New Music Friday: November 3rd

Happy Friday and whether or not you are getting into the holiday spirit or not, we know you could use a couple new songs to get into before you dive into your holiday tunes. Check out this week’s freshest finds here:

1) Thomas Day – “Stranger”

Thomas Day’s new tune ‘Stranger” is an absolute must listen. As he announces his major tour and releases this fire song, you definitely want to get in on the Thomas Day action.

2) Arctic Lake – “Fireflies”

Arctic Lake has just released their new song “Fireflies” and it is beautiful. It is catchy and surreal and definitely a good add to your playlist.

3) Stacey Ryan – “Dream Boy”

Stacey Ryan has just dropped a dreamy masterpiece. Check it out wherever you get your music today!

4) Kat Von D – “Vampire Love”

Ring in the spooky season right with this song from artist Kat Von D. “Vampire Love” is mysterious, creative and romantic. Listen wherever you get your music now!

5) Letter Sent Home – “Request Denied”

Letter Sent Home has just dropped their new song “Request Denied”. Check out their awesome music video today!

6) We Three – “Dancing in the Dark”

Turn the lights out and put on your dancing shoes and throw on this tune from the band We Three is “Dancing in the Dark”.

7) Will Swinton – “Missing You”

New from funky pop artist Will Swinton is his song “Missing You”. If you like artists like Harry Styles or Shawn Mendes, check out Will Swinton today. 

8) Kaien Cruz – “Tell No One”

New from YEM favorite Kaien Cruz is the song “Tell No One” and we are telling everyone. Check out this catchy and mysterious pop song as soon as possible.

9) John-Robert – “Sweet Child”

Artist John-Robert has done it again with this incredible tune! Check out “Sweet Child” today.

10) Seven Spies – “Lie”

Seven Spies’ new song “Lie” is an absolute banger. If you like U2 or The Fray, you are sure to love this tune from Seven Spies.

11) Ike Rhein – “Good Love” (Feat. Sean Kingston)

Today marks the release of Ike Rhein and Sean Kingston’s song “Good Love”. Check it out wherever you get your music TODAY!

12) Erase Theory – “Taking A Beat”

Latest release from Erase Theory is their tune “Taking a Beat”. Take a minute to give it a listen today; but watch out for a bit of strong language!

13) Anna Aya – “Someone Else”

Check out this debut single from artist Anna Aya called “Someone Else”. With lyricism that’s real and raw and emotional, this song is definitely a must listen. Oh, and make sure to check out the music video for a creative visual!

14) Papooz – “Don’t You Think It’d Be Nice”

New band Papooz has just dropped their new song “Don’t You Think It’d Be Nice” and it is a catchy and funky tune that will have you tapping your foot along with it. Make sure to check out the creative music video that goes along with it now! 

15) Caroline Romano – “Heartbreak You Can Hear”

Caroline Romano’s new song Heartbreak You Can Hear” is a lyrical, emotional masterpiece and is definitely worth the listen!

16) Don Diablo – “Mercy Killing”

Brand new from Don Diablo is the song “Mercy Killing”. This incredible tune dropped today so make sure to be one of the first to give it a listen!

17) Natalie Jane – “AVA”

“AVA” is a creative and angsty song from artist Natalie Jane that is sure to have listeners begging for more. Check it out now!

18) Nitefire – “Dumb Like Daisies”

Check out this fire tune from Nightfire today. “Dumb Like Daisies” is a aggressive, upbeat rock tune that is sure to have you singing along.

19) Blaine Holcomb – “That’s Where I Call Home”

Calling all country music fans, Blaine Holcomb’s new song “That’s Where I Call Home” is a down home country living song.

20) Wesson – “My Self”

From the British rock band Wesson is their brand-new album All We Are. Check out our favorite “My Self” today!

We hope you enjoyed this week’s new music, subscribe to YEM for more great musical masterpieces!