New Music Friday: May 12th

“What’s New Music Friday?” you ask.

We at Young Entertainment Magazine handpick 20 less popular songs by 20 little-known artists each week. As a music fan, you can benefit by checking out our weekly listicle each Friday — especially if you’re looking for brand-new music for your current playlist.

From “Popular 2” by Cheekface to “Let’s Call It (Safer Love)” by Deau Eyes, we can help you check off some, if not most, of the boxes on your (music) bucket list.

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That being said, here’s our New Music Friday for the week ending on May 12, 2023.

1. “Popular 2” by Cheekface


“Who is Cheekface?” you ask.

Cheekface is a Los Angeles-based inside rock band. Cheekface has been on a roll in 2023, dropping two new singles “The Fringe” and “Popular 2” thus far this year.

Now’s the perfect time to listen to “Popular 2” as its thought-provoking lyrics contain paranoiac theories that compare government officials to ordinary individuals, such as friends, family, and acquaintances!

2. “Monster” by Girl Scout  


Who is Girl Scout?

Girl Scout is a Stockholm-based band that has taken SXSW in Austin, Texas by storm.

Girl Scout may be Swedish, but the four-piece band has proven listeners time and time again that the hits keep on rolling. “Monster” is one of the band’s top hits. Who knows, “Monster” might help you tap into your unsympathetic side!

3. “17-18 Lovesong” by Lifeguard


Did you know? Lifeguard has shared a new song “17-18 Lovesong” to the general public.

Lifeguard is a Chicago-based indie rock band that has released new songs over the years. “17-18 Lovesong” is a blustery and discordant song that’s totally charged with melody.

4. “Peach Fuzz” by Mandy, Indiana 


In case you were wondering, we’re not talking about the peach fuzz as in fine and light hair that grows on a male’s face. We’re talking about “Peach Fuzz” by Mandy, Indiana.

Mandy, Indiana is a Manchester -based dance and electronic band. Mandy, Indiana’s experimental talent can be heard in “Peach Fuzz” as it’s a song that combines novel acoustics with an off-beat location in its music video. How about that?

5. “Nothing’s Wrong” by Miss Grit 


By the way, Miss Grit has released “Nothing’s Wrong” to the public.

Miss Grit is a New York-based, Korean-American musician that uses music as an outlet for her own analysis and self-expression. “Nothing’s Wrong” is a relatable new song that has been described as a “gliding ballad,” according to a February 2023 article by Stereogum. Some of its lyrics include, “And so I can’t feel, can’t hear, can’t figure out how to make things right” and “I miss that song. The one that hurts like something’s wrong. Cause even when I’m feeling fine, It’s always nice just to remind…”

6. “Titan of Hope” by MSPAINT


Have you heard? MSPAINT is a Hattiesburg, Mississippi-based band.

MSPAINT specializes in art punk and synthpunk. MSPAINT’s brand-new single “Titan of Hope” is the latest single off their debut EP, Post-American. “Titan of Hope” is a sneakily uplifting single that you should hear for yourself. You’ll thank us later.

7. “Tin Foil” by Pynch 


Haven’t you heard? Pynch has released a new LP single and music video for “Tin Foil” ahead of the release of their new debut album, Howling at a Concrete Moon. Their album was released on April 14, 2023. 

Pynch is a UK-based band, and “Tin Foil” is a single that talks about how complex and overwhelming the modern world can be. Take a listen to “Tin Foil” right now. You’re welcome.

8. “Shot Down” by Scowl 


Scowl has been making waves in 2023.

Not only did the Santa Cruz, California-based punk band drop a new EP Psychic Dance Routine, but also a new single “Shot Down” so far this year. “Shot Down” switches between speedy hardcore and grungy alternative rock. Does that sound good?

9. “3 Weeks Straight” by Ghost Woman


Did you hear? Ghost Woman is a Western Canada-based garage psych group. The lead vocalist, Evan Uschenko, is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.

Ghost Woman’s music has been impressive to say the least. “3 Weeks Straight” is a blissfully hypnotic mix and match song with Anatolian sounds and Lo-Fi hooks. How good does that sound?

10. “Altopalo” by Altopalo 


Altopalo has made quite a splash in 2023.

Altopalo, an Indiana-based indie rock band, consist of four members.

All four members contributed to their most recent third album, Frenemy, and their brand-new single “Altopalo” according to Grimy Goods. “Altopalo” features a sublime drum riff that thrums throughout the single. If that doesn’t sound good to you, then we don’t know what’s good-sounding.

11. “Daze” by Fears 


Are you dazed and confused? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

“Daze” by Fears can be a possible remedy to your feelings of confusion.

Fears, a London-based Irish artist, musician, and producer, blends reflective electronics, acoustic samples, haunting vocals, and organic visuals. “Daze” is an emotion-filled single where you can relate to its lyrics.

12. “Can’t Get There” by Minami Deutsch 


Can you get there or not? If not, don’t worry.

Minami Deustch, a Tokyo-based Krautrock band, can help you get there.

Minami Deustch’s new single “Can’t Get There” mixes a deep bass line, a hypnotic rhythm section, and solid linear drumming. “Can’t Get There” might be your new favorite song.

13. “Broom” by Holy Hive


Are you looking for a new Brooklyn-based artist? If so, look no further than this artist.

Brooklyn’s Holy Hive can introduce you to something you didn’t know you needed.

“Broom” by Holy Hive boasts an immersive sound with a simple message. “Broom” goes, “I didn’t know your name when you walked through the door. Maybe I’ll call you broom, you swept across the floor.”

14. “I Am The Car” by Fake Fruit


Looking for a Bay Area band? Look no further than this band.

Oakland-based Fake Fruit is basically a whirlwind of biting critique, absurdist humor, and nervy pop-punk guitars.

Fake Fruit’s “I Am The Car” showcases lead singer Hannah D’Amato’s acerbic wit. As a result, a necessary vantage point weaves its way into the absurdities  and emotions of the typical human connection.

15. “Fortune” by LANNDS 


North Florida isn’t known for its progressiveness, but LANNDS brings a new attitude to the area.

LANNDS has been creating a dreamy and psychedelic take on electro-pop. LANNDS’ “Fortune” can ring a bell, as its lyrics sing, “I don’t need a fortune. Take off where you lead. I’ll build my ship by hand. I’ll leave the light on for you.”

16. “Quarry” by Wednesday 


North Carolina may not come to mind when thinking of music. But North Carolina’s Wednesday can change your mind in the rock music department.

“Quarry” by Wednesday displays a noisy and rangy sound from one of the quietest and loneliest corners in the United States. “Quarry” may help you stay young amid all the wild challenges, excitements, etc.

17. “Come Around” by Kalyn Fay 


Are you experiencing growing pains? If so, you aren’t alone.

Kalyn Ray has released her new single “Come Around” and later went to reflect on her own growing pains.

According to PopMatters, the Oklahoma-based singer-songwriter balances folk, rock, and country music. The singer-songwriter told the publication that “Come Around” was written about the inevitable growing pains in a person’s early 20s. How fascinating!

18. “Window Seat” by Caramelo Haze


Do you like to fly? If so, you’re in for a treat.

Chances are, you prefer the window seat when on a plane. “Window Seat” by Caramelo Haze can set the tone before you board your next flight. “Window Seat” just shows to show that groovy, retro, and neo-soul can be combined into an amazing alternative Latino song!

19. “Fly Song” by CIVIC


Did you know that CIVIC is one of the most exhilarating bands to emerge in recent years? If not, you’re missing out.

CIVIC, a Melbourne-based garage band, plays more of a punked-up style, while playing a grimy Lo-Fi abandon of 1990s’ noise-rock. CIVIC also plays joyous hooks of car-radio classic rock songs. “Fly Song” can literally rock your world!

20. “(Let’s Call It) Safer Love” by Deau Eyes


Deau Eyes, born Ali Thibodeau, is a Richmond, Virginia-based singer, songwriter, choreographer, and actress. Deau Eyes’s story is rather unusual, as she left high school in her junior year to work and support herself, her work, and her appetite for adventure.

“Let’s Call It (Safer Love)” is one of Deau Eyes’ greatest songs. “Let’s Call It (Safer Love)” is essentially an indie rock song that uses acoustic guitar and drums to emote its contemplative and serious moods.

Which song are you most excited to hear? Drop the song number in the comments!