New Music Friday: October 20th

No matter what you’re feeling this week, we’re sure that this week’s Top 20 Songs on New Music Friday has something for you! Check out this week’s new listening lineup here:

1) Lauren Spencer Smith – “Sad Forever”

This new song from Canadian artist Lauren Spencer Smith is perfect for your sad playlist. It is deep and emotional and totally relatable- listen to it wherever you get your music and check out the music video on YouTube for a stunning view of “Sad Forever”.

2) Dillon Francis – “I’m My Only Friend”

New from pop icon Dillon Francis is this emotional ballad “I’m My Only Friend”. With powerful lyrics like “I’m my only friend and I don’t like me that much” it is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Give it a listen wherever you get your music and check out this music video for a humorous take on “I’m My Only Friend”.

3) Hannah Anders – “18”

Calling all country fans, new from Hannah Anders is the song “18”. It is a beautiful take on growing up and getting older. Ander’s voice echoes that of Kelsea Ballerini’s and the song has a musical style that pulls from a little bit of Reba. If you are a fan of either, you are sure to love this new tune!

4) Jeffrey James – “The Real Me”

Jeffery James’ new song “The Real Me” is an honest take on life. With powerful lyrics and a Harry Styles vocal tone, this song is definitely worth the listen. 

5) Muo Duo – “Bunny Song”

New from brother-sister team Muo Duo is their single “Bunny Song”. It is funky and unique and a creative work of art that will leave you wanting more. Stream wherever you get your music today!

6) Cyn – “Growing Up”

This song from Cyn is both sweet and nostalgic. It will make you take a look at your own life and ask yourself some deep questions. Make sure to check out the music video for another look at life and growing up from a motherly lense.

7) Don Broco – “Birthday Party”

Don Broco’s new tune “Birthday Party” is a play on the classic anthem “Party in the USA”. Its funny and creative and sure to be a new favorite so give it a listen today.

8) Blu DeTiger – “Cut Me Down”

Blu DeTiger’s single “Cut Me Down” has everything you could ever ask for. It’s creative, it’s spunky, it’s sassy and overall a good catchy tune that is so singable. Listen wherever you get your music today!

9) Aidan Bissett – “Ultraviolent”

This new tune from Aidan Bissett’s EP Supernova is absolutely incredible. With a catchy melody and beautiful lyrics, it will have you tapping your feet and the replay button.

10) Dela Kay – “Daughter”

“Daughters” by Dela Kay is a beautiful tune about growing up. If you are a fan of Lizzy McAlpine or even some of the old Selena Gomez music, this song is for you!

11) That Girl Lay Lay and Erica Banks – “i ate”

New song from Nickelodeon’s That Girl Lay Lay is an absolute jam. She teams up with Erica Black to make this incredible sassy must listen that will have you hitting repeat.

12) YNP Maine – “All Out of Favors”

Looking for your new hip hop bop? This new song from YNP Maine is perfect for you! It’s got a beat that drives and unmistakable rap lyrics that will be sure to draw you in. Listen now!

13) Within Temptation – “Ritual”

“Ritual” from Within Temptation is the perfect song for October. It has a dark musical feel to it, but still is catchy and fun to listen to. Listen wherever you get your music, today!

14) Sleep Nation – “Get Out”

Sleep Nation’s song “Get Out” is the pop rock tune that we’ve been looking for. It’s unique and catchy and definitely worth the listen.

15) May Devun – “All That I Want”

May Devun’s tune “All That I Want” is the perfect pop parable of desire and attraction. It is fast-paced and introspective and has a danceable quality to it. Give it a listen wherever you get your music!

16) Lovetta – “Having a Good Time”

New from fan favorite Lovetta, is the song “Having a Good Time”. It is catchy and witty and just the perfect amount of unique. It is the perfect window’s down fall song so get ready to throw this tune on and roll them down.

17) Noanne – “Goodwill”

New from artist Noanne is the song “Goodwill”. It is an eerie alternative pop jam with powerful vocals that will make a good edition to your Halloween playlist. Check out the music video for a interesting deep dive into “Goodwill”.

18) Atarashi Gakko – “Nainainai”

Atarashi Gakko’s new tune “Nainainai” is a fun upbeat hyper-pop song that is sure to get your heart racing and your feet moving. If you are looking for high energy, this is your song!

19) Janet Noh – “Love Me More”

New from artist Janet Noh is the song “Love Me More”. With beautiful lyrics and melodies that are sure to get stuck in your head, this song is an elegant masterpiece.

20) Bryan Ruby – “Centerfield”

Baseball wonder boy Bryan Ruby has done it again with his new release “Centerfield”. If you are a country music fan or even a baseball fan, you are going to love this new song. Give it a listen today!

We hope you enjoyed this week’s new music Friday and were able to find some cool new tunes. Check back new week for the new lineup!