YEM’s top social media posts of the week

YEM is constantly putting out social media content, and today we are going to share some of the top ones for you! Whether it be from Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter, the best of the best that have come out this week will all be here for your viewing pleasure!

YEM took to Instagram to pair the characters of Mean Girls with the songs of Renee Rapp, who will. be portraying Regina George in the Mean Girls Musical movie.

Ever wonder what famous fictional couples would look like? YEM shared on twitter our age of some.

YEM shared on Twitter some of the emotional songs of Preston LeMacks and him speaking about them and his inspirations.


YEM sat down with VCHA to discuss their music in this interview with them on our YouTube channel!

On YEM’s YouTube you can find our interview With Annabella Ward discussing her acting career in her shows and her career when she was younger.