New Music Friday: October 27th

This week’s Top 20 songs is stacked with some incredible artists! We hope you find something you like! Check it out below:

1) Iam Tongi – “Sand in My Boots”

American Idol star William “Iam” Tongi has knocked it out of the park with this new take on Morgan Wallen’s “Sand in My Boots”. Definitely a must listen!

2) Elijah Woods – “Last Girl” (Feat. MacKenzie Porter)

Listen to Elijah Woods as he teams up with pop-country princess MacKenzie Porter to create a new version of his hit song “Last Girl”. Check it out today!

3) Cloe Wilder – “Homesick”

If you have ever felt homesick, you are definitely going to want to give this tune from Cloe Wilder a listen. You’ll have it playing all the way home!

4) Brett Kissel – “Deer Blind”

Country music star Brett Kissel has just released this creative and witty song “Deer Blind”. If you love a nostalgic down home country song, this is perfect for you.

5) Jake Wesley Rogers – “Window”

Jake Wesley Rogers drops another banger with his new song “Window”. Check out the music video for an incredible visual experience to go along with it.

6) Tati Vici – “I’ll Find You”

Newcomer Tati Vici’s song “I’ll Find You” is the perfect fall love song. With beautiful lyrics and powerful melodies, she’ll have you singing along to every word.

7) RiTcH – “Big Dream”

If you have ever had a dream, then this new single from RiTcH is sure to strike a chord with you. It talks about relationships and life and how many layers there are to all of it. 

8) Don Diablo – “Royalty”

Check out this remix from pop production superstar Don Diablo. It will be sure to get your feet moving.

9) Talk – “Run Away to Mars”

Pop sensation Talk has released his new album and our favorite track is “Run Away to Mars”. Check it out today and make sure to tune into the music video for a creative take on our favorite song.

10) Pendulum – “Colourfast”

Pendulum’s song “Colourfast” is the perfect fall tune so as you watch the leaves change colors, make sure you’ve got this song playing in the background.

11) Droeloe – “Landscape”

Pop duo Droeloe has released a new album and we absolutely cannot get enough of it. Check out “Landscape” for a beautiful electropop dance tune. 

12) Rêve – “Saturn Return”

New album from French newcomer Rêve Saturn Return is an incredible audio experience. Check out the title track “Saturn Return” as well as the rest of the project today! You won’t be disappointed you did. 

13) Noelle Sucks – “Fake Death”

Noelle Sucks’ song “Fake Death” is an edgy masterpiece. Fans of Olivia Rodrigo, you are sure to love this single.

14) Jazzy – “Giving Me”

“Giving Me” from Jazzy is an absolutely amazing tune that you absolutely have to add to your next pop playlist. Thank us later. 

15) Blackout Problems – “PUZZLE”

Band Blackout Problems has graciously blessed our ears with their new song “PUZZLE”. Make sure that you give it a listen wherever you get your music today.

16) Griff – “19th Hour”

Pop superstar Griff has just released her album vert1go… vol 1. This album has been praised by Taylor Swift herself so why wouldn’t you want to check it out? Make sure to give our favorite song “19th Hour” a listen.

17) Max Drazen – “Love and War”

“Love and War” from Max Drazen is a beautiful addition to your fall playlist. It is packed full of beautiful lyrics and mighty melodies. Check it out today.

18) Calum Scott and Zoe Wees – “At Your Worst”

Calum Scott teams up with Zoe Wees to recreate one of his most popular tunes “At Your Worst”. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this musical masterpiece from this duo.

19) Lockyer Boys – “FEEL”

From Canadian duo Lockyer Boys comes this new tune “FEEL”. In preparation for their upcoming album, they have released this absolute banger so check it out today and make sure to keep an eye out for the Lockyer Boys and their future projects!

20) Adrian Johnston – “Household Name”