New Music Friday: September 22nd

Check out this week’s top 20 songs – we’ve got fresh finds for everyone from country music to punk rock fans!

1) BRELAND – “Cowboys Don’t”

This tune from BRELAND is sure to put you in a good mood, get you dancing and might even make you laugh. It is a lyrical masterpiece that pokes some healthy fun at cowboys. If you are looking for a lighthearted country song with a little bit of humor, this is the tune for you.

2) Laura Marano – “Someday”

In lieu of Laura Marano’s debut album i may be an actress, but i can’t fake how i feel, we made sure to include our favorite off the track list. If you grew up watching Austin and Ally on Disney Channel, you are sure to enjoy this whole album. Make sure to listen to her new song “Someday” and check out the whole album for more incredible songs!

3) Sydney Sprague – “Smiley Face”

Sydney Sprague’s “Smiley Face” is the perfect precursor to her upcoming album project. This pop/rock song is relatable and singable and would be great to jam out to on a drive with the windows down. If you like Olivia Rodrigo, you might enjoy this song by Sydney Sprague. 

4) Thomas Day – “Gravity”

Calling all Harry Styles fans: please listen to Thomas Day’s new song “Gravity”. Thomas has a vocal style that echoes Harry’s iconic sound very nicely and you are sure to love this song. If you like this tune, make sure to follow him to find out when his album project comes out.

5) Broadside – “Lucid”

“Lucid” by Broadside is a must listen! It is catchy, fun and upbeat – everything you want out of a dance tune. If you like this song, make sure to check out their album Hotel Bleu out November 10th.

6) Zoe Ko – “Fire Escape”

Zoe Ko’s song “Fire Escape” is everything. It is sweet, it is sad, and it is incredible. Zoe’s incredible indie rock sound and beautiful lyricism is enough to know your socks right off! Don’t believe me? Give it a listen!

7) The DollyRots – “Hey Girl”

If you are a fan of pop punk at all, you are going to absolutely love this masterpiece by The DollyRots. It is creative and aggressive and a work of punk audio art. Check it out now!

8) Senses – “sleepwalking”

“sleepwalking” by Senses is a great addition to you fall playlist. This song is jam packed with vibes and you are sure to love every last second of it!

9) Erase Theory – “Man Overboard”

Erase Theory’s “Man Overboard” is a unique tune that is reminiscent of the early 2000s alternative tunes like Daughtry and The Fray with a rock pop flair. It is deep and haunting and a perfect song for fall.

10) Voilà – “Girls Don’t Come with Instructions”

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that “Girls Don’t Come with Instructions”. This song is funny and catchy and will have you out of your seat dancing and singing along in no time. If you are a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer, this is the new band for you!

11) DPR Ian – “So I Danced”

Check out this new hit from DPR Ian. “So I Danced” is a crazy cool and catchy pop jam with an incredible music video that you absolutely HAVE to check out.

12) Joshua Bassett – “Just Love”

If you haven’t listened to Joshua Bassett’s new song yet, then what have you been doing? With songs like this, he never disappoints. Check out our other articles featuring Joshua Bassett here:

13) Karen Harding – “Wrong Places”

New from Karen Harding is her latest single “Wrong Places”. This killer pop song is everything we could have asked for and more. Make sure to check back for Karen’s album project dropping later this month!

14) Alis Vibe – “Surfing the Light”

Alis Vibe’s new tune “Surfing the Light” is an elegant pop song that is catchy and fun. It is soft and dreamy and contains deep lyrics and a powerful underlying theme of the loss of innocence. Check it out!

15) Andrew X – “Whatever It Takes”

Off of his brand-new album Driving at Sunset, we get Andrew X’s upbeat pop track “Whatever It Takes” that is perfect for driving at sunset, just like the title says. If you’re thinking about taking a drive as the sun sinks behind the clouds, make sure that you have this album playing in the background!

16) Jaelee Roberts – “Someone You Didn’t Count On”

We are so excited to share Jaelee Roberts’ new song “Something You Didn’t Count On” off of her solo project. We are pleased to get to listen to this new project from the bluegrassy queen, and you should be too! If your grass is blue in the slightest, makes sure to check out Jaelee Roberts now!

17) CocoRosie – “ Witch Hunt”

This song by CocoRosie is an electropop tune that is perfect for your Halloween playlist, I mean just look at the title! Need I say more?

18) Six Impossible Things – “Happy”

“Happy” from Six Impossible Things has echoes of Taylor Swift’s Folklore album with a little hint of that Phoebe Bridgers sound. If you are looking for a song with a classic autumn feel, this is the tune for you.

19) Telly – “Arena Gates”

“Arena Gates” is a vibey precursor to an incredible first project by Telly. This song is a vibe and an anthem wrapped into one!

20) Troye Sivan – “Got me Started”

The latest song from pop powerhouse Troye Sivan, “Got Me Started” is sure to be a great addition to your fall playlist. It has elements of electro pop, hyper pop and little bits of funk here and there. It’s catchy and energetic and sure to be a new favorite. 

(Disclaimer – this song has a bit of explicit language)