging pop singer, Rachel Bochner released a new single “If I’m Gunna Be Sad (I Might As Well Look Hot Doing It)” also known as an exciting breakup banger. Bochner’s latest single features a fire ablaze, which would prompt listeners — like you — to start fires within themselves. So, are you going to start a fire within yourself?

7. “Pink Lighter” by Sounds & Scenarios

Boston, Massachusetts-based alternative rock band Sounds & Scenarios kicked off a new release cycle with “Pink Lighter” aka a high-energy pop punk anthem.

Summer is officially here. “Pink Lighter” is the perfect summer anthem as it’s a vulnerable song that builds a story out of the feelings that an object can elicit when it’s left behind by someone who’s now gone. Are you in your feelings now?

8. “Better Times” by KC Lights and Låpsley

Scottish DJ and producer KC Lights recently collaborated with English singer, songwriter, and producer Låpsley in the former’s highly-anticipated return.

The pair recently dropped “Better Times” just in time for the start of summer. “Better Times” is a sun-soaked, disco-infused house track that will undoubtedly soundtrack the long summer nights to come in 2023. Are you ready for the summer?

9. “Joke’s On Me” by Guardrail

Chicago is the birthplace of house and gospel music. However, Guardrail is a diet punk band from Chicago, Illinois, which is obviously not house or gospel.

Guardrail’s new single “Joke’s On Me” contains conflicting vocals, uplifting guitar riffs, and serious questions, such as, “Where did all the time go?”

Can you relate to “Joke’s On Me”? Let us know in the comments!

10. “Buried Alive” by Liv Hanna

Here’s another New York City-based singer-songwriter as Liv Hanna is just 19 years old, but she already has a plethora of songs behind her.

Liv Hanna’s new single “Buried Alive” won’t disappoint. “Buried Alive” is a reflective song with an emotional weight, thanks to deeply-moving vocals and an all-encompassing listening experience. How excited are you to witness Hanna’s growth as an artist in real time?

11. “Free” by JSJ

JSJ, born Joshua Säde James, is a Canadian music artist from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

JSJ has worked across Canada in various shows from coast to coast. He’s well-known for his appearances in Canadian talent competitions, such as The Calgary Stampede Talent Search.

“Free” was inspired by a challenging time in JSJ’s life. The singer explained, “This song was written during a period when I was doubting my own self-worth and dignity as a queer man. I realized I was alive but not fully living. I was denying the part of myself that made me unique, that made me special, that made me, me.”

Can you draw inspiration from “Free”? Let us know in a comment!

12. “Lock & Key” by Feral Vices

Louisville, Kentucky-based alternative rock duo Feral Vices dropped a new single “Lock & Key” in recent days. “Lock & Key” is about abusive religious systems.

Feral Vices’ lead vocalist and guitarist Alexander Hoagland told Rock ‘N’ Load Mag, “‘Lock & Key’ is about the abusive religious systems that I think a lot of us grew up in where leaders were taking advantage of their positions for money, power, sex, or some combination of those. Being in that world, you’re taught that this is a blessing or that is a blessing when in reality you’re being taken advantage of and are forced to experience the evils of it alone because once you start tugging at the strings of that, the whole system falls apart. It’s a very hard and lonely place to be even though you’re surrounded by people and I think that makes it even harder to get out of or acknowledge the reality of. So, this song was my way of talking about that and processing it for myself.”

How excited are you to hear “Lock & Key” on a scale of one to ten?

13. “Never Ending Story” by Raisin Awareness

United Kingdom-based pop punk trio Raisin Awareness is passionate about their music.

Raisin Awareness will release their new album, Current Times, but first, they’ve released their new single “Never Ending Story” which highlights the disillusionment from the problems we face in the world today. “Never Ending Story” can confront your current issues, too.

Do you feel like you’ll prevail in the end?

14. “Miracles” by Andrew X

North Carolina-based singer-songwriter Andrew X performs melodic pop rock music with a classic feel and positive vibes.

Andrew X’s new single “Miracles” now has a 1980s-inspired music video to go along with it. “Miracles” is a single that can be described as “wildly hopeful” and “blissfully romantic.” Do you want to hear his new track (and watch his new music video) as soon as possible?

15. “His Life For Mine” by Phoebe White

Phoebe White, a 13-year-old cowgirl from Kentucky, is a rare talent. White has been yodeling for audiences for nearly half her life.

Phoebe White’s new single “His Life For Mine” will add to her Western music portfolio. “His Life For Mine” is a reintroduction of a historical song of America’s Western past to a new generation. So, how does some yodeling sound right about now?

16. “When The Band Breaks Up Again” by Walter Etc.

Southern California-based folk surf band Walter Etc. released a new EP, When The Band Breaks Up Again, and a new title track with the same name.

Walter Etc.’s new single “When The Band Breaks Up Again” is a simple, sweet, and catchy song that pays tribute to 1990s’ pop punk roots without sounding retro. The band’s single can be described as a comfort song. After all, Dustin Hayes told BrooklynVegan, “When the band broke up again, all I could do was write a batch of comfort songs that paid homage to the pop punk we grew up on. I wanted this video to feel like MTV, this song to feel like skateboarding for the first time, and the album to be a light-hearted battle cry for keeping your dream alive. I think we got pretty close…”

Would you like to be comforted? If so, listen to “When The Band Breaks Up Again” ASAP!

17. “Aw Yeah” by YNP Maine ft. Ndotspinalot

Louisiana-based rapper YNP Maine recently shared his new single “Aw Yeah” featuring Puerto Rico-born, New York City-based rapper Ndotspinalot.

“Aw Yeah” features both rappers’ signature tightly-wound verses over punishing beats that elicit their most athletic flows. Haitian Picasso directed the songs music video and captured the pair journeying through New York City. Why would you pass on an opportunity to trek through NYC without leaving your house?

18. “Blame” by The XCERTS

British alternative rock band The XCERTS originally formed in Aberdeen, Scotland in 2001. The band has released four studio albums, not including their upcoming studio album, LEARNING HOW TO LIVE AND LET GO, due August 18, 2023. 

The XCERTS’ new single “Blame” is a single with a fizzling slap of anxiety and confessional self-loathing alongside an urgent melody and driving guitars. It was born out of the band’s self-described three-piece chemistry in their rehearsal room. Oh, and did you know it was the only non-studio penned song on their upcoming album?

19. “gonna make sure” by senses

Los Angeles-based pop rock trio senses returned with an addictive pop rock song “gonna make sure” for the general public. It’s bursting with honest lyrics, infectious melodies, resilient exuberance and punchy instrumentation. It’s also a great breakup song.

The trio said in a statement, “It’s a relationship song where the other person wanted you first, yet they treat you really bad time and time again, then end up being the one to break things off … It’s a very ‘be the bigger person’ moment, but also don’t be.”

Have you recently broken up with your significant other? If you answered “yes,” you should listen to “gonna make sure” at your earliest convenience.

20. “My Self” by WESSON

British alternative rock band WESSON hails from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England, about 50 miles northwest of London.

WESSON recently shared their third single of 2023. “My Self” is an introspective song that delves into the themes of vulnerability, mortality, and individuality as the band embarks of a soul-searching journey for meaning and purpose in life.

The band discussed the track in a recent interview with The Daily Music Report. The band said, “My Self is about being triggered by watching people go about their daily activities and reflecting on how pointless it all seems in the grand scheme of things. The track instantly hooks listeners in with its driving, upbeat percussion, gritty guitars, and infectious harmonies. With a toe-tapping rhythm, the band takes you on a reflective journey. With thought-provoking lyrics, they shed light on the human experience, urging listeners to reevaluate the meaning of life and take time for moments of self-discovery.”