New Music Friday: June 30th

There’s nothing better than good music.

Are you looking for the best new music? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We at Young Entertainment Magazine follow through with our regular roundups of the best new songs by highlighting the most compelling new tracks you need to hear.

Find this week’s top songs in our roundup below.

1. “CAROUSEL” by Sad Park

Los Angeles alternative emo punk band Sad Park dropped a new single “CAROUSEL” from their new album, NO MORE SOUND, on June 12th.

Sad Park explained to Broadway World, “‘CAROUSEL’ is about wishing you could freeze a moment in time…knowing you are in the middle of something special while it’s happening and wishing you could live in that moment for an eternity…The song went through a lot of changes from the time we wrote it to when we recorded it.”

NO MORE SOUND is due on July 7th, the same day Sad Park’s United States tour supporting The Frights starts in Austin, Texas.

2. “Machine” by Palomino Blond

Miami rock band Palomino Blond released their first single “Machine” of 2023. Previously, Palomino Blond released their mini EP, ontheinside, in November 2021.

According to THOUGHTS WORDS ACTION, “Machine” went through at least five different iterations with different tempos, keys, moods, and electronic drum sounds. As a result, “Machine” is a darker and grimier and more dense song compared to previous songs.

Lead singer and guitarist Carli Acosta told THOUGHTS WORDS ACTION, “There are a couple of themes in this song…Feeling like the world is changing so much and so quickly that you need to play catch up with it constantly…and then there’s also being alone with yourself and all the reflection that comes with it.”

3. “I’m Disgusting!” by bexx

London singer-songwriter bexx released a new song “I’m Disgusting!” on June 16, 2023.

bexx, a self-proclaimed bisexual, pop rock princess, plans to release her debut EP, SUCKER, this summer. “I’m Disgusting!” is the follow-up track to “Stupid”, which was released in March 2023.

bexx said of her new song, “Opening up to someone new is scary, and admitting the strength of your feelings can be kind of icky. This song is about the fears that go through your mind in a new relationship and the nervousness of not quite knowing where it’s going to go.”

4. “The Other Side” by Rachael Sage

New York City singer, songwriter, and producer Rachael Sage returned with a new folk pop anthem “The Other Side” and an electrifying music video for the signature-sounding single.

“The Other Side” is a track with the perfect amount of optimism, thanks to the powerful horn placements, soulful organs, and spirited piano notes. 

Sage told Wonderland Magazine, “This record is starker than my previous work, and less afraid to look fear in the eye or give fait the finger. When I wrote “The Other Side” I was separating from someone I still loved very much … The world seemed to be burning, but the grace of friends, loved ones and a beautiful creative community I found in upstate NY carried me through. The title. Is essentially a gospel plea for a more forgiving future and for powerful liberation beyond a time of crisis.”

5. “How To Lie” by St. Humain

Singapore-born, Sydney-based St. Humain explained their new single “How To Lie” in a recent interview with Moosic Entertainment.

St. Humain mentioned to Moosic Entertainment’s Shaun Zizi, “How To Lie is a true story of escaping Sydney for a bit some time ago, to visit my homeland Singapore with two of my good friends, which was very good for me to clear my headspace. It also includes a story where I surprised a fan when I hand-delivered her the merch she bought from my store! This song is dedicated to that fan (KF) for their continued support through all these years up to now.”

6. “Off The 45” by Jo Hill

South West-born, London-based rising singer-songwriter Jo Hill shared her new single “Off The 45” to the general public.

After winning over fans at BBC Radio 1, the singer-songwriter articulated her artistry and inspiration with “West coast sounds through a west country lens.” 

When asked about the track, Hill replied, “I love the idea of being in a car and driving off into the sunset. I wanted to capture that feeling of freedom and finding the power to leave in a song. But the track is also about retaliation, the actions you would threaten to do if your partner turned around and said “I’m leaving you.” It’s inspired by my Grandma, Omar, who was the biggest drama queen and she would always say to my Granddad “I’m off to Beachy Head!! That’s it!! I’m going!” (Even though we knew she was joking). This is me embracing my inner Omar. The zestiness and the energy that she had.”

7. “Face Like A Sunset” by Eighty Ninety

New York City rising indie pop duo Eighty Ninety of brothers Abner and Harper James are back.

Eighty Ninety’s brand-new indie pop banger “Face Like A Sunset” is their third single of 2023. “Face Like A Sunset” is a beautifully-crafted track that boasts their signature rhythmic 808s and telecaster beats, alongside delicate instrumentals, light synths, and of course, Abner’s emotive and enchanting vocals.

When talking about the new song, Abner said, “It’s a song about the little moments when you realize you’re falling in love, and how the very moment you realize you want to spend forever with someone, you begin to feel the press of time. A sunset is beautiful partly because you know it won’t last.”

8. “Low Life” by Pillbox Patti

Pillbox Patti, born Nicolette Hayford, is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter.

Pillbox Patti’s new single “Low Life” is available for streaming now. “Low Life” is a song where the singer-songwriter reminisces on the trauma of a first love from a small town.

“My small town, first real-big young love story isn’t a pretty one. It wasn’t tailgates and creek beds…it wasn’t county fairs or muscadine wine on a Friday night…it wasn’t innocent,” Patti shares. “It was doing blow off of a Pastor Troy CD case in a random P.O.S. car, driving around all night lookin’ for pills, drinkin’ bad whiskey and Sprite out of a Speedway cup on a Tuesday – low life romantic. He didn’t carve a heart with our initials in an oak tree, he got a really s***** tat of my name in jail. He never bought me a single piece of jewelry that he didn’t steal back from me and sell. He wasn’t a thief and a liar and a f****** because he was a bad person, he didn’t break my heart because he didn’t love me…he was just an addict. Wherever he is, he’s still my favorite ex.”

9. “Quarter Life Crisis” by Isabel Dumaa

California-based indie pop singer Isabel Dumaa is on the rise — and for a good reason.

Dumaa is just 19 years old, but she has been staying true to her classic sound and constantly improving her sonic momentum. As a rising star in the indie pop music scene, the San Francisco native recently released three new singles, such as “Quarter Life Crisis”, which was written after moving to Los Angeles in 2022.

When asked if there were any collaborators on the track, Dumaa responded, “Yes! I got to work with the wonderful Drew Polovick from ‘Friday Pilots Club’ and songwriter Olivia “LIIV” Cargile. None of us had ever met so it’s honestly a wonder that this song came to life so easily and quickly. All three of us sat down and just kinda started tinkering around with sounds and ideas. Drew came up with the guitar progression and then pretty quickly thereafter the lyrics just fell into place. Drew Polovick produced the track and then James Krausse did the engineering.”

10. “Jamie’s Party” by Tennis Courts

Charleston-based singer-songwriter duo Tennis Courts was founded by Patrick Walsh and Andrew Clarke in 2019. Fast forward to 2021 when Tennis Courts moved to Brooklyn and became a Brooklyn-based alternative rock band with the additions of Brian McKenna and Spencer Brigman.

Tennis Courts’ new single “Jamie’s Party” explores one’s dread and confusion of navigating life in their 20s. The alt rock band also keeps the same noise and energy from their dive bar days. How about that?

11. “Falling” by Sunday Scaries

Sunday Scaries continue to heat up the summer with their latest single “Falling” which is the second single in their ‘one song a month’ series.

The Los Angeles-based dance duo also continues to ride the wave of success with “Falling” as it’s a bold, up-tempo track with a funky bass line and a warbling hook. It exudes late night escapades with no end in sight. Does that sound good?

12. “Natalie Explain” by Alan Chang

Musical director-turned-solo artist Alan Chang released his latest single “Natalie Explain” on all streaming platforms.

The San Jose, California-born solo artist showcased his talent in “Natalie Explain” by playing a captivating piano track, incorporating mesmerizing lead vocals, and adding dulcet female vocal harmonies. And, although the track’s primarily a tale of fiction, the lyrics “Take all the space you need” and “Tell me what we’re doing here, can we be defined?” generate an impactful sense of misinterpretation as Chang plays the role of a confused romantic.

13. “Seed” by M. Byrd

German singer-songwriter M. Byrd has been inspiring evolution with his debut album, The Seed, and his new namesake single.

M. Byrd has garnered millions of streams for his songs as well as media appearances on Atwood Magazine, 1883 Magazine, and Live Nation’s Ones To Watch, just to name a few. “The Seed” might attract a media appearance sooner than later, thanks to its vivid lyrics, big guitar and drums, and personal songwriting.

Byrd elaborated, “To me, personally, it was sort of a process of healing that I thought would be worth sharing. Listening to the whole album reminded me of holding a seed in my hands. It felt like the start of something and symbolized birth in times of chaos.”

14. “Fantasising” by Ritho

British indie and dream pop artist Ritho creates deeply introspective songs. “Fantasising” is one of Ritho’s songs.

The London-based artist and multi-instrumentalist made sure to include catchy pop melodies, interesting production, and bold instrumentalism in “Fantasising”, according to Orange Magazine.

Ritho explained to Orange Magazine’s Team Orange, “It is about struggling with the juxtaposition of getting to know someone and allowing for that relationship to grow, while still having daydreams about your life and the future with that person.”


Brisbane-based singer, songwriter, and producer AIRPORTS just dropped his latest single
“NEED U HERE” to mourn a loss.

As you might’ve guessed, “NEED U HERE” can take you on a journey of self-awareness amid your own battles. AIRPORTS wrote the song after overcoming his own battles, such as loss, and the emotions that come with them. How do you feel about the song now?

16. “Gone So Gone” by Bearings

Hey, guess what? Bearings has entered the pop punk big leagues.

Bearings, a pop punk band based in Ottawa, announced their new album, The Best Part About Being Human, due on August 18, 2023, and released their new song “Gone So Gone” via Pure Noise Records.

“‘The Best Part About Being Human’ is being alive and the second best part is writing an upbeat and exciting record with your brothers in a small house in North Hollywood,” said the Ottawa-based band in a press release to Substream Magazine. “This record was us figuring out what we really wanted to play live, what got us excited, and I think we found that.”

17. “Wild Uncharted Waters” by Mason Olshavsky

Pennsylvania native Mason Olshavsky is a singer best known for his Broadway performances. Olshavsky attends Villanova University and plans on becoming a plastic surgeon. The 20-year-old also does theater performances.

Olshavsky’s currently a contestant on Season 18 of America’s Got Talent. Obviously, you can watch AGT for his primetime performances. But, right now, you should hear his cover of “Wild Uncharted Waters” from The Little Mermaid. You won’t regret it at all.

18. “Somebody Will” by Andrew Durand

SHUCKED star Andrew Durand performed “Somebody Will” to the public.

Durand, a California native, is a talented actor and artist. Durand’s performance of “Somebody Will” captivated audiences in the United States and beyond. “Somebody Will” has been released as the second single from the SHUCKED – Original Broadway Recording compilation.

On a scale of one to ten, how excited are you to hear “Somebody Will”?

19. “Pretty Music” by Sean Allan Krill

Oklahoma-born, Michigan-raised actor and singer Sean Allan Krill has appeared on Broadway and Off-Broadway across the United States.

Sean Allan Krill’s performance of “Pretty Music” was a Parade (2023 Broadway Cast Recording) via Interscope Records. “Pretty Music” can be music to your ears and perhaps get you hooked on Broadway. We shall see what happens.

20. “Reflections” by Louis Cato

Does Louis Cato sound familiar to you? If so, you’ve most likely seen him on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, as he’s the new bandleader of The Late Show Band.

Cato, a Portugal-born, North Carolina-raised singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, has returned with his new album, Reflections, on August 11, 2023. His album’s title track “Reflections” comes with a live in-house performance video.

Of the new song, Cato stated, “‘Reflections’ is an alternate take on the experience of falling in love with a soulmate. I wrote it from the perspective of being past the honeymoon phase, so you’re making sense of the infatuation — with the clarity of hindsight to see just how much of your own ego you’ve attracted.”

Are you ready for a fun, uplifting song? Now’s the perfect time to listen to “Reflections”!