New Music Friday: March 29th

Curating the best and brightest and most unique music from young, rising artists of today.

Give your playlists a spring cleaning with these fresh tunes. These songs are top tier and totally worth the listen. Check them out below:

Madi Hendry – “Time Is A Thief”

This sweet and nostalgic track from artist Madi Hendry is a pop-country daydream and a musical masterpiece. With lyrical lines that are sure to make you feel like you are back in your childhood home, this song is packed full of subtle tear jerkers that will have you reaching for the tissues and the repeat button. I mean come on, “Time is a thief, keeps robbing me… took my childhood dog, my Barbie dolls and my dreams” is a killer line making this tune totally worth the 4 minutes. Give it a listen wherever you get your music today!

Muscadine Bloodline – “Mary Riley”

Calling all country fans, down-home duo Muscadine Bloodline just released a two-song project that has us hooked. “Mary Riley” is a beautiful song that will have you clapping along with the backbeat. It is a funny, relatable story of the sassy southern girl growing up and falling in love with a boy that her parents down appreciate. It is a rebellious, yet sweet song that is perfect for soft spring nights. Give it a listen along with their other new release “Earle Byrd From Mexia” if you’re looking for some fresh killer country tunes.

Allie Colleen – “While We’re Still Friends (feat. Lee Brice)”

Allie Colleen partnered up with country legend Lee Brice to bring to life her tune “While We’re Still Friends.” If you are looking for the next female country powerhouse ballad, then this is totally worth checking out. It opens with a creative and eerie piano motif that echoes throughout. It is sweet, sultry and sad all wrapped into one emotional song. 

New Years Day – “I Still Believe”

The rock band New Years Day just released their album Half Black Heart and we are so stoked about it. We picked our favorite tune of the project “I Still Believe” and we still believe that you are going to love it. This group’s sound is like if Green Day met Daughtry and then had a baby and that baby was Avril Lavigne. This song is aggressive and emotional and everything you want out of a fresh Friday find. Check it out now.  

Justin Timberlake – “No Angels”

“No Angels” from Justin Timberlake’s latest album Everything I Thought I Was, is an absolute banger from start to finish. If you like Justin and his fast moving pop then you are sure to love this new song. And if you like this tune from our boy JT, then make sure to give the rest of his album a listen as well. 

Emeline – “Iconique”

This pop masterpiece from classy French style artist Emeline is a high quality, upbeat song that is sure to either get stuck in your head for the rest of the week or make you laugh. Maybe both. It’s lyrics are clever and a little bit on the sassy side, with lines like “I am more than one thing or the other – Capable, insatiable, a wonder, If you take offense, then take a number and see.” This song is everything you want out of a pop bop so give it a listen and add it to your playlist ASAP.