New Music Friday: October 13th

If you are getting bored with your old playlists and are looking for some new songs to freshen the vibe, check out these Top 20 songs!

1) Duncan Laurence – “Anything”

The wait is finally over, Duncan Laurence’s new album Skyboy is out now! Give it a listen wherever you get your music today and make sure to check out our favorite track “Anything”.

2) Lori Rayne – “Woo Girls”

Lori Rayne’s song “Woo Girls” is a humorous poke at Broadway girls in Nashville. It’s cute and funny and catchy. If you are looking for a song to bump in the car with window down, “Woo Girls” is that song.

3) Jay Allen – “Halfway House”

Jay Allen’s emotional country song “Halfway House” is a beautiful love song mixed with a sad ballad of longing for someone who’s not all in in a relationship. If you are looking for a powerful lyrical journey for this fall, Jay Allen’s new tune is perfect for you. 

4) Lulu Simon – “Strangers”

Lulu Simon’s new pop banger “Strangers” is the perfect balance of hyperpop/EDM music and indie pop lyrics. It echoes Kate Bush’s song “Running Up That Hill” with its vintage 80s musical feel. Listen wherever you get your music today!

5) Andrew Cushin – “4.5%”

Off of Andrew Cushin’s album Waiting For the Rain is the song “4.5%”. It is a beautiful story that is sure to make it onto your sad playlist. If you are looking for a darker feel with deep and emotional lyrics this spooky season, this tune perfect. 

6) Carneyval & Floyd Fuji – “Who’s That”

This peppy R&B tune from Carneyval and Floyd Fuji is the perfect song to add to your playlist. It will make you feel like it’s the height of summer. It is groovy and catchy and has a melody that is sure to get stuck in your head. Give it a listen and thank us later. 

7) Jenna Devries – “Back to Me”

Jenna Devries song “Back To Me” is an emotional power ballad. It is sad and sassy and has a little bit of attitude woven into it. If you like artists like Adele or Ashley McBryde, you are sure to love this song so check it out now!

8) Aidan Bissett – “How’s It Gonna End”

Aidan Bissett’s new single “How’s It Gonna End” is an emotional masterpiece. It’s honest, real and the music creates a feel that will make you feel like you are living out the lyrics. If you are looking for a song with incredible lyricism and an overall vibey feel, then this song is perfect for you! 

9) BROADSIDE – “Lucid”

BROADSIDE’s new song “Lucid” is a beautiful lyrical masterpiece that is sure to be a good addition to your listening library. And make sure to check out their music video on YouTube! 

10) The Dollyrots – “Night Owl”

New from fan favorite band, The Dollyrots, is “Night Owl”. It is high energy and catchy and everything you want in a pop-rock tune! 

11) Jay-Way – “Blind Tears”

Jay-Way has really blown us out of the water with his new album project. The song “Blind Tears” is the perfect window’s down song. Listen to Jay-Way’s new music now!

12) AZRA – “All Out”

Pop punk princess AZRA’s new song “All Out” is full of attitude and spunk. It’s powerful and anthemic. If you are a fan of Demi Lovato or Britney Spears then this song is definitely worth the listen. 

13) Bob Moses – “Round & Round”

Bob Moses’ song “Round & Round” is a tune that is perfect to throw on in the background of this year’s Halloween party.

14) ONE House and Isaiah Roberts – “Last Time”

“Last Time” from the album Eyes Open is the perfect vibe for your sad playlist. With vocals that echo R&B star Khalid, this song is full of emotion that might just break your heart. Check out their music video for a beautiful vintage visual.

15) Telly – “Broken Heart Baby”

New from electropop duo, Telly, is their song “Broken Heart Baby”. This song is nostalgic and creative and the perfect vibe for a fall playlist.

16) Jazzy – “NRG”

In this groovy new single “NRG” from Jazzy, we get a fast-paced dance tune. This song is the perfect song to bump on your next party playlist. It’s catchy and singable and sure to be a favorite!

17) Cloe Wilder – “Super 8”

Awaiting her upcoming release, Cloe Wilder has released the soft pop tune “Super 8”. It is reminiscent of Lizzy McAlpine and Phoebe Bridgers so if you are a fan of them, you are sure to love Cloe Wilder. Check her out wherever you get your music!

18) Nikita Lev – “Nihilistic Baby”

Nikita Lev’s song “Nihilistic Baby” is an indie pop dream. It is full of emotional and powerful lyrics tied with an elegant melody.  

19) DPR Ian – “Don’t Go Insane”

“Don’t Go Insane” from DPR Ian is the sad pop production of the season! It’s catchy and fun and even a little spooky – check out the music video for an awesome visual production of “Don’t Go Insane”.

20) Will Linley – “Maybe”

Will Linley’s song “Maybe” is sure to be a great addition to your music library. It’s the pop tune that you have been looking for so make sure to give it a listen ASAP. And check out the funky/nostalgic music video on YouTube!

Thanks for tuning into this week’s Top 20, make sure to check back next week for new songs to put on your fall playlists!