New Music Friday: May 19th

Friday is the best day of the week. Not only is everyone a bit more chill, but it’s New Music Friday at Young Entertainment Magazine. New Music Friday is our weekly listicle of 20 little-known songs by 20 lesser-known artists. Does that sound good?

From the emotion-filled “Betray A Friend” by Another One Down! to the ultra-heavy “Binge” by Dead Letter, we’ve compiled a list of brand-new songs for existing playlists like yours. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our listicle right now!

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1. “Betray A Friend” by Another One Down!

Are you looking for a hard-hitting pop-punk band? If so, look no further than Another One Down!

Another One Down! is an American band based in Rhode Island. They’ve proven themselves as a driving force in the New England music scene. Their debut record, A Bitter Descent, has showcased their sound with a musically-diverse song list. Their new song “Betray A Friend” breaks down a more mature subject — mental health issues — that can resonate with their listeners, including you.

2. “Ready To Break” by Lone Wolf

Have you been searching for a new pop-punk song, but haven’t had much luck? You’re not alone.

“Ready To Break” by Lone Wolf can satisfy your craving for pop-punk music. Lone Wolf, a Dutch band based in the Netherlands, has released a lot of new songs in recent years. But there’s something different about “Ready To Break” as it’s a pop-punk song with a kick that includes a rattling bass and memorable vocal phrasing.

3. “Restaurant Bathroom” by Norzin Chomphel

Looking for a brand-new song? Look no further than “Restaurant Bathroom” by Norzin Chomphel.

Norzin Chomphel, an American singer-songwriter from the Bay Area, is an up-and-coming talent in the West Coast music scene. Chomphel’s “Restaurant Music” comes with catchy beats, memorable lyrics, and an attention-grabbing music. It doesn’t get better than that.

4. “Said Nothing Ft. SKYLAR” by 49th & Main

Have you heard? 49th & Main have dropped a new single “Said Nothing ft. SKYLAR” in recent days. “Said Nothing” is one of the Irish duo’s two new singles.

49th & Main are an Irish indie pop duo from Kilkenny, Ireland. 49th & Main’s “Said Nothing” can check off all the boxes, thanks to it being a summer ballad with an upbeat saxophone-assisted tune.

5. “Little Miss Dynamite” by Anish Kumar
Did you know? Anish Kumar is an emerging name in the UK’s electronic dance music scene.

Kumar, a veterinary major at the University of Cambridge, is an English producer that juggles music and academia. Anish Kumar’s breakthrough track “Little Miss Dynamite” propelled him to new heights. This was a far contrast from Kumar’s early career in 2011 where he’d shop his music around to “anyone who would listen.”

6. “Vibrate” by Louis VI

As you might’ve guessed, Louis VI was born and raised in London, England.

Louis VI, who’s one-half of the hip-hop group OthaSoul, is a self-taught producer, rapper, multi-instrumentalist, and activist. Louis VI’s new single “Vibrate” is a wake-up call about purpose and raising the vibrational level higher to help the planet. “Vibrate” can help you wake up and smell the coffee, to say the least.

7. “Elevate” by OthaSoul

Haven’t you heard? OthaSoul is an English hip-hop duo consisting of Louis VI, whom we’ve mentioned in the previous entry, and Dozer Carter.

OthaSoul is arguably the smoothest-sounding English hip-hop duo in recent times. OthaSoul’s “Elevate” has helped the duo make a defiant return in 2023. “Elevate” can be described as a necessary and an inspiring song.

8. “Live Out Loud” by Mike Rogers

“Who is Mike Rogers?” you ask.

Mike Rogers is an American multi-instrumentalist. Rogers was born and raised in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and like many other musicians, moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue a music career. Rogers’ new single “Live Out Loud” boasts 1980s-style synths and percussion. So, if you’re interested in 80s-style music, check out “Live Out Loud” as you won’t regret it at all.

9. “Time” by Silka Weil

Have you heard of Silka Weil? If not, don’t worry.

Silka Weil is a Canadian singer-songwriter from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Weil has been active as a singer-songwriter for several years. Weil’s new single “Time” takes listeners to another stage of her personal journey. Listeners — like you — can expect to travel to the darker side of pop music as “Time” features 1990s-style nostalgia and ethereal instrumentation.

10. “King” by Verra Cruz Band

Do you want to walk the royal way? If you answered “yes,” you’ve come to the right entry.

The Verra Cruz Band, an English alternative rock trio, took back the crown in their new single “King” in recent days. “King” is best described as an emotionally-charged, sonically-rich song that references the average rollercoaster in the average person’s life.

11. “Past Tense” by Kae Sera

Would you choose between present tense or past tense? In this instance, you should select past tense. Here’s why. 

Kae Sera is an English singer from London, England. Sera recently released her new single “Past Tense” to the general public. “Past Tense” is a modern electro-pop song with 1950s sounds.

12. “Risky Business Ft. Hundreds Thousands” by Devon James
2023 has been full of twists and turns so far.

If there’s a silver lining, 2023 was when RVDIOVCTIVE found and New York City native Devon James dropped his first single “Risky Business” to the public. “Risky Business” boasts a lovely, melodic, mid-tempo cut that blurs the line between electronic and house. How about that?

13. “Lofi God” by Vinson

Detroit-born, Los Angeles-based music artist Vinson combines soul and hip-hop. As a result, Vinson’s music is self-described as a “Black melting pot.”

Vinson’s new single “Lofi God” is a satirical banger. The music artist opens the track with a bouncy hook as he cheekily shouts, “Oh my god, it’s the Lofi God” before delving into a verse where he’s introduced to Lenny Kravitz and stops wearing glasses of the order of the Lofi God himself. Does that sound good?

14. “Sore Eyes” by Baby Girl Band

Baby Girl Band may sound like a feminine pop band, but rest assured they’re far from that.

Baby Girl Band hails from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The indie pop band has a knack for dreamy, wistful indie pop. The indie pop band’s new single “Sore Eyes” contains a luxurious warmth that stems from the jangly guitars. Why don’t you listen to “Sore Eyes” right now?

15. “With You” by BabyGirl

Since we’re on the topic of Baby Girl, we’ll take some time to introduce you to Southern California-based singer Baby Girl.

Baby Girl’s new single “With You” showcases enticing cover art, while bringing the SoCal singer’s vocal heat, just in time for the summer. “With You” is a West Coast disco house hit with acidic sprinkles and Latin funk grooves so big that they can crack open the San Andreas Fault!

16. “Sniveller” by The Tubs

London-based Welsh band The Tubs announced their debut album, Dead Meat, and confirmed their lead single “Sniveller” earlier this year.

“Sniveller” by The Tubs was inspired by Owen “O” Williams’ previous band, The Snivellers, according to The Fire Note. “Sniveller” is centered around a concept that Garden Centres’ Max Levy would embody the archetypical Sniveller, a pathetic, scheming, and slimy manservant.

Do you think love can turn you into a Sniveller? Let us know in the comments!

17. “Her” by Anna Kost

Russian-born, German-based producer and DJ Anna Kost has been quietly developing a distinctive sound to stand out in the techno music scene. Anna Kost has forged a path for herself in the techno music scene, despite her home country’s political regime.

Kost’s new single “Her” is a combination of everything exciting about her unique sound. “Her” combines jagged rhythms and an English techno feel. How good does that sound?

18. “Cut It Off” by Hallie

Irish singer-songwriter Hallie has been making waves in the pop music industry.

Hallie creates honest yet emotive alternative pop with synth pop and art pop influences. Hallie’s new single “Cut It Off” can relate to you and your love life. “Cut It Off” sings, “Cut, cut, it off. Pretend that we never loved. Cut, cut, it off. Was our friendship not enough?”

19. “The City” by June McDoom

Would you like to listen to a New York City-based music artist? If you said “yes,” you’ve arrived at the right entry.

New York City’s home to many prominent and not-so-prominent artists. Take, for example, June McDoom, an emerging singer-songwriter from NYC. June McDoom’s new single “The City” blends folk, soul, and reggae. Oh, and the accompanying music video for “The City” shows references to her hometown.

20. “Binge” by Deadletter

Do you want to learn something new today? If you replied “yes,” you’ve come to the right place.

There are a lot of new bands that are coming through. But, if you’re interested in London-based music, you should check out Deadletter. Deadletter shared a new single “Binge” in recent months. “Binge” was written in 25 minutes, and turned out to be a success. As a listener, you can expect to hear a mix of drum beats, basslines, lyrics, and seasonings. Would that be lovely?