New Music Friday: June 2nd

When was the last time you added new music to your playlist? “New Music Friday” is this Friday, June 2nd. We at Young Entertainment Magazine are giving music fans — like you — the new, little-known songs that will probably be loved. Here are our top 20 songs from lesser-known music artists so you can jump for joy this weekend.

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1. “Earn It” by Norma Jean Martine

New York-born, London-based singer-songwriter Norma Jean Martine recently released a new single and music video with MARYDON’TGIVEUP.

Norma Jean Martine’s single “Earn It” features MARYDON’TGIVEUP and contains catchy lyrics, such as, “You’re silver and gold, oh. Yeah, you’re worth the weight.”

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2. “Oh Bondage, Up Yours” by CLIFFDIVER ft. Stephen Egerton of Descendents

Tulsa, Oklahoma-based emo and pop punk band CLIFFDIVER released a brand-new cover of “Oh Bondage, Up Yours!” featuring Stephen Egerton of Descendents.

“Oh Bondage, Up Yours!” boasts thought-provoking yet relatable lyrics. CLIFFDIVER’s recent cover of a punk rock song can help wake up anyone’s neighbors, including yours.

So, what are you waiting for? Listen to “Oh Bondage, Up Yours!” as soon as possible!

3. “Always Around” by Sad Park

Los Angeles, California-based alternative emo punk band Sad Park always puts out new music.

Most recently, Sad Park announced their third album, No More Sound, and their album’s top track “Always Around” as it’s arguably the first shot of adrenaline for music listeners like you.

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4. “Emma” by Mayor’s House

New York-based alternative rock band Mayor’s House presented their new single “Emma” and accompanying music video in recent days.

“Emma” seamlessly mixes the band’s lead singer Emily Morris’ heartfelt storytelling with tender harmonies, lush guitar lines, and driving percussion.

There’s nothing like a song that perfectly combines multiple elements. So, are you going to take a listen to “Emma” soon? Leave us a comment below!

5. “Beam” by BENTLE

Australian-born, New York-based music artist and producer BENTLE (born Josh McVey) went all out on streaming platforms in recent weeks.

BENTLE released a new single “Beam” in the process. “Beam” can be described as a “vibey, feel-good anthem destined to soundtrack those sun-soaked days ahead.”

Can “Beam” help you get ready for the summer? Let us know by leaving us a comment!

6. “Trackstar” by Juliana Madrid

Dallas, Texas-based singer-songwriter Juliana Madrid flawlessly fuses indie folk, alternative, and pop influences into spell-binding songs.

Juliana Madrid’s new EP, Afterlife, and new single “Trackstar” can be music to your ears. As a music listener, you’ll probably appreciate how “Trackstar” makes references to virtually all the high school clichés. This ranges from popular jocks to wishy-washy relationships.

So, are you all-in or not?

7. “You Ruined My Birthday” by Amelie Jat

London-based pop rock and pop punk singer Amelie Jat is on the rise.

Amelie Jat’s new single “You Ruined My Birthday” is best known as a teenage girl’s anthem. “You Ruined My Birthday” centers around heartbreaking events not named heartbreaks, such as Jat’s birthday being ruined by someone who didn’t deserve her.

Can you relate to Jat’s new single? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

8. “Sport Mode” by The Sewing Club

Nashville, Tennessee-based bedroom rock band The Sewing Club is rising for the right reasons.

The Sewing Club began in the basements of college homes in Nashville, Tenn. The Sewing Club’s new song “Sport Mode” showcases the four-piece band’s talent, hard work, and determination to make their respective music careers work in studio and on the road.

Is “Sport Mode” going to inspire you and your current career? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

9. “No Blood, No Needles, Nothing” by ash tuesday

Atlanta, Georgia-based alternative and indie songstress ash tuesday is better known as a TikTok singer. But ash tuesday’s new song “No Blood, No Needles, Nothing” is worth a listen.

“No Blood, No Needles, Nothing” is a song about power dynamics, particularly in toxic relationships.

Are you in a toxic relationship? If so, you might want to listen to “No Blood, No Needles, Nothing” at your earliest convenience. You’re welcome.

10. “Time With You” by Valley Palace

Fresno, California-based indie pop singer Valley Palace is a songster that you need to know.

Valley Palace (born Nathan Taylor) is a former Guitar Center employee turned dreamy inside pop project. Valley Palace’s new song “Time With You” goes, “I spend all my time with you because I like it. There’s not really much to do, but that’s alright, yeah.”

Can you connect your life to “Time With You”? If you answered “yes,” you can thank us for bringing “Time With You” to your attention.

11. “Chosen to Deserve” by Wednesday

Asheville, North Carolina-based band Wednesday is a rising force in the music scene.

Wednesday, whose frontwoman is Karly Hartzman, is well-known for turning rubbish everyday struggles into swerving guitar anthems. Wednesday’s new song “Chosen to Deserve” exposes Hartzman’s own experiences growing up and getting into stupid situations.

How are you dealing with growing up? If applicable, you can share your advice below for our other under-18 readers.

12. “Cherry Blue Intention” by Special Interest

New Orleans, Louisiana-based punk band Special Interest is a force in the music scene.

Special Interest’s new song “Cherry Blue Intention” recalls classic drum and bass grooves, a skittering percussion, a backdrop of wailing guitars, and rumbling bass guitar thunders. “Cherry Blue Intention” successfully mixes no-wave, glam, and industrial.

How good does “Cherry Blue Intention” sound on a scale of one to ten?

13. “All I Know” by CJ Flemings

Montreal, Quebec-based rapper and R&B singer CJ Flemings is known for fusing hip-hop, rap, and pop.

CJ Flemings bridges the gap between hip-hop, rap, and pop to create vivacious songs of pleasant sounds and inspirations. CJ Flemings’ new single “All I Know” is a lively hip-hop-infused pop song that can attract a wide range of music listeners.

How good does “All I Know” sound? Please use a scale of one to ten!

14. “Interlock” by notfortheo

Toronto, Ontario-based pop and R&B trio notfortheo is moving into the vibrant soundscape.

notfortheo’s new single “Interlock” follows the trio’s debut single “just a little bit” according to The Luna Collective. “Interlock” blurs the lines between rap, chillwave, and indie rock.

Are you ready to listen to “Interlock” right now? If you replied with a “yes,” you should take some time out of your day to look it up.

15. “Me, You & My Car” by Babygirl

Toronto, Ontario-based indie pop duo Babygirl breathe effervescent life into a new definition of pop music.

Babygirl’s new song “Me, You & My Car” engages music fans with a refreshing twist through a hot summer track. “Me, You & My Car” sings, “All I really need is me, you, and my car. We don’t even have to go very far. I’d fall apart without me, you, and my car. Me, you, and my car.”

Does “Me, You & My Car” describe your romantic relationship with your significant other? Tell us in the comments below!

16. “I Don’t Know How It Works” by The Tubs

London, United Kingdom-based rock band The Tubs is on the way up.

The Tubs aren’t dead meat, despite the rock band naming their new album, Dead Meat. The Tubs’ new single “I Don’t Know How It Works” showcases woefully quivery vocals, post-punk guitar slashes, and bright guest vocals.

Do you want to hear “I Don’t Know How It Works” in the immediate future? If you responded with a “yes,” you can conduct a Google search ASAP!

17. “Best U Had” by Gloria Kim

Virginia-born, California-based singer-songwriter Gloria Kim stands out as a Korean-American music artist, producer, and DJ. Gloria Kim’s authenticity, vulnerability, and confidence helps her avoid altering her self-worth.

Gloria Kim’s new song “Best U Had” appears to be written for individuals with ex-partners —and perhaps spouses — who have recently realized their exes’ values.

Are you in a complicated relationship? If so, “Best U Had” might be your best bet at the moment.

18. “Regressa” by Kaz Moon

Dallas, Texas-based Kaz Moon (born Cody Yao) is an up-and-coming music artist in the music industry. Kaz Moon is a Chinese-American singer, songwriter, producer, photographer, and videographer.

Kaz Moon’s new song “Regressa” displays the versatile musician’s talent, thanks to its melodious sounds and expert lyrics.

How about that?

19. “Tiny Bodyguard” by Superbloom

Brooklyn, New York-based alternative rock band Superbloom is turning heads for all the right reasons.

Superbloom dropped a new single “Tiny Bodyguard” off their upcoming EP, Life’s A Blur. It is scheduled to be released on June 8, 2023. “Tiny Bodyguard” is a memorable song with sweet lyrics, such as, “My tiny bodyguard. She fills the emptiness into my arm. Her heart attacking all the pain.”

How soon are you going to listen to “Tiny Bodyguard” and let us know what you think?

20. “Summer” by Dolly Ave

Los Angeles, California-based singer-songwriter DOLLY AVE is an Asian-American pop star who’s taking center stage. Yes, center stage.

DOLLY AVE is more than just a pop music artist. DOLLY AVE’s also an award-winning photographer and a meditative musician. Her new single “Summer” is bubbling on the alternative pop radio charts. “Summer” envisions everything you could envision about warm, summer days. This is thanks to its bubbly lyrics, upbeat beats, and happy-go-lucky vocals.

Are you ready for the dog days of summer? Be sure to let us know!