New Music Friday: March 15th

With Spring coming in hot, your playlists could use a Spring cleaning and we are here to help with that! Take a deep dive into the links below for some bangers that are as fresh as the cool Spring air:

Elijah Woods – “Losing A Friend”

YE favorite, Elijah Woods has just dropped his tune “Losing A Friend” and we are obsessed. If you are into that sweet, surreal pop that makes you feel like the main character, then you’ll love this song. It’s packed with lyrics that are elegant and inspirational and melodies that make you feel like you are listening to an angel. Check out this bittersweet song about love, loss and friendship today. 

CLAY – “Waiting For God In The Garden”

Rising pop artist CLAY’s song “Waiting For God In The Garden” is a sweet pop ballad that would be perfect for that midday drive with the windows down. With CLAY’s excellent lyricism and enchanting vocals, this track is a winner for sure. Give it a listen wherever you get your music today. 

Jimmy Clifton- “You Said”

Rising indie artist Jimmy Clifton stuns with his new single “You Said.” With an intro of oohs from a choir, this song starts off by hooking you in to hear the rest. It’s got elegant vocals on top of an acoustic indie pop backtrack. If you want a brand new addition to your indie folk/chill playlist then this is perfect for you. 

Lauryn Marie – “I Can Do It With A Broken Heart”

After releasing her version of “I Can Do It With A Broken Heart” following Taylor Swift’s new album tracklist release, Lauryn Marie’s version has been hitting way too close to home. If you are a fan of Taylor Swift or of plain good lyricism, then you should totally check out this tune from newcomer Lauryn Marie. It is sweet and it is somber and oh-so relatable. Check it out wherever you get your music now.

Nicholas Jamerson – “Well Fedd”

Americana King Nicholas Jamerson’s brand new single “Well Fedd” is unlike any other country song you’ve heard before. It is creative and funny and an earworm that will plant itself in your head for days. With a little bit of country funk, this song could totally be played in the background of your favorite movie. 

Amanda Nicole – “Myself and I”

Amanda Nicole’s tune “Myself & I (Orchestral Version)” is the perfect depiction of a loner’s anthem. It is packed with major vocals from Amanda herself and will bring tears to your eyes with its power. Catch this song on all streaming platforms now. 

Connor Smith and Hailey Whitters – “Roulette on the Heart”

This powerful duet is the newest song from Hailey Whitters and Connor Smith. If you like classy country with witty lyrics, then this song is perfect for you. With excellent instrumentals and top tier vocal performance from both Smith and Whitters, this bittersweet love song is a slam dunk. Give it a listen and watch this elegant music video on YouTube today and be ready to hear this tune on country radio soon! 

Ariana Grande – “we can’t be friends (wait for your love)”

Following the release of her album Eternal Sunshine, Ariana Grande’s song “we can’t be friends (wait for your love)” is a beautiful and relatable tune that will be sure to make you feel something. With this intense lyrical landscape paired with an ethereal pop sound, this song is nothing short of amazing from start to finish. It tells the bittersweet story of wanting to forget someone who you once loved. If you love a good story that makes you a little bit sad, check out this song along with the music video starring Ariana alongside actor Evan Peters, now!

Bleachers – “Tiny Moves”

Last but certainly not least we have the new song from Jack Antonoff’s band Bleachers “Tiny Moves.” This song is nostalgic and sweet and the perfect addition to your Spring playlist. If you want a fresh jam to add into your routine, go ahead and make it this song from Bleachers. Oh, and check out this music video with an elegantly choreographed routine today!

Thanks for checking in with us for all your latest musical releases. Enjoy these new tunes as you make your way into Spring!