New Music Friday: March 8th

Curating the best and brightest and most unique music from young, rising artists of today.

This week’s new music line-up is packed full of fun, catchy tunes that are sure to get your feet moving. Check them out here!

SG Lewis and Chloe Calliat – “Costa”

SG Lewis’ new release “Costa” is fire!!! In preparation for the new album project, he announced the launch of a new record label: Forever Days. Check out this song to hear a powerful electro-pop tune!

Sam Palladio – “Something On My Mind” (acoustic)

This new acoustic version of Sam Palladio’s new song “Something On My Mind” is a slam dunk. It’s a stripped down edition of a lovely song with heavy lyrics such as: “Fighting with strangers, blood on the pavement, I need a savior… Holes in the plaster, run out of patience, I’m a disaster… She was there in a dream laughing on the beach – We were kids and we never felt alone.” With lyrics like this you are sure to feel something from this Sam Palladio song. 

Legit Smitty – “Curfew”

Rising indie artist Legit Smitty has just released his EP Yours Truly, and it is filled with bangers. His song “Curfew” off of the album is an incredibly beautiful song that is nostalgic, clever and catchy. If you are looking for a new indie bop, check out this tune from artist Legit Smitty and stream his EP today. 

Bailey Zimmerman – “Holy Smokes”

Bro-country superstar Bailey Zimmerman just released his song “Holy Smokes” and holy smokes, it is absolutely everything. For all the country fans and even rock fans, this song is lyrically with clever lines like: “Well, I was only scared of the devil and her dad

So we parked somewhere we knew they’d never look.” This song is creative and funny and a complete country earworm.

ElectraQueens – “In My Dreams”

New trio ElectraQueens have a new song called “In My Dreams.” This song is just that: a dream. If you want to experience a fresh ethereal song, this is the perfect option for you. This female power ballad is beautiful and elegant. 

Caroline Darling – “Irish Goodbye”

Rising country pop artist Caroline Darling just released her song “Irish Goodbye” and it’s sweet and elegant and filled with humor. If you want a clever feel good tune, then you should listen to this song from Nashville sweetheart Caroline Darling. 

Bayside – “The Devils”

Popular rock band Bayside has just dropped their project “The Devils” and it is a gritty, edgy tune that is perfect to add to the soundtrack of your week. If you are looking for an upbeat new age rock tune, this punk-ish tune is right up your alley. 

Shakey Graves – “True Love Will Find You In The End”

Shakey Graves teams up with Jess Williamson to create this folksy ballad that is sure to transport you into the elegant melodic space that it provides. The music is powerful and the lyrics are too, I mean just take in the title: “True Love Will Find You In The End.” This tune is packed full of love and hope and a simplicity that will resonate. Definitely worth the listen. 

Eloise Viola – “Delicate”

Eloise Viola’s new song “Delicate” off of her debut album release GLASSHOUSE is exactly what it says it is. It is elegant, poppy and sweet. If you want a fresh pop sound with smooth and clean vocals this is perfect for you. Check out this upbeat tune wherever you get your music today.

Garrison Nunn – “Used To Be”

Country fans beware, this artist Garrison Nunn should be on your radar. His music is cool and refreshing and will make its way onto all of your playlists. If you are looking for a fun new twist on country music, this is the artist for you. Check out his song “Used To Be” today. 

Charlie McCabe – “Locomotive”

This breakout artist out of Houston, Texas embodies Texas country. His descriptive lyrics and catchy melodies will have you feeling like you are riding in the “Locomotive” right there with him. If you like those red dirt classics from Parker McCollum or Midland, you should check out this song “Locomotive” from Charlie McCabe.

Donny Van Slee – “Why Haven’t I Heard From You?”

Following his recent blind audition of The Voice is another new song from Donny Van Slee. His song “Why Haven’t I Heard From You” is honest and raw and sure to make you feel something. 

Sierra Ferrell – “I Could Drive You Crazy”

In preparation for her new album release, Sierra Ferrell has released her new tune “I Could Drive You Crazy” and it is a clever modern take on that retro hippie country. With production that makes you feel like you are at a carnival or a circus and a vocal tone that will put you in a trance, “I Could Drive You Crazy” is the perfect addition to your new music this week. 

Thanks for tuning in this week for the top new music releases, check back next week for more!