New Music Friday: Songs to Listen to While Traveling

Whether it is a long flight or a grueling car ride that aches your body until you can finally jump out and breathe the fresh air, I believe that this one is for you. Everybody needs that special boost to propel them onto the other side of a long car ride or flight. However, it was once said to enjoy the journey more than the goal. Well, I wouldn’t quite say that is the trick for breaking your neck trying to sleep in a tightly packed car for hours on end. However, we can at least enjoy the time we have to our fullest capability. What better way to do that than an amazing playlist? With spring break coming up and much traveling to be done, this week we look into some songs that will keep you excited on that journey to the vacation spot on this week’s New Music Friday!

1. “Danny Phantom” by Joker’s Hand

Do you like pop, hip-hop, or maybe even some punk? Well, if you answered yes to one of those then the smashed-together style from Joker’s Hand will be the very thing to send you flying into your vacation with energy.

2. “Your Internet Sucks” by Ber

Be sure to download all your music before you start traveling. If your internet actually does suck, you will not get to listen to this top-notch song that will leave you dancing in the cramped space you are currently sitting in.

3. “Changes” by Joy Oladokun

Now that those first two songs got you all hyped up and out of breath, let’s add a sense of calmness with the smooth tunes of Joy Oladunkun. With her much-anticipated album, “Proof of Life”, coming out on April 28th, this song should shed a little light on new fans before her big moment.

4. “Walk With Me” by Kid Bloom

I don’t know about anyone else, but I could look at the cover art for hours on end as it’s not only funny, but the simplicity compliments the song! Now, into the music. It has the vibrations to speed up a trip by hours but the catchiness to never want the trip to end!

5. “Big Lizard Energy” by Ellie Dixon

The problems are big, but she is bigger. Advice well taken! Proceeding her constant successes comes a comical title with meaningful lyrics, “Big Lizard Energy”!

6. “2020’s by Caity Baser

Every person who listens to this song won’t be able to help themselves when the lyrics start to automatically be sung from their mouths. Caity is an awesome artist who can apparently balance spoons on her face too? No clue, but check her Spotify bio. I am not lying!

7. “Hello Goodbye” by Sunsleep

Hello, and goodbye is about as quick as this song will make your trip feel. It gives a sense of rock, it gives a sense of alternative and it is candy for the ears.

8. “The Middle” by Zedd, Maren Morris and Grey

There is not much to say about this one except that it was a smash hit all over the world! An iconic song that will surely make a valuable addition to any playlist.

9. “Freeloader” by Indy

I’m truly sorry if you are a boy listening to this one because Indy is coming after you! It’s a song where you will not miss a word spoken, and you might even go back a second and third time to make sure your ears were correct. All jokes aside, it’s an amazing song by an artist that is proving she can do it all.

10. “Laminar” by Klangphonics

Sometimes you don’t even need vocals to love a song. The intricate instrumentation on this upbeat masterpiece is still one to appreciate and love.

11. “Slow Amneisa” by Tommy Newport

Is it just me or does this picture feel oddly familiar like you have been there before? Anyways, “Slow Amnesia”. Oddly enough, by the end of the track, it feels as if amnesia is slowly pumping into your system as it has this deep effect on you where it puts you in a different mind state, and ready for more!

12. “Baby Don’t Quit” by Aime Simone

And now back to a soothing song. It’s funny because his voice is so powerful, but the song is still soothing and calming. Maybe perfect for the hump of the trip where you might be needing some sleep?

13. “Off and Away” by Earthquake Lights.

Time to wake up! This is a song you will not want to miss. Picture this. Walking into a portal and arriving in a place so beautiful you could never imagine it. That’s how listening to this song feels.

14. “Holy Water” by Leah Marie Mason

You see what we are doing here at YEM. From the time of falling asleep to waking up, we are slowly bringing you back into the groove of things. Another subtle and calming song with powerful vocals. The backing vocals towards the end of the song will surely make you feel holy if anything.

15. “Clueless” by Michael Brun and Oxlade

You got me. I sure am clueless. Despite not knowing what anything means with the song not being in English, its hints of pop and hip-hop make it so catchy that I can understand how the artists feel.

16. “Heaven” by Niall Horan

Back to an uplifting and happy melody. The smile that will spawn across your face while this song encompasses your body is eccentric. It’s a magic song about something magical in itself.

17. “Tell Me” by Mike Mago and Lily Mckenzie

Tell me. Tell me when this trip is going to end! This song feels like the end is near as it will get you back into that dance groove we started with.

18. “Wherever You Go” by Noah Richardson

Coming off his debut album, this song is an absolute 10/10 on all levels. From the uniqueness of the mix to the catchiness of every word that comes out of Noah’s mouth, I am sure this is a song you will love more than you think!

19. “Finally Here” by Flo Rida

Finally here! Probably what everyone is saying at the end of the long car ride. If it’s almost the end of the journey but when this song comes on, make sure whoever is driving takes the long way because finishing this song is a must.

20. “The End of the Game” by Weezer

And the end has arrived. I’m sure you are all happy you had this playlist to accompany you for the time being. With the uplifting vocals from the band Weezer themselves, we end this New Music Friday on a great note sending everyone off on an amazing vacation to wherever they go!