New Music Friday: November 17th

Happy Thanksgiving! As November comes to a close, make sure you aren’t missing out on these new music releases.

1) Gavin Magnus – “Blurry Eyes”

This new track from upcoming pop mastermind Gavin Magnus is an emotional rollercoaster that is sure to have your eyes blurry by the end. If you like artists such as Justin Bieber and 5 Seconds of Summer, you are definitely going to want to tune into Gavin Magnus’ new album Blurry Eyes. 

Check out the behind the scenes of the making of this album below:

2) AWOLNATION – “Candy Pop”–lofC8o?si=TmTw4ExN_aNAe62p

From the creator that brought us the 2000s pop classic “Sail” is the new song “Candy Pop”. If you are looking for a ‘sweet’ new pop song to throw onto your playlists – this is the perfect song for you. 

3) Taking Back Sunday – “I Am the Only One Who Knows Them”

Classic band Taking Back Sunday has just dropped this absolutely incredible banger “I Am the Only One Who Knows Them” off of their album. It is edgy and catchy and everything you are looking for in a new song. Check it out now!

4) Natalie Exora – “Perfect”

Newcomer Natalie Exora has just released this dreamy new song “Perfect” and yes, it is perfect. 

5) Moses Mo and The Real Kool Band – “Kid Kool”

Check out this “Kool” tune from Moses Mo. It’s funky, funny and catchy so you definitely must give it a listen.

6) Will Linley – “Magic”

Pop prince Will Linley has just dropped his new EP Magic. Check out the title track “Magic” today. 

7) Have Mercy – “Middle”

Band Have Mercy has just released some new music and we cannot get enough of it. Check out their new song “Middle” now! 

8) FLOWEROVLOVE – “a girl like me”

“a girl like me” from pop princess FLOWEROVLOVE is a sweet and sensational new tune that will have you begging for more. Stream wherever you get your music today!

9) Dillon Francis – “On A Trip”

Pack your bags because this new song “On A Trip” from Dillon Francis is an action-packed song from start to finish. 

10) Rum Jungle – “Hold Me In The Water”

“Hold Me In The Water” is the new single off of Rum Jungle’s new album. It’s cute and catchy and totally worth listening. Check it out wherever you get your music today. 

11) Surf Mesa – “Fighting For You”

New off of the album Come True from Surf Mesa is the song “Fighting For You”. It is a catchy electro pop masterpiece that you aren’t going to want to miss out on!

12) Jonah Kagen – “Made Up My Mind”

This duet from Jonah Kagen and Lily Meola is a beautiful and melodic experience. It is the perfect vibe for fall. 

13) Dea Doyle – “One For Me”

This elegant tune from Dea Doyle is funky and sweet and everything you could possibly want from an indie love song. Check it out wherever you get your music today.

14) LÉON – “Dirt”

LÉON’s new single “Dirt” is an absolute banger. Give it a listen if you are looking for a new unique and catchy bop.

15) Kate Peytavin – “Killing Time”

Kate Peytavin has just released this absolutely stunning pop ballad “Killing Time”. If you like artists such as Gracie Abrams, Lizzy McAlpine, and Olivia Rodrigo – you are sure to love Kate Peytavin. 

16) Chris Urriola – “Radialhead”

“Radialhead” from the brand-new album from Chris Urriola Elemental is an incredible tune that you are definitely going to want to keep on your radar. 

17) Lulu Simon – “Stay”

“Stay” from YEM favorite Lulu Simon is a beautiful pop heartbreak ballad that is begging for listeners to stay and listen again and again. 

18) KIANA – “secrets”

Artist KIANA has just dropped her new song “secrets” and it’s no secret how good it is. Absolutely worth the listen. 

19) Raisin Awareness – “Living Colour”

 New from the band Raisin Awareness is their new single “Living Colour”. If you like rock pop-punk, this hilariously named band is the perfect match for you. Give “Living Colour” a listen now!

20) Meghan Pulles – “mamma”